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Joseph Mark Lovretovich

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  • Joe Lovretovich is the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Joe is kind, patient, and classy. In a town of sleazy money grubbing lawyers, he's a pearl is a sea of stinky oysters. He dealt with some slick, smarmy, characters, and came out on top and schooled them on how the law is (and should be) practiced in this town. His whole team and staff are to be commended for their professionalism and work ethic.

  • HIGHLY recommended - Wrongful Termination - Thank you JML

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    JML is an honest, knowledgeable, ethical and highly experienced law firm.

    I was wrongfully terminated and a friend referred to me JML - this friend also had a great experience with JML.

    My case, as many do, took more than year. We had several depositions and three rounds of mediation. JML was always on time, prepared and on point with every meeting.

    In the end, we we settled the case in the mediation #3 and received 20x more then their first original offer - a great outcome. JML was so good in fact, my previous employer ended up hiring them for some of their other work.

    Also worth noting, JML took my case on 100% contingency and I have since referred two friends who also had very successful settlement outcomes.

    Thank you JML. I HIGHlY recommend your firm.

  • Hope for the best, plan for the worst

    1.0 star

    Posted by Delanie

    My case: I was the victim of two incidents of raw sewage overflow to my one and only bathroom in my townhouse; one incident occurred while I was three months pregnant. Having felt the sting of an unresponsive homeowners' association, to what I felt were very real damages, I contacted several law firms. I was told by many that I had a great case, but unfortunately they all wanted a large retainer fee up front, which I as a single mom could not pay. Enter in JML law firm.

    The Pros - JML was the only law firm who would take my case on contingency.

    The Cons - From the start I felt the process was a bit slow to start (judgment was filed in December 2012, my case settled in December 2014); however, I was glad to have someone represent me and I made my expectations very clear from the beginning.

    My confidence and expectations in JML were put to the test during my mediation (January 2014). Both of my attorneys were late, one by thirty minutes. I was told several times, and even received a handout, about the importance of being on time to my mediation; so I felt let down when my attorneys were not there when expected.

    Thankfully, I came prepared to the mediation with a clearly labeled folder outlining my case. My attorney wasn't as prepared. He had papers strewn out of a folder, making it very difficult to locate the appropriate papers when asked by the mediator. My preparations proved useful when the mediator came to me for the supporting documents of my case.

    My contact after the mediation was mostly by e-mail, my preference so I had a paper trail. However, e-mails weren't always returned and if they were it was after several days and sometimes weeks later. I was told by my attorney to call the office and not e-mail if I wanted a prompt response. I understood this; however, this is the main reason for me writing this review.

    During one such phone call, I was told my total portion of the settlement. After receiving an e-mail with a total different than the one stated to me over the phone, my attorney stated he would inquire about the amount he had mentioned but thought it unlikely I would receive that amount.

    I don't believe JML law firm is a bad law firm, it has just been my experience that they did not instill a sense of confidence, knowledge and promptness I felt I deserved. Although, like I said before they were the only law firm who would take my case on contingency. For that, I am truly grateful. If I could impart a piece of information to anyone going through the legal system – always get it in writing.

    Joseph Mark Lovretovich’s response: “We took on a very difficult case with a client with unreasonable expectations. We negotiated a very good settlement of her claims. When you are represented by an attorney you should be sure to provide all information in support of your case immediately. When you parse out information over time it makes it very difficult for your attorney to properly document your damages. With this client we were getting documents for the first time during the mediation where we were trying to settle her case. Our attorneys were not late for the mediation. My handling attorney was waiting downstairs for the client as agreed. The client instead went up to the mediation room and that is why he was late. The other managing attorney was ill with the flu but came to the mediation to assist out of a professional care for the client. So contrary to her assertion we were not late. What is significant is that this client could not find an attorney who would even take her case and we stepped in because we felt we could help her. It was with our special skill and effort that we obtained a substantial result. We have no idea why she would have submitted such a review.”
  • Straightforward, Honest, and Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Megan

    I have had the pleasure of having Mr. Lovretovich represent me. I appreciated and respected his hands-on representation along with his candor coupled with his depth of knowledge. Joe is always responsive and I always knew where we were in the proceedings, the potential outcomes, as well as the obstacles that may be forthcoming. I respect and trust him completely and he is always my first recommendation for anyone needing legal representation in his areas of expertise.

  • Excellent and experienced representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Mr. Lovretovich accepted my wrongful termination case in July 2012 on contingency. I worked primarily with Bradley Benham who is patient and competent beyond words. Mr. Lovretovich is a highly experienced attorney who really understands how to effectively settle a dispute. He and Mr. Benham walked me through every step of the legal and mediation process. In the end, Mr. Lovretovich was able to achieve an absolutely stunning result that is going to allow me to put my life back together after years of hardship. This firm has overwhelming integrity, very prudent spending greatly minimized expenses and helped maximize my recovery. I strongly recommend Mr. Lovretovich and his firm for legal representation.!

