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Brent Allan Rose

Brent Rose’s client reviews

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  • Rude, Lazy, Charlatan

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tito

    Hired attorney

    I am an attorney myself and made my worst decision ever in hiring him. Brent was rude, disengaged and completely unable to remember the simplest details of my case.
    He sent a clueless callow associate at the last minute to my hearing who knew even less than he did (amazingly enough).
    I had to negotiate directly with my wife and fire him.
    Recommend him only to your worst enemies.

  • The worst lawyer to hire

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I requested from this lawyer to represent me in a child support case , he never had a previous meeting with me to discuss any effective plan to follow , showed poor interest , I was just requesting the share of custody of my son , never asked me anything regarding to my petition, while in court never did anything in my defense. The lawyer of the respondent was the only voice heard in the courtroom , he said "I do not have any objection to what the counterpart is saying your honor" when he was asked for the judge to give an opinion. I missed some of the hearing because never sent my a citation for them. In my opinion one start for this lawyer is too much.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    To start, my husband is a combat veteran that needed help w a criminal matter. Brent Rose promised us that he dealt w both criminal law and veterans often. We gave him full case details and Rose told us case should get suppressed. He seemed halfway friendly and his prices were what we could afford so we paid him 1k to start the case. Then he took $500 out on the FIRST of the next month WITHOUT my permission, causing our account to be overdrawn. I called him and had to beg for him to return it, and he agreed to $200 per month by check, paid by 2nd Wed of every month, but then he still kept my debit card and pulled it out on the first without my permission. Fast forward to almost 3 months husband is STILL in drug court after asking Rose many times to move him to regular court. Rose had claimed he was waiting for the police report...when we could get ahold of him at all. He didnt need to keep my husband in drug court for this and because of an u reasonable request for such a long period of time his right to a speedy trial was waived without our permission. When we tried to contact him about anything usually all we get an answering service that is paid only to answer phones located in another state! Theyre not even part of the law firm! He never returned any of our calls either. Whats especially bad is that this week my husband NEEDS to move out of drug court, Rose has the police report now. But, when we finally got him to answer his phone, he told us that he most likely can't suppress it and that the judge will always believe the cops. I asked him what was different about the case now that he has the police report, he informed us that nothing was different he just said that's how judges operate. I reminded Rose of what he told us from the very he said he had a good chance at suppressing the case...other lawyers had told us the same thing too. He said he changed his mind about the case now based on the police report. I asked him what was diff in the police report other than what I had already told him, he refused to answer, he just kept saying that it was, to quote, "Just different than what I thought." I asked him what hours he has worked on the case, he told me that he didnt have to tell me that info that he already worked thru what I have him. I said that theres no way being that my husband is STILL in drug court and wanted out from day one, police report or not. He should have gotten that quickly! I informed him that he did and that he needed to show me what he has done for the case and what he intends to do. He said that he did not legally have to tell me anything. So I told him that I will not be providing any more $ until he works thru what he has and can show me. He refused and told me that he won't represent my husband any more. I asked for my $$ back and he said good luck at getting it because he's not giving it. He also told me that w my attitude that my husband will simply go to jail and I won't see him for a very long time. All i asked him was for him to show us what he has done for the case. I was always nice to him but he was very rude and disrespectful to us. I had to borrow the funds to pay for his services, now we are stuck w a big bill to pay off and no representation. Im currently filing a report against him w the Florida Bar, and am in the process of trying to get my $1400 back from him. A public defender would have been better than Brent Rose. I would actually believe that he is working for the other side and WANTS you to lose your case. He will tell u what u want to hear upfront, that's for sure. So don't get screwed like we did, hire someone better than this, even if u have to pay more or go w a public defender, or whatever u have to do. He knows nothing about criminal law, and def doesn't care about your family either!

  • STOP!!! And save yourself the hassel

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Debt Settlement client

    Brent was very rude and no help at all with an issue regarding settling a debt. You would think he was working for the enemy. I would never recommend this lawyer now or ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Save your self the trouble and try another lawyer that at least acts like they are on your side. How is he able to continue with business is beyond me.

  • Worst Lawyer Ever!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr. Rose is mot likely the worst lawyer in the Tampa Bay area. He does not return phone calls and is extremely rude and condesending when you can finally get his attention. He did nothing to legally prevent my ex from draining all of our bank accounts during the divorce process and claimed that since the accounts were "joint" accounts, my ex could take all the money with no recourse.

    I now find it comical that Mr. Rose was very insistent on pushing me to mediation because it was better for my children if we just settled the uncontested divorce that day. There are numerous errors in my documents that I can now use to my benefit.

    You would be better off trying to file divorce with no lawyer.

  • Mr. Rose is an example of what an attorney should be.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    While I have not retained Mr. Rose to represent me in any legal matters because his office is 3 hours away from me, he has provided very good advice and swift, accurate answers to my legal questions on this site. I'm sure attorneys on this website stand to gain little by taking time to answer questions for non-clients. The fact that he has answered or agreed to another attorney's answer to all of my questions AND replied to my comments or follow up questions on his answers regarding my current legal matter demonstrates to me that he is a selfless individual that has a genuine desire to help people that are going through possibly the most difficult and challenging time in their life. I don't need to meet or know Mr. Rose or any of his associates to say with all confidence that I would trust him to handle my legal matters. Thank you, Mr. Rose, for caring enough to give freely of your time and expertise.

