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Alphonse Francis Provinziano

Alphonse Provinziano’s Client Reviews

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  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Unresponsive, Distant, and In the End, Unhelpful - Representation for Redlight Traffic Camera Violation

    This is the only negative review I've ever written about service I received (Bullets below). I hired Al Provinziano's firm to represent me in a red light traffic camera violation I received in Beverly Hills. During our first call, Al was super friendly, informative, supportive, and helpful, detailing a 95% success rate with either having the fine reduced and no points on the driver's license, or dismissal of the case in circumstances like mine. Honestly, the fact that he couldn't meet these lofty expectations isn't why I'm giving a poor review, but for the reasons below:

    - Case extended multiple times, stretching 10 months past date of offense.
    Maybe this is normal, but being on the hook for 10 months with my first offense like this and a fine as as big as the city of Los Angeles was willing to give is tough when....

    - He and his office were nearly completely unresponsive during this time.
    At this point, per procedures of his office, I had paid the $300 retainer fee for his services, which were to be detailed and agreed upon in a contract. I reached out continuously by email and phone for months and months after paying the fee but neither he or his office would provide the contract to me. Emails were always disregarded, and so I would call in and speak to his receptionist (very cordially), who would promise I could expect the contract within the week but I never received it. It wasn't until a 5 weeks before the trial that I finally received the contract. I guess making your client wait 9 months is normal..

    - I didn't even know they were going to show up until 5 minutes before the trial began.
    I was told 3 days before the trial I needed to be there in person. I was originally under the impression that "representation" will represent you in your physical absence. I was then told the court changed the rules and I needed to attend - fair enough. So I showed up, 20 minutes early, and couldn't find Al anywhere (nor was I told where I could find him). I emailed him, and eventually called his office asking when/if he was coming, and was told that it would be one of his associates. I finally found the guy 5 min before trial. I was kind of nervous big time given this was my first ever appearing in court, so from a personal/comfort side of things, this really didn't make me feel like I hired support that cared much about making me feel protected.

    - Finally, I basically got myself off the hook.
    We got in there, basically I was guilty (again I'm ok with that and knew it, but was hoping/expecting the possibility of a reduction in the fine or potential dismissal), but the lawyer while up in front representing me just turned around and looked at me and shrugged... Like "I dunno, sorry bro!". The whole time I was in the court room, everyone in attendance also on trial for red light traffic violations were trying to collude and come up with a strategy to fight the judge and everyone could be victorious and get off the hook. Truthfully, this wasn't going to happen. We were guilty. So this entire time, I sat quietly, was wearing a suit while the others were in casual wear or pajamas, and when my time came to speak, the judge commended me attitude and behavior, and offered me traffic school to have the points removed from my license and community service to avoid the fine. Long story short, being well dressed and polite and courteous that day is what provided the ruling I received.

    Final point, Al's team can be trusted to show up, they're experienced with these cases, but they can't do more than you can in the court room. Most of all, you can't expect responsiveness or that they will comfort you if you're nervous during the process. I don't recommend them and believe you're better off well dressed and well mannered. What could've been over in month lasted 10 and cost $300 more than it should

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    Excellent Legal Service and Support

    Mr. Alphonse was my lawyer for a child support case. I was sincerely impressed with the dedication of Mr. Alphonse and his team for being available to me at all times and providing quick assistance and excellent customer service. He was instrumental in devising a unique solution to my problem and continued to work on it until my goals were reached. He and his team were TENACIOUS and PERSEVERED in order to get me the outcome that we wanted to achieve. I was always impressed with their professionalism and flexibility to work around my busy schedule. If you are looking for a great lawyer, Mr. Alphonse and his team should get your consideration!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by michael

    traffic light ticket

    First,let me say Mr. Provinziano is one of the best attorney's you will ever hire.When you call and talk to him you will get an attorney who is professional,knowledgeable and courteous listening and explaining to you what your option's are without the typical hard line nonsense and attitude lawyers can have. In my case he got me out of a traffic ticket (red light) saved me money,time (trips to and from orange co. to riverside co) and no points,and no boring traffic school. Believe me look at the rating's, you won't be disappointed.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nathalie

    If you have a tough case, you want Alphonse!

    I have been a client of Mr Alphonse Provinziano and cannot thank him enough for his work on my difficult case. After going through two other attorneys prior to him, I was desperate and he was my last option. My case was tough since it involved two children, abuse, active criminal case and a very difficult attorney on the other side. Mr. Provinziano jumped into action immediately, conducted in-depth due diligence on my case in order to get himself very familiar with my unique circumstances, and developed a strategy to keep the children safe. He was available to take my calls timely, his staff was knowledgeable and very easy to work with. After thousands of dollars spent with two prior attorneys with no success, Mr Provinziano achieved our goal in one court visit. I cannot thank him enough, and especially on behalf of my children.
    If you are looking for customer service, great knowledge, critical thinking, and results, don't waste your time and money like I did, go straight to Mr Provinziano's office.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    My "Go To Guy" - Highly recommended!

