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David Samuel Kerpel

David Kerpel’s client reviews

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  • Compassionate but Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    I was completely blindsided when my wife told me that she was filing for divorce. I was emotionally devastated after what seemed like a long loving marriage. I was also dealing with emotions associated with a very recent job change that required my relocation out of state. My spouse and I initially mediated our divorce agreement prior to my enlisting the services of Mr. Kerpel. My spouse’s lawyer did not agree that the mediated agreement was fair to my spouse and that is when they began to deviate from the mediated agreement. I asked our mediator if she could recommend an attorney. She introduced me to Mr. Kerpel.
    I met with Mr. Kerpel. Initially I was trying to use Mr. Kerpel as a counselor rather than an attorney. He was very compassionate but firm which was exactly what I needed at the time. He is a very good listener. Mr. Kerpel explained how the process worked. In the end he presented a rough draft of the divorce agreement for my review and approval. After several iterations a final draft was forwarded to my spouse and her attorney. Due to the fact that I was working out of state I was unable to participate in person for the divorce proceedings. I signed paperwork to authorize Mr. Kerpel to represent me. Each proceeding was followed by clear follow-up calls or emails.
    My spouse’s attorney continually tried to derail the process by asking for more even after my wife and I had already mutually agreed upon a fair settlement. This tactic continued throughout the divorce process resulting in numerous court extensions. Mr. Kerpel was very professional throughout the proceedings.
    In the end my settlement was fair to both parties. Mr. Kerpel did an excellent job helping me get through the most difficult event of my life.

  • Kerpel puts minds at ease

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    I didn't want to have to hire an attorney, but my ex filed and sued me in court leaving me no choice. I was referred to David by a trusted attorney in the city, and although I was stressed to the max because I am the primary caregiver of my three young boys and was worried my rights wouldn't be given attention, David immediately put my mind at ease. There were times during the process when I ignorantly resisted agreeing with David but I soon found out that his intuition was accurate. He mapped out how things would go and gave me excellent advice, all the while trying to help quicken and ease the pain of the process. If it wasn't for the antics and strategies of my ex and her attorneys we should have been able to finalize things in a couple months at mediation, which is what David and I were ready to do. Unfortunately it took a little longer after my ex walked away from mediation and began the process of hiring an attorney for our kids. Again I was scared $&@% less and once again David helped me keep steady. In the end Kerpels instincts and advice were dead on, and the outcome was more or less what we hoped for and expected. I highly recommend David Kerpel, he will do his best to advise you as to what's in the best interest of both parties, and keep you out of court. Thanks David!

  • The Lawyer who cares! Sincerely cares...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    My divorce was difficult in that the opposing council was interested in every dime he could squeeze out of me.... I was concerned about my children... Not only did David protect me financially... He convinced the other Lawyer to accept what was fair and equitable for me..
    In addition to that... He concentrated on the important of my boys.... He said look... Right now your raw.... Money will come and go... Your boys are forever. He then proceeded to go to work.... What would of probably taken years... Was concluded and fairly agreed upon in months.... Not years....

    Thank you David Kerpel....


    A caring parent!

  • Real, tactful, cares about your case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I was sad to have gone through a divorce, but VERY glad that
    Mr. David Kerpel was my attorney.

    My spouse and I had mediated our divorce needs/agreements before
    coming to Mr. Kerpel. The mediator is the one who gave us Mr. Kerpel's
    number. I, the wife was to contact his office so that a divorce agreement
    could be produced, signed, and used in court.

    I had initial meeting with Mr. Kerpel. He listened to me needs, and my story.

    We discussed the mediation agreement terms and whether or not I was
    happy with these or did I want to fight for more provision. I was happy
    with the mediation terms and was simply looking for divorce agreement
    papers. It is to be noted that Mr. Kerpel was ready, willing, and capable
    in getting more provision from my spouse, but I declined that need.

    Mr. Kerpel asked me other questions related to the needs of
    the divorce agreement to be developed, so that work on it could begin.

    He presented a rough draft to me, to which I had many questions about.
    Mr. Kerpel worked with me on minor changes to be made. He always
    got back to me in a timely manner.

