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Sarah C Easter

Sarah Easter’s client reviews

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  • Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    Thorough, knowledgeable. Made me feel comfortable with the whole process. Listened to what I wanted and made sure it happened. I literally got everything I wanted. Sarah and her team keep you informed and make sure you are taken care of. I am the father in this case and she got me custody of my son, which is still hard to do. I would highly recommend her. Excellent experience.

  • Great for uncontested divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    I hired Sarah for an uncontested divorce. The process is very simple, you provide some data and the payment on line if you choose to. Her office will contact you with some forms and they handle the rest. My "uncontested" divorce turned a little more complicated when it came to getting the former spouse to sign the papers but Sarah and her team handled it and coached me through a week of unexpected experiences at no incremental charge. I highly recommend her team for any such unfortunate situation you may find yourself in.

  • Professional, Caring, and Responsive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alicia

    I was very impressed with Sarah and also with everyone in the office that I came into contact with. I want to point out that it makes a big difference when you are dealing with an unpleasant personal situation to have pleasant and helpful staff in the office. I contacted their office several times, and no one ever made me feel like I was an inconvenience. I was always made to feel that my time was also valuable and my concern or issue was valid and worthy of their attention.

    From Sarah, I received personable and caring advice, and she was quite patient with my many, many questions. There was never a question she couldn't answer and the advice was always accurate and reassuring. I was kept fully informed and knew exactly what to expect throughout the process which of course was a great comfort to me.

    Unfortunately, I have worked with lawyers in the past that are largely unavailable (once they are paid) or who rush you through any conversation you have with them. Although Sarah is experienced and has won several awards, she was never too important to take a call or respond to an e-mail. I never felt rushed and I know she gave my case the attention it needed until its conclusion. I could not have asked for a better result with my case.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah Easter and her firm. They are professional and truly there to help their clients.

  • Excellent Legal Representation From Sarah Easter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    Sarah Easter represented me during in a legal situation that could be uncomfortable, and contentious. Due to her extreme professionalism, preparedness, and open communication my situation was resolved quickly, and in a very civil manner. I have already recommended Sarah Easter to a family member and would recommend her to any friend, or family member needing exemplary legal assistance.

  • Not experienced

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Sarah is a very methodological lawyer. She knows her law and will tell you the correct answer, not the one you want to hear, which I respect. I enjoyed working with her, however, she came to a mediation unprepared. We had a big surprise, one which I researched and found and assumed she knew bc she was my lawyer. Her inexperience with being a mother and unpreparedness with current cases and research really showed during one of my mediations. Her price is low, I guess you get what you pay for with Sarah.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Sarah Easter is one of the best Attorneys that I have worked with. She is methodical in her approach and does not waste time or money. A divorce is an emotional time, and some attorneys may use this as an oppurtunity to really run up the tab, but not Sarah. She is calm, professional and only does what is needed to be done, but is very thorough in doing what is needed. She was very straight forward with me, which I like, and very honest. Although as a client I may only want to hear the good stuff, the reality is that not all news is good, and I appreciate someone that is honest and straight with me.
    It is very rare that you can walk away from an experience such as a divorce and feel good that someone cared enough to always do what was in your best interest and that every penny was spent wisely. To me, there is no better example of that than Sarah. I'm sure there are other very good Attorneys out there, but I would not recommed anyone other than Sarah Easter.

  • Contested divorce with an uncooperative husband

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Sarah and her paralegal Michele were great to work with through my entire divorce process. Michele was very patient and didn't seem to mind the numerous emails I sent to her with countless questions. Sarah put me at ease when I got frustrated with my ex and the time it was taking to finalize the divorce and reasured me that we were doing everything that needed to be done. They made sure that we were doing everything WE needed to do despite the lack of information we were receiving from my soon to be ex and his attorney. Working with her and Michele felt like I was working with friends rather than an attorney and it made the process easier to deal wih this way. Thank you for everything and hopefully I won't need to contact you again; however, I will keep your number handy just in case :)

  • A thorough, efficient attorney/ staff with a human touch

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dennis

    Put simply, going through a divorce (for whatever reasons) is gut-wrenching and can be drawn out to unimaginable, interminable time tables. I hired Ms. Easter to handle the dissolution of my marriage and without any reservation I recommend anyone looking to navigate their divorce proceedings to do the same. From my first visit to Ms. Easter's office for a free consultation through all of the twists and turns that a "simple" divorce entailed, I was provided with sound, sage advice and was always made to feel more than comfortable with fielding questions or concerns; contrary to my expectations I was made to feel "human" at every stage of the process. Without fail, any questions I had and whatever issues arose with my case were promptly addressed and I was never made to feel detached from a process that, at times, left me confused, angry and - yes - bitter.

    What started as a "gut" feeling in my consultation became a constant reassurance throughout my case as Ms. Easter and her entire support staff made me feel human and, collectively, they kept me both sane and in the loop. Whether by phone, e-mail, or in-person, I was always made to feel like an individual who was going through a very difficult process and was never treated as a "number" or a "case." Perhaps most comforting and reassuring was knowing that at every stage of the process Ms. Easter would provide me with all of the facts, all of the legal dimensions involved at each stage and all options that could be pursued from my end. Moreover, Ms. Easter has a support team that was consistently able to do the same and at no point was I made to feel as if my case was insignificant or that I was a nuisance because of my ignorance.

    In addition to having a divorce case humanized, it is extremely important to note the importance of a legal representative who values the law and the interests of their client above all else. I knew throughout the duration of my case that all decisions were motivated by determined, knowledgeable efforts to see my interests - on several levels, especially a parental one - preserved under the law. At no point does Ms. Easter waste her time, the time of her staff, or your time in frivolous matters that can arise as divorce proceeding become "testy" and at every stage there were carefully chosen, developed plans of action. Most important, perhaps, is that Ms. Easter explained every decision to me, and was able to effectively find a way to make me see both the small and large scale pictures in terms of timeline, decisions, etc.

    If you are looking for an attorney who will truly listen and understand both you and your case, do not hesitate in contacting Sarah C. Easter. I can say, without doubt or reservation, that I would have more than likely have made different (and in some instances, very self-defeating) decisions in the absence of her knowledge and guidance. Moreover, Ms. Easter and her entire support team helped to preserve my sanity and helped me avoid feeling alone throughout a process that can be as emotionally jarring and alienating as it is liberating.

  • Wonderful lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I used Sarah for my contested divorce. She was very patient with me but aggressive about moving my case along.

  • Great Job on my Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leigh

    Sarah handled my divorce. She is thorough and her staff is knowledgeable. My emails and phone calls were always responded to. I would recommend her to anyone.