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Alexander Nicholas Loftus

Alexander Loftus’s client reviews

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  • Best experience I ever had with an attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Misha

    I was desperately looking for a confident lawyer. I have met countless lawyers when I had issue with immigration. I know how hard it is to find a good lawyer. This time, I needed someone for litigation and I found out about Alex through avvo. He responded to my e-mail while he was on vacation. I knew he would be a great person to work with based on his communication skill and experience in this field. Fortunately, I didn't need to start the lawsuit, but I would definitely choose Alex to represent me. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who needs a great litigator.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by BB

    Mr. Alexander N. Loftus is absolutely by far and without any question the best attorney I have ever hired or worked with. In fact I almost wasn't even going to hire an attorney to help me with my recent accident due to previous poor experiences I have had from what I would consider to be the "stereo-typical" poor performance lawyers". Alex is quite the opposite of this!!! He is extremely personable, competent, and a most excellent listener and thinker. He and his law office are extremely accessible as well as lightening-fast at returning any e-mails or phone calls. Words cannot even express how satisfied I am with THIS lawyer!!! The best thing you could do for yourself or you loved ones is call him to discuss your accident or injury like I did. There was no consultation fee, and because I picked up the phone I now find myself with an excellent settlement which wouldn't have been possible or even thought of without Mr. Loftus's representation. Thanks a million Alex and Fichera & Miller P.C.!

  • A kind and hardworking attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    After almost three years, my husband and I moved on to another attorney hoping to get our case resolved. That attorney is Alex Loftus Hattimer. He is FANTASTIC! Alex kept us up-to-date on our case, he always returned our phone calls/emails, and had our best interest at heart. It took him less than six months to do what our previous attorney couldn't in over two years. Our case is at the end stages all thanks to Alex. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.

  • Compassionate,bright, and professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by L.R.

    I was referred to Alex during a very difficult and sensitive time. He was at all times professional with a unique ability to be empathetic. He is personable, responsive, and focused. At no time did I doubt I was in good legal counsel. Alex kept me informed and returned calls promptly. I would recommend Alex to anyone especially to family and friends which in itself, speaks volumes! Fichera & Miller have in their employ a passionate, compassionate,and knowledgeable attorney in Alex Hattimer.. Alex is a wonderful person as well as an outstanding attorney who strives for excellence at all times. I highly recommend Alex.

  • "To whoever is reading this you have the full endorsement of a current client of this wonderful man and Attorney."

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew John Peter Gacek

    To whom it may concern,

    Before I met Attorney Hattimer, I had been stuck with an attorney who had I known from church to help me with a suit concerning a car accident. That accident will be almost seven years ago next month (from whence I currently writing) and only now; with the help of Attn. Hattimer has it been drawn to a close. This horrible attorney was not an experienced personal injury lawyer, but accepted our case none-the-less. It was a clear-cut incident where a young man in a sports car who was speeding while on a cell phone and not paying attention to my car which was clearly at a stop with its turn signal on in order to cross traffic to get into a plaza when he slammed into my vehicle totaling both of our cars. I sadly can tell you that my back and brain have not recovered from that day.

    I had never sought out an attorney for such a need. My initial attorney granted us a co. council in order to help him (who was indifferent to the situation and was later fired). I also made the mistakes by asking this prior attorney to ‘help’ me with some other matters, all the while I was ignorant to the unjust charges he would accrue from me. Not long into the case the very doctor who said attorney had sent me to blatantly told me that my case was going down the toilet fast in addition to other people whom had some sort of legal insight. I did not listen to my doctor until years went by and despite all sorts of empty promises and long speeches (that I was charged for to listen to) came to a head. The problem had grown to by that time was: I could not fire him! He had messed up my case so bad that no lawyer I took my sloppy case file to would agree to touch it. …This man was the defense’s greatest asset by far.

    I had to give the file back to this ‘lawyer’ and by law he had to oblige. For another year or so things got worse and I thought that no relief was in site and decided to look for another lawyer again. This time I came across Attorney Hattimer. He agreed to meet with me and after what I assumed would be around my 20th turn down, Alex accepted the difficult challenge! He was as he has always proven to be: Very kind, down to earth, and sharp as a diamond cutter!

    To make a long story short, Attorney Hattimer took a bunch of lemons and turned them into a porterhouse with lobster! He was fast acting, persistent, and exceeded my expectations by even helping me settle my prior lawyer’s hash. Attorney Alex Hattimer is nothing short of an answer to my prayers to God!

    I will recommend this fantastic man to anyone in legal need. I thank God for him constantly and I don’t think that I even do that enough for what Attn. Alex Hattimer was able to do for me as well as my family. He did a lot of very good things for us. Only God can (and will) repay him fully for what he has done and continues to do for my household (I also got bit in the face by a neighbor’s dog).

    To whoever is reading this you have the full endorsement of a current client of this wonderful man and Attorney.

    Most sincerely,

    Matthew [removed by avvo staff]

  • A Truly a Top Notch Lawyer who is an Associate at the Best of the Best Law Firm; Fichera & Miller P.C.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Civil Rights client

    10.0/10.0 in my book! Mr. Hattimer is an extremely bright, thorough, compassionate and very understanding professional & attorney. It is no mystery to me why Mr. Fichera & Mr. Miller would be so pleased with him as well as his outstanding performance. I'd almost swear that he's had his law licence for 50 years as kidding! Alex has a can do attitude in everything that he does, and it seems that almost nothing no matter how complex is out of his reach for him. I am very thankful and honored to have the opportunity to be represented by him and his great law firm. They are EVERYTHING (and then some) that they say they are on their website to the (T). I highly recommend him for ANY kind of case from simple to complex, from accident to civil rights and much more. He and his firm give you great peace of mind because you know they are fighting and working hard for you while keeping you informed throughout the process.

  • Bright and Disciplined

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    Alex is a very bright and disciplined attorney. His research work is excellent and he was well prepared to present my case. He was compassionate about my injury but aggressive about getting me the maximum settlement amount.