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Timothy S. Kingcade

Timothy Kingcade’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Yelene

    Great experience

    Mr. Kingcade and his staff were very helpful throughout the course of my BK. All of my questions and concerns were answered immediately and mostly via email by Mr. Kingcade himself. I had a great experience being this was my first time ever dealing with a law firm and also with financial issues. I was able to send all the documents they needed by email eliminating the time it would have taken me to drive to the office and drop off documents. Thank you for all the help.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Norma


    Mr. Kingcade was very nice and helpful while we were bombarded with additional fees, not discussed during our first meeting. A month later and after having paid another additional fee of $150 for a letter to my 76 year old mother's bank; the bank had not processed or received the letter. I wrote to Mr. Kingcade asking for his assistance, he was very sarcastic with statements like "I cannot get into the bank's computer" and (my favorite) "banks lie". All I wanted was for his office (staff of 40 or 50) to call the bank; ONE CALL. In the end he would not help me to concluded the bankruptcy matter for which he was well paid. So, NO I would not recommend this office.

    As for his response to previous bad reviews, yes the bankruptcy went thru and yes we did pay unexpected fees, for which we would not have had any problems with if the case was seen through to the end. The end of the case is when there are no pending issues. There is a big pending issue for which Mr. Kingcade did not respond by helping a 76 old client with the bank by making one simple phone call for which he had been paid for previously.

    Very disappointed

    Timothy S. Kingcade’s response: “We always invite client feedback, whether it be positive or negative- as this only helps us improve our services. At Kingcade & Garcia, we take our client’s satisfaction to heart and strive to make every client happy. This case was no different. However, it is important to note that this post was not made by one of our clients. It was made by a young relative of hers that was not involved in the case process. After the case was over, the bank told my client that it did not receive the reaffirmation agreement. I provided absolute proof that the reaffirmation was not only received by the bank but also that the bank vice president had signed for it. This young relative then asked me to “fix the internal bank’s records.” I kindly explained that she had two problems. The first was the outright lie that the bank had told her – that the bank had not received the reaffirmation agreement. The second problem is that an attorney cannot “fix a bank’s internal records.” My staff and I – at all times – treated the client and her relative kindly and with compassion. But when I could not “fix the bank’s internal records” this young relative resorted to treating my staff and I rudely simply because I could not deliver the impossible. We invite this client to contact us to discuss additional options.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Carla

    Excellent Services

    Mr. Kingcade is a great lawyer!
    He is a very nice person , very attentive and always responds to emails immediately.
    I like how he handled my case and I will surely recommend him!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Elena

    If I could create a lawyer based on my own specs it will turn out Timothy S. Kingcade

    I met another lawyer before and did not like her at all, was told they're all the same and I was considering filing bankruptcy pro se in spite of every friend telling me it was a very bad idea (now I'm certain it was, do not even try) but then I emailed Kingcade at 3 AM on a Friday. Saturday 08:01 I was reading his reply, I work 60 hrs/week but he made the time to talk to me and then we stayed in touch mostly via email. Please, do yourself a favor and contact him. He disclosed his fees as soon as I decided to hire him (and stick to the written disclosure), in spite of my limitations when it comes to time he was flexible and I always had answers but most important: support. If he tells you he is taking care of something believe him. He will take care, will do it as soon as possible and you will hear about it. I do not want any better. His staff is second to none, responsive, effective, organized and compassionate. Do not hire a lawyer before talking to him at least once. Bankruptcy is a very intricate process to try your hand at it and I can tell you not all lawyers are the same, you will hear that from some people, just ask if they ever met Kingcade.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sally

    Some one to walk beside you

    It's just not a pleasant time in your life when you realize you're in trouble and need a way out. Mr Kincaide walked with me thru this valley. He was extremely knowledgable, but mostly he cared about my feelings during the process. I doubt in So Fl there is a bankruptcy attorney with his knowledge , skill, and sense of fairness. Thank you Timothy Kincade! I've been released!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Don't Even THINK About Going Anywhere Else!

    Kingcade & Garcia, P.A., is the BEST legal firm in Miami, one which I can recommend without reservation! My husband and I were in dire financial straits when we made our first appointment with Mr. Kingcade, Esq. He and his entire staff was never anything less than honest, responsive, competent and professional. From the beginning, he gave us the most helpful and straightforward advice we could ever expect.

    I commend Mr. Kingcade and his staff enthusiastically if you find yourself in the difficult position of needing legal counsel concerning bankruptcy or other serious financial matters. His firm was even able to rid us of a second mortgage which was an extraordinary burden, an issue which he has actually pioneered in resolving in his clients' favor – in itself, quite an accomplishment. Unlike another attorney whom I had the displeasure of dealing with, Mr. Kingcade told me from the beginning to email him with any questions I had. My experience was that he ALWAYS responded promptly and thoroughly to any queries.

    If you are in need of outstanding legal representation, I urge you to contact Mr. Kingcade's firm. I cannot praise him and his staff enough. We will never be able to thank them adequately for the services they provided to us during a very stressful time.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My Husband is Smiling Again

    My Husband Stopped Smiling.

    It's NEVER easy for a hard working, honest people to file for bankruptcy. But after years of struggling with a workplace injury, decreased earnings, and a dishonest bank, it was time to make a quality decision. I am so grateful that we chose the Law Firm of Kingcade & Garcia!!

    From the very first interview, it was clear, Mr. Kingcade is no ordinary attorney and his is no ordinary staff!!

    There is no question Mr Kingcade is a brilliant legal intellect. He is incredibly knowledgable, and very wise to the ways of crafty banks. But, what is most striking is the sincere passion for his work!! One gets the sense that fighting for families in financial straits, is not just a career, but a calling. He truly understands the negative impact financial hardships have on couples and families. His confidence, transparency and availability (he was always just an email away), afforded us peace-of-mind we hadn't had in a long time!!

    Excellence is not just concentrated behind Mr. Kingcade's desk. It permeates the entire office. It's clear this firm is run like a finely tuned timepiece and it's associates are the clockwork angels, attending to its every, gear and chime!
    They saw us through every step of the process. Nothing was left to chance. As a result, our bankruptcy was completed according to plan and ahead of schedule!

    Heartfelt thanks to our Angels:

    1. Chrissy, Thank you so much for your kindness and patience, especially when talking my husband down from the rafters!! You're AWESOME!!

    2. Tina, Thank you for your quiet, gentle, sympathetic and highly efficient manner. You're an INSPIRATION!!

    3. Jessica, thank you for always being available and proactive when our bank tried to pull a "FAST-ONE"!! You're AMAZING!!

    4. Erik & Manny, thank you