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Jasen Bodie Nielsen

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bridgette

    Hired Attorney


    I highly recommend Jasen Nielsen as a lawyer. He was very helpful in getting my case expunged after being on probation for only one year (was supposed to be 3 year probation). He's respectful, nice (unlike other lawyers I have delt with) and was successful in getting what i needed done. CHOOSE HIM! I don't think you will be disappointed.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pierre

    Sleeping in the car DUI

    Got a DUI in Ventura for sleeping in my car. This could have really effected my work as I drive alot. After the courts threw it out the DMV still pursuit it. Jasen was there for me day or night any questions I had for him he had an answer. He worked with my packed work schedule to arrange meetings and was always patient threw out the whole process even when I wasn't. Through all the evidence Jasen had me put together I felt we had a good chance of the DMV throwing this out as well but you can never be to sure. Well the day came and went with our hearing with the DMV and thank god they ended up dismissing it as well. Jasen did just what I hired him to do which was prove my innocents as I was trying to do the right thing that cold November night.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by anas

    he is a good lawyer

    he is really good lawyer, i almost go to jail for 6 month, but he helped me and my case got dropped, i got no charges and fees. i recommend him

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by Igor

    DUI case

    Jasen, was very happy to receive my call and take the $1500 full payment to defend me in my DUI case. However, he did not represent me the way I thought he would, from reading his reviews on this website. I got my DUI from being pulled over by the CHP because they said I was weaving on the fwy. Performed my test well, scored average to good. I didn't hit anyone, no crashes or accidents. I blew as low as 0.11 and for my first DUI case I still walked out with a DUI conviction. Had to attend 3 months of DUI class. To say he didn't do anything to help. He actually helped me out by filling out the paper work. Got the breathalyzer report to verify if any errors caused the DUI . Also, he arranged the police video from the day of the incident. If I knew any better that he couldn't reduce my case to wet and reckless I would represent myself in court to save the money. If you are thinking about being represented my best advice is to speak to individuals that received prior DUI's for lawyer referrals.

    Jasen Bodie Nielsen’s response: “I don't expect that all of my clients will be happy with the outcome of their case, as the State Bar does not give out a magic wand for passing the bar. But for a review of this nature, questioning my trustworthiness and responsiveness, over a year later, is frustrating. I explained the problems of this case to this client numerous times, went over all of the evidence in person, and the client decided to plead to the DUI charge. The prosecutor did not offer the reduced charge of a wet reckless, and there was no feasible way to change that. Regardless, even with the wet reckless conviction, the DMV still would have required the 3 month school in order for this client to obtain his restricted license. Like I said, I don't expect all of my clients to be happy. But when I've emailed this client over 30 times, with very few responses, and left numerous voicemails, again with a poor response rate, it's complete nonsense to question my responsiveness and ability to keep my client informed. As for my alleged lack of knowledge and trustworthiness, I suggest reading the rest of my reviews to get a better sense of me.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Concerned Parents

    Repeat Customers

    We hired Jasen twice in two years. Each time he was able to get the best possible outcome.
    When our son was in high school, he got charged with a Minor In Possession of Alcohol. It was a very stressful time for our family. We were fortunate to find Jasen. After talking to many attorneys, we chose him because of his initial phone consultation, experience, fair price, and ability to relate to our son. Jasen knows the court system and explains the process. He promptly answers questions through emails and phone calls. We were most impressed by his ability to analyze the situation and lead us through the steps that would achieve a great outcome. The MIP was ultimately dismissed!
    Unfortunately, our son got into trouble again. Some times even smart kids make dumb choices and have to learn things the hard way. When partying in college, our son encountered the police. He was afraid of getting in trouble again so he made the split second decision to run away from the scene. Bad idea, he was charged with a severe misdemeanor.
    Fortunately, we knew who to call. We were grateful that Jasen would take the case even though he had to drive a couple hours each way to the college town for court appearances. Much to our relief, Jasen took charge working with our son through this really bad situation. He made several trips and facilitated communication among those involved. The misdemeanor was reduced to an MIP which is a lesser charge and has more appropriate consequences for our son's circumstances. The original charge was so severe that it would have negatively impacted his life for many years potentially closing doors on internships, jobs, and other opportunities.
    Thanks to Jasen our son's life is back on track for a bright future. We highly recommend Jasen!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Long Distance Representation

