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M.M. v. Secretary of State

Case Conclusion Date: 12.29.2011

Practice Area: DUI & DWI

Outcome: Restoration of client's driving privileges.

Description: Client lost her license after her conviction for her second OWI in June 2010. Client first contact our officer shortly after losing her license to prepare for the process for obtaining her driving privileges again. Our office provided the client with guidance regarding the necessary steps to take to give her the best shot at getting her license back on her first petition following the mandatory one year waiting period. Client followed our instructions to the letter and retained our firm when she petitioned the Secretary of State following her one year waiting period. In preparation for her hearing, we reviewed and edited her support letters, reviewed her alcohol assessment, and ensured that the documents substantiating her one year of sobriety were all in order. The day before the hearing, we prepared her by going over the questions she would likely be asked by the hearing officer. We attended the hearing with our client and ensured that she effectively presented her case for restoration of her driving privileges. Following the hearing, our client was granted full driving privileges with no restrictions on her first attempt before the Secretary of State.

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