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W.B. v. San Francisco Police Department

Case Conclusion Date: 12.17.2008

Practice Area: Criminal Defense


Description: My client was on a night out on the town with his friends in San Francisco. Needless to say he had consumed way too much alcohol and may have been belligerent with everyone and anyone he encountered, including San Francisco Police Officers patrolling the night scene that he was leaving. These officers detained my client for a drunk in public investigation. My client doesn't remember the drunk in public investigation very much, but he certainly remembers what happened next. Instead of waking up in the county jail to sober up, my client woke up strapped down to a gurney undergoing a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code § 5150. It turned out that before sending my client off for this psychiatric evaluation the officer(s) unlawfully went through my client's wallet and unlawfully took his permit to carry a concealed weapon ("CCW Permit"). Prior to contacting me my client had been stonewalled by the San Francisco Police Department ("SFPD") for several weeks in his efforts to get his CCW Permit back. All he knew was that SFPD had his CCW Permit and they weren't going to give it back to him. My client contacted me for help. In a little over a week we were successful in getting my client his CCW Permit without the significant expense of a law suit or other court appearances.

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