    After being pulled over for speeding, our college student (UCSB) was arrested for a possible DUI and possession charge. This was a distressing experience for our daughter and the rest of the family. The dark cloud of the case lingered for six months and she has relocated out of state. Jasen was able to handle the entire matter on her behalf, she never had to make a court appearance. His experience really showed AND he kept us all calm and cool. Much to our relief, the ideal outcome was achieved...all charges were dropped except the speeding ticket (exactly as he predicted!)
    Thank you very much, Jasen.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    A lawyer with integrity

    I can't express the gratitude we have for Jasen Bodie Nielsen. When my son was arrested for DUI I had no idea where to turn. Since we are not residents of California and actually live in Pennsylvania, I knew we were in for the granddaddy of all nightmare's. I was barraged with lawyer solicitations for out of state DUI help. How do you trust someone you never met and have no reference for such an important concern? They were all much more expensive but sincerely, that is not what made me choose Attorney Nielson. There was a certain simplicity/honesty in a letter describing how he could help. Well he did it, he took care of our legal nightmare with no (I mean none) problems or messy hassles, surcharges or trips to California for me or my son.

    My son is back at college for his senior year and will continue on to medical school or Neuro-Pharmacology (say that just 1 time fast!) research. I know that he has learned from this experience and will be a tremendous asset to society. He also learned there are still people like Jasen B. Nielsen, Esq who can be trusted to do what they promise even from a distance of 2,500 miles away.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    Intelligent, Reliable, and all around AMAZING!!

    Jasen is the best and I am so glad I had him to help me with this process. I was losing my mind a few days after I got my DUI and I had no idea what to do from there. DMV letters and arrest paperwork couldn't be more confusing. Jasen was the second lawyer I called after getting a ridiculously high quote from another local lawyer. He talked me down after being very overwhelmed by the unknown and told me the first steps we needed to take. He explained everything step by step that we needed to do to take care of my DUI. Not once did I have any doubts. Then when the DMV came at me with a negligent operator charge, Jasen represented me at DMV court and got me my restricted license for work, which I desperately needed. I never waited more than ten minutes for a response to an email, text, or phone call. Any question or concern was always answered right away which I think is one of a kind these days. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer. Thank you Jasen!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jake

    Best Possible Experience (Minor in Possession)

    Hiring Jasen Nielsen was the best experience. I am 18 years old and just graduated high school. I got a minor in possession of alcohol for buying from a store. At first I thought it was no big deal and would just be a fine but after looking more into it I realized that the charge comes with an automatic 1 year license suspension with a guilty plead which horrified me. I decided to look into getting a lawyer and after talking to Jasen I knew I would hire him because he has the fairest prices and I could relate to him the most. He had an immediate plan and was able to delay the trial until summer so I could drive through my senior school year. Ventura county is one of the strictest counties in the nation with this charge and do not offer any diversion programs to keep your license which was discouraging but when the court date came around Jasen knew exactly what to do. When we got in the court room the judge immediately called Jasen by his first name and joked around with him. He knows many people in the field and how to deal with these situations because he used to be a District Attorney in Ventura County. He talked to the prosecuting officer and told him the situation with the license suspension and showed him some of my accomplishments such as my transcript and college acceptance letters and was able to talk him into dismissing the case! Jasen always kept me informed on what the next move was and was so good at returning my emails. I think I got a response within 10 minutes for every question. He made me feel comfortable in what was the most stressful situation before hiring him. He is so knowledgable in the field and very trustworthy. I am so thankful to Jasen and now I get to drive all of my senior summer and next school year at college. I would refer my family and friends to him anyday. Do yourself a favor and hire Jasen Nielsen you will not regret it.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Laurie

    I Highly Recommend Jasen Nielsen

    I am a stay-at-home mother of four children, and recently found myself in a situation I never thought I'd be in, and charged with a DUI. I lucked out in getting Jasen Nielsen as my attorney. From the very first moment I spoke to him on the phone, I knew I wanted him to represent me. Jasen is tremendously knowledgeable in his field, but was also great at explaining the process to me, a novice, each and every step of the way. He was an expedient communicator, always returning calls or emails promptly. But most importantly, I could not have been more thrilled with the outcome of my case. I am certain that Jasen got the best possible result for me, and I could not be more thrilled or grateful.