    I could not recommend Al any more highly! I've referred at least 5 or 10 friends to him over the last year as well, mostly for help with car accidents / personal injury issues. However, Al was super helpful when my fiance and I had a dispute with our landlord over the term of our lease. When we urgently needed to reply to something, Al called us from ITALY where he was on vacation for the holidays - not every lawyer would do that! The best part was that Al helped us explore all other avenues and alternatives to negotiate with our landlord in a friendly/peaceful manor before the "nuclear option" of threatening a lawsuit, even though that route inevitably would have been more beneficial for him in terms of billing. I should also mention that everyone in Al's office is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. It's clear that he has really high standards for who he brings in, as the staff is top notch. It seems like other people have been catching on to how great he is as they seem really busy lately! I seriously hope I never have to go to jail for any reason, but if I do, I'm keeping Al's number handy! This is the kind of stand-up attorney who would bail me out in a jiffy. Definitely give him a shout!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Paulo

    Credible and Knowledgeable!

    I am a client of Atty. Alphonse F. Provinziano. He represented me during my son’s custody case in 2013. Being a father and unmarried to the child’s mother, it is a challenge to have rights even when I have my son’s custody for the longest time and have been looking after his best interest. I have had threats from the mother to take my son away and also asked for child support even when the child has been residing with me. An ex parte hearing was requested by the mother and the judge gave the mother sole custody. The mother has used unfounded claims. Still, the court favored the mother by default. Atty. Alphonse won my case in gaining back custody and care for my son. He has been great with focusing on my strengths as a father. He encouraged honesty, and being truthful with my statements. There was no need to be too aggressive bringing up ugly truths towards the other party since what is being sought is order. His vast knowledge and experience played a great role in winning my case. After some time and even with the custody order in place, I have had struggles with the other party’s aggression. Atty. Alphonse effectively provided his objective and honest advice on the situation. He eventually handled my child support hearing in 2014 from which the mother is the one paying her share. Atty. Alphonse is respectful and tactful when dealing with his clients. His wisdom and knowledge on family court is exceptional. I will always be grateful to all that he has done for my family. Thank you again Atty. Alphonse!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Harry

    An Outstanding Attorney

    During my 30-year career as a Supervising Special Agent and a Licensed Private Investigator, I have had the opportunity of working with many criminal and civil attorneys. Alphonse Provinziano has always demonstrated the highest caliber of dedication, creativity, legal knowledge, research, and courtroom skills. He is currently representing a friend of mine in an extremely difficult civil matter that requires a combination of experience and skills that only Mr. Provinziano can best provide. I was greatly impressed with Mr. Provinziano and retained him to represent me in a complex civil claim against the federal government. Mr. Provinziano also authorized me to perform some of the work that I was qualified to do as a legal professional, which helped to conserve the expenses on my case. Mr. Provinziano is the most trustworthy and ethical attorney that I have ever retained.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Peggy

    One of the good ones

    He called and emailed me immediately and answered my questions and advised my son on an important matter, rare find indeed

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a victim of the malpractice


    I hope nobody will make the same mistake I made. You can never find the worse lawyer than this one. BELIEVE ME! ! He only involved in my case for 5 days, but charged me $4,244.

    In the total service he supplied was negotiating a half page agreement, which ended as a disaster, and caused me so much damage and headache to undo it. He should pay me damages, in stead he kept all my $4,000 retainer. You don't want more headaches from this man than dealing with your case. My another advise is don't believe good reviews, and NEVER IGNORE bad ones because the bad ones are REAL ones. I hired this man because he has most good reviews. Only later, did I find out some lawyers pay people to write good reviews, so they can get jobs. My conclusion is the more good reviews a lawyer has, the worse lawyer he is. A good lawyer is a busy lawyer, who doesn't need to hire people to write good reviews. Take my lesson, friends, or it will be too late to regret.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client


    I'm a very grateful client of Mr. Provinziano. He's my forth attorney I hired over a period of seven years, after being broken down emotionally and financially by my previous attorneys through the legal system. I had a very complicated and difficult case which eventually ended in a five day court trial. Mr. Provinziano was able to get a judgement in my favor showing that my ex- husband breached his fiduciary duty resulting in a verdict on my behalf of 100% of the house and my retirement in the amount of more than 700.000.
    Mr. Provinziano is extremely compassionate at what he does, focused, respectful and delivers a winning strategy Brilliantly! He always came to court prepared with a big, infectious smile on his face, made me always feel my voice was important, we were a team. He's an attorney that knows the law and how to execute it. I'm very fond of Mr. Provinziano and feel very blessed that I hired him.
    He's restored my faith in our legal system.