  • Great Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    Very prompt and thorough service. Reviewed an employment contract and I needed it on a strict deadline; returned it with great feedback, questions for my organization and amendments related to areas of concerns. I was armed with a great deal of insight for my negotiations.

  • Unprofessional and disrespectful to his clients...

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Workers Compensation client

    I waited almost 3 months for Mr. Lovretovich to send me to an Orthopedic Surgeon for my back surgery. He never did. He claimed "it's hard finding a doctor to take a worker's compensation patient". I would send Mr. Lovretovich an e-mail(his preferred way of contacting him) of crucial questions I needed answered for my case. It would take him over 1 week to return my e-mails. If I called him he would tell me "let me get back to you later today". I wouldn't hear back from him for another week! He never mentioned a worker's compensation attorney down in Orange County (who I would never meet)would be handling my claim. The Orange County office was referring me out to a Chiropractor and physical therapy appointments for a back so severely injured I needed back surgery(per a very reputable Orthopedic at Kaiser)! Thank God I had enough medical knowledge and common sense not to go to a Chiropractor visit. A chiropractor could have done serious injury to my back that has bone on bone discs, and ruptured discs into nerves! Mr. Lovreetovich sent me to an MRI facility. Not once but twice they were running 2 to 2 1/2 hours behind. I could not wait as I had a dentist appointment for a broken crown. Mr. Lovretovich sent me a disrespectful, very mean e-mail claiming I should have canceled my dentist appointment(with broken crown) and waited the 2 1/2 hours for my MRI. He said they were "jumping through hoops" to service me, which couldn't be farther from the truth! I sent him an e-mail saying I would not jeopardize my health because of an MRI facility not capable of properly booking patients. I also told him I surely did not see his firm "jumping through hoops" and his law office was giving me "mediocre service at best". Mr. Lovretovich sent me an e-mail telling me to get another attorney. I noticed on other review sites he has done this to other clients before. His unprofessionalism is unacceptable. I lost 3 months of salary waiting for him to get anything done on my case.

    Joseph Mark Lovretovich’s response: “First, and foremost it is our goal to satisfy our client's needs as quickly as possible. Sometimes we cannot meet client's unrealistic demands and in that instance we suggest that the client find another attorney. That is what happened here. We only suggested that she look for another attorney. Additionally, people who need workers compensation medical treatment must understand that the system is broken and we are limited in the types of doctors that treat our clients. We unfortunately cannot control their schedules. Also in this instance we did everything that we could to expedite her care. We even were able to get around the system and schedule a specialist on short notice. when our client left the facility before being treated I suggested she find another attorney that might be more successful in meeting her needs. We are sorry she is unhappy but we were kind and attentive to her needs. On the other hand she was demanding and difficult with our staff that was going out of their way to assist her.”
  • Great attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Judy

    Joe is the best. He stuck with us through 3 years of legal jarnegan. His staff is warm and friendly especially his investigator. A knowledgeable attorney with abilities that exceed and surpass the average attorney. Would use again and again if ever needed. A fair man with integrity.

  • Joseph Lovretovich

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Joseph Lovretovich and his team were great. They really helped me alot
    and gave me peace with my situation. They made me feel comfortable
    And apart of the family. I would recommend this law firm to everyone I know.

  • Update Review: They Have Acknowledged Lack of Communication

    3.0 stars

    Posted by Marcus

    This is an update review to my previous one. I didn't see a way to update my previous review, so I thought I would write another one.

    So after leaving my previous review on Avvo, I was immediately contacted by one of the attorneys working on my case, via email. He acknowledged my frustration and my complaints and apologized for the lack of communication from their law office.

    We scheduled an appointment to meet at their Woodland Hills office, which is approximately a 60 mile drive for me, one way, to go over my case and meet in person. Unfortunately they were not able to meet me at their Orange County office, where I originally met with them.

    The day of the meeting in Woodland Hills, I met with the attorney that contacted me, and he was very courtesy and apologetic for the lack of communication. He re-assured me moving forward they will keep me informed about my case and will make sure that whatever the reason for the lack of communication, they will work to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    We spent some quality time going over my case and making sure all of my questions were answered. He was very professional and took his time. I didn't feel rushed at all.

    After we were done, he brought in another senior attorney, that is part of the team working on my case, for introduction. He was very cordial and also apologetic for the lack of communication. He provided me with direct contact information and encouraged me to contact him directly if I should need too.

    I am overall pleased with the way they acknowledged my frustration and realized their lack of communication. This helps rebuild the client and business relationship.

    I will post another review update as my case comes to an end.