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Sarah Jane Barbarash

Sarah Barbarash’s client reviews

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charlotte - Jaydens Grandma

    Sarah Barbarash is a real Champion in my eyes. She goes above and beyond a clients expectations, and will fight for whats right over wrong, regardless of the challenges she'll face ahead. In these days and times it is rare to find a great lawyer who has this magnitude of compassion, care, assertiveness, integrity and respect for their clients/clients cases. Sarah was assigned to handle my case and I have absolutely no regrets what so ever in her. She is sharp, witty and very knowledgeable, always thinking ahead, seeing the big picture. She is trustworthy, honest and believes in her clients and her clients rights, and Sarah will fight for her clients in any court, on any case she takes, and that is something you simply do not find in most attorneys these days, is her passion for doing "the right thing". She is/was punctual, professional, always smiling, friendly and polite to her clients. She genuinely cares and you know as a client that she cares about you and your case. I think others could learn from her, and take some real pointers in being a great lawyer from her. I see Sarah becoming one of the top rated lawyers in Missouri one day, possibly in the country. Keep up the great work Sarah, and never look back to the past, always run towards the future .....towards the better and greater...because your a great person with a real genuine love and compassion for law, and you are a GREAT LAWYER! Never let anyone change you and your superb work ethics.! I hope you'll consider starting your own law firm. Please never quit on family law, you are made for it, when too many others simply are not. Sarah is a lawyer and person you can be proud to have representing you and your case. You wont be sorry hiring her. She is wiser and more experienced than her years, a brilliant strategist too. Id hire her again in a heartbeat.