  • Brent Rose is at best an incompetent lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    In my own personal experience with Brent Rose he promised me he golfed with the judge and had a track record defeating the other attorney. He showed up at the courthouse with no knowledge of my case or even the case document we were discussing in front of the general magistrate. On another occasion his assistant emailed me the day before a court appearance with a immediate demand for more money or he won't show up for court!!! I never received an itemized bill from him. AND I NEVER RECEIVED A 25% DISCOUNT I WAS PROMISED IN MY CONTRACT BECAUSE HE WAS REFERRED BY CONSOLIDATED LEGAL CONCEPTS. I have found that Brett will bill me for calls I make to check on why nothing has been done on my case; he charged me for leaving messages that were not returned for 21 days. His Admin was not able to answer questions about what documents were sent or when. The only document they produced for me had a strangers contact information and the wrong court docket number on it.

  • Brent Rose is an incompetent family law attorney- Don't be Fooled!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Lesson Learned

    Brent Rose is a bad family law attorney, plain and simple. A few years ago, my ex-wife tried to have our custody agreement modified. I didn't have much time to respond to the complaint, and the first attorney I was referred to was out of town. A former coworker had hired this hack a few years prior, and he didn't mess things up too badly. I was in a time crunch so I went to see him.

    Here's his schtick- he doesn't charge for the consultation, which most lawyers do. This makes it more likely that potential clients will walk through the door, and then the sales pitch starts. He talks a big game about how technologically savvy they are, and how he's aggressive, etc. Yeah right! It's all talk, just to get you to sign that retainer agreement.

    I knew things were headed in the wrong direction after I met with his paralegal. I explained the details, and she said she was taking notes for Brent Rose to write the complaint. Another lie- she wrote the complaint, and it was obvious by the poor grammar and overall lack of professionalism. It was a train wreck, so I re-wrote it the entire thing.

    Brent Rose's office should be called a "self-serve" office. He would forward emails to me from my ex-wife's attorney, with no explanation or advice. Just hit the forward button. He was the complete opposite of proactive. I constantly had to hound him just to get any updates on the proceedings. Then, he tried to send his fresh out of law school associate to my mediation. I could tell this young lady had little to no experience, so I quickly vetoed that idea. Mediation went nowhere, and my $5,000 was depleted with absolutely no progress.

    Here was the kicker. I was getting remarried around this time. My wife and I didn't want to have a wedding in the middle of a legal battle. We were both tired of the runaround, so we went to meet with him to get some clarity on the case. This total liar sits down, apologies for all the delays and rescheduling, and promised there will be no more rescheduling. Liar is a pretty strong word, I know, but it is most appropriate word for this instance.

    The very next day, I receive a letter from his office telling me that the trial has been "rescheduled", along with an incredibly lame excuse. Here's the thing- my wife is an attorney (not family law obviously) and she sniffed out the BS in his excuse immediately. The letter was dated 2 days prior to our meeting the day before so he sat down and lied to both of our faces.

    The fees that Brent Rose charges are not industry standard either. The lowest charge in his office is a .2 hour (12 minutes). He bills his office staff at $70/hour. I can't tell you how many times his staff would leave me a 30 second voicemail and I would receive a .2 hours for $14. Just take that and apply the same to everything he and his staff does. He's impossible to get a hold of, so you have to leave 3-4 messages and as many emails. Trust me, he's charging you for each and single one.

    It would be one thing if it his office were doing quality work, but they are not. They whole place is incompetent. Again, it's all self service there. I had an idea what was going on since my wife is an attorney, but I pity any of his other, less informed clients.

    Look at the other reviews. He trashes a former client and calls him "an ex-con" and a felon. Way to keep it professional, Brent! He ran the same refund game with me when he knew I was going to fire him. He tried to give me "credit" going forward, but it was too late. He even tried to fake time stamp an email so it looked like the credit came before I went to his office to fire him. I was over the whole charade.

    Brent Rose will say anything to get your retainer. He knows most people cannot afford to pay someone else and start over. If you have children involved, you owe it to them NOT to hire Brent Rose. Go to a legitimate family law attorney, who charges a consultation fee.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I hired him to represent me in a termination of rights and stepparent adoption with the requirement that he keep my address confidential from the other parent who has an extensive domestic violence history. He promised he could keep my address confidential, then did half the work needed to keep my address confidential. Then he lied to the Florida Bar and said he had no idea I needed it confidential. Although, he filed my paperwork with "Address Confidential" where my address should be. If he had no intention of keeping my address confidential, why would he take the time to put it on my paperwork? He offered to give me $1000 back, but I spent $3000 in retainer, around $500 in misc filing and processing fees and another $4000 to move within a week (paying for a place I no longer live, security deposit, moving truck, etc). Throughout my paperwork he put my husband's name where the other parent's name should be, he said my daughter was a boy, and several other erroneous things. DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS LAWYER...HE WILL TAKE IT AND NOT HELP YOU OR IN MY CASE PUT YOUR FAMILY'S LIVES IN DANGER- with no remorse at all.

  • I would not Recommend!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by msmagcar

    I hired this attorney to lift a capias. He did not do what he promised. He set up a hearing where I was not even on the docket, I had to be rushed out of the court room, because the hearing was never properly scheduled by his office. After waiting 3 days for a return call, I called the office and was told "you're not the only case he's working on". Once I paid the retainer fee, both Mr. Rose and his staff were very un-cooperative, and not helpful at all. I was very dissappointed with the service they provided. I had to obtain legal assistance, and pay another retainer fee to another attorney.

    Brent Allan Rose’s response: “I think this person has me confused with someone else. I don't do these kinds of cases.”