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Kevin Patrick Seaver

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  • Calling attorney Kevin Seaver will be the best call you could make!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph B

    I am writing this review to let people know that if you have an issue with DCF Kevin Seaver should be you lawyer.

    Most people don't understand the power DCF has and how they can disturb your family.
    I won't go into specifics on our situation but the short is my wife, daughter (5yr old) and myself came home from dinner. We checked the mailbox and saw the letter from DCF. Both our hearts dropped. We didn't sleep that night and kept wondering why we got this letter and who would call DCF on us (so to speak). My wife couldn't eat, concentrate, and was just distraught. We are great parents and have put our daughter before ourselves like most parents.

    I first thought it was a mistake. That DCF sent the mail to the wrong family. Regardless of thoughts or guessing, the very next day I started research. The first thing I did was call Kevin Seaver. I found his name straight away when I researched DCF problems/representation.

    I called and Kevin answered on the 2nd ring. I said is this "the Kevin Seaver " he said yes. The reason why I mention this is because I just read all about him, listened to a lecture and in short he seemed like a celebrity. At least that was my impression. Calling Kevin was the best call I made. Once my wife and I talked to him together later that day we were at ease. Kevin assured us that everything was going to be ok and that he would get to the bottom of this.

    Kevin took over from here and called DCF and sent them all types of stuff to get DCF to respond to what the false allegations were all about. Kevin requested that DCF only call him and this helped my wife from being a nervous wreck. This was huge relief to my wife not having to deal with DCF directly.

    There's so much good I can say but I'll narrow it down like this. Kevin was on the case and on our side. He answered every call we made, every email, and came out to our house within a week or so. He prepared us and our daughter to the DCF home visit and the DCF interview. This is so important . One night within a few weeks after this thing started I had a disturbing thought that I couldn't shake off, so I emailed Kevin. He responded quickly and put me at ease. It was a quick call but he knew just what to say, and more importantly how to say it. Kevin knew how upset I was.

    Kevin met with us several times with my wife and daughter. He not only made us feel comfortable, but more importantly he knew how to make my daughter feel at ease. This was wonderful during the DCF home visit and interview of our daughter.

    Kevin told us about his strategy. Then Kevin implemented his strategy. We were thrilled with Kevin's representation. The child abuse allegation was unsupported.

    This is the guy you want in your corner when DCF contacts your family!! Having Kevin gives you the best possible chance against DCF. DCF does what they do daily. You don't handle this stuff day in and day out. Most people get themselves in trouble because they don't know what to say or how to do DCF home visit or interview properly. Kevin is your lawyer and your coach. In my case we quickly became friends.

    I hope this information helps . Remember this is about your child. If my daughter was sick I would get her the best doctor possible. The same thing is true when your child is mixed up with DCF. I am so glad that when we became involved with DCF we got the best legal help, Attorney Kevin Seaver.

    Sincerely yours,
    Joseph B

    Hired attorney
  • CALL ATTORNEY SEAVER 1st! You will save time and not be disppointed! I HIGHLY Recommend!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DBF

    I went to at least 5 lawyers before I found Attorney Seaver to help with a false allegation being investigated by DCF, NO ONE would take my case. Attorney Seaver was confident given his experience. He spoke to the DCF investogator the same day I retained him, and had my reports DCF compiled on these false allegations from my childs school within two weeks so we could review and get to the bottom of the issue. HE came to my house and formed a strategy to meet with DCF. HE handled my Fair Hearing at DCF methodically and was able to turn the whole thing around showing that I did not abuse my child! He kept me informed of every step (He took my call at 10pm on a Sunday night!) Emailed next steps and helped us understand in laymans terms what was going on and how the case would go. Attorney Seaver was calming, listened to my concerns and upset, and "held our hand" every step of the way. He has a great sense of humor and very down to earth and easy to talk to and work with, he was not what I expected of a Boston Lawyer. It shows how passionate he is about the law, protecting families and ensuring families stay together as an outcome. I had more peace of mind when I could defer the DCF investigator and social workers calls to him to handle. The DCF workers actually joked that I had hired one of the best in fighting allegations and for fair hearings, which was worth the money I spent (money well spent) to refute the allegations against my family. Attorney Seaver was able to pinpoint issues that I had not even considered and was great at thinking on his feet and most defintiely outside the box, but then again, that is why he is an expert in my eyes at what he does. I hope my family never has to go through this again with an awful state agency, but if you do, please do not hesitate to call on Attorney Seaver - he will give you his cell phone and made himself available 24/7. You will not be disappointed and you will not be hiring a common stuffy lawyer, but an uncommon compassionate, caring and fearless lawyer who will get you the results you are looking for. Keeping your family together is priceless in my book - I feel for the families who miss even a day of their childs life due to the false allegations this agency DCF can cook up! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Attorney Seaver, you saved our family!

    Kevin Patrick Seaver’s response: “It was a privilege and a pleasure to represent you, thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of handling your sensitive case. I am thrilled with your outcome and thank you for such kind words and remarks. Sincerely yours, Kevin Patrick Seaver”