    I gave a version of what the agreement would have in it to my spouse.
    He showed it to another lawyer just to get their opinion on what was
    presented in the document. That stirred the pot because that lawyer
    asked my spouse why we had settled for these things we had, and
    that my spouse should fight to provide less.

    Mr. Kerpel then became my representation only, and did get the chance
    to work to keep the things that "had already been agreed upon" to remain so.
    Talk went back and forth between the parties, and then a final agreement
    was signed with the agreed items in tact.

    When the court date came Mr. Kerpel represented himself well by his
    appearance, actions, and prompt arrival. The court appointment went
    smoothly and there was nothing to dispute.

    I told him that he was the David who fought Goliath, and won! He did for me!

  • Great Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    I started down a mediated divorce process with an outside counselor who was horrible--in looking for help to fix first attorneys mess, I was referred to David Kerpel. From the first interaction with David it was no nonsense--it was all about how to fix past messes and get me the best outcome possible. David respected my crazy travel/work schedules and made my interactions with him -- as in frequent as possible--though when communication was needed he alerted me with notice and made our communication succinct and productive.

    David gives the attorney profession a good name and am glad he was on my side--he also understood my soft side and pushed to make sure I got what was deserved---I highly recommend David and will not hesitate to use him for other personal issues that warrant legal support. In closing, he took a horrible situation and made it tolerable--i shudder to think what would have happened if I would have left the original attorney in place

  • Trustworthy and Honest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Katy

    I would highly recommend David Kerpel for anyone that is in need of an excellent divorce attorney. I was married for over 30 years and very broken when we first met. David has a very calm demeanor and does not feed into drama. He sticks to the facts and is confident but firm when needed. What impressed me the most about David was how quickly he responded to questions, emails, phone calls, etc.. There were many times when emotions blocked logical thinking and that is when David steps in and keeps it real. Divorce is an ugly process but having David Kerpel represent me was the best decision I made during the worst time in my life. He is worth every penny.

  • The best attorney for divorce!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I can't thank David enough for the efforts he put in my case. He has been thorough professional, very dedicated and always worked in my best interest. He has consistently stood up to protect my needs from start to end. He was very patient to me considering how stressed I was and how crazy I would get at times. He was my second attorney in the case. I wish I had hired him first and may be case wouldn't have been so complicated. I would give more than just 5 stars to him!

  • Excellent and a responsible attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by GP

    David is handling my divorce and child custody case. My case is yet to be done and it will be done any time soon. I couldn't wait until it was closed to give a review as i felt my review could help someone in need of a good attorney. I was stuck with a horrible, irresponsible, clueless and careless attorney for 8 long months and after which God was kind enough to show David through 2 different sources who recommended him to me. It was only after that i started getting some sleep. David is worth every single penny or more and ofcourse he charges very reasonably. My case is quite complex because of monies invested in another country. He will ask the right questions, put pressure at the right time on the other party, care for your needs and remain calm through difficult scenarios handling them diligently. His documentation is very clear and precise. He is a thorough professional. If you are looking for a good attorney and you happen to stumble upon David, stop your serach there and you will never regret.

    Thank you David! You are the best!

  • Excellent, calm & knowledgeable attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    David Kerpel helped me finish my divorce when my first lawyer let me down & was completely unprofessional. David took the wheel and did a great job for me. He saw me through a horrible time in my life and can and will help all of his clients the same way. He always kept me up to date on everything & was always available to me by phone or e-mail. Great man, great attorney, I've already given his name to several people.

  • Schell divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joanna

    I went to David after meeting with several other divorce attorneys and I was very discouraged and depressed. David set me at ease immediately, he was very calm, a good listener and assured me I could get through the process. He was also affordable, which was a tremendous concern of mine.
    I sputtered through the process, changing my mind and questioning what I was doing, he was very patient with me and assured me that there was not a problem with taking my time until I knew the decision I was making was the right one.
    My ex and I ran into problems working out child related issues. David recommended a mediator and we worked out most of our agreement in mediation. David had a very good working relationship with our mediator and also with the opposing counsel.
    So now the process is over and as painful as it was it is over and David was very helpful, and I hope to never need him again but I would recommend him to a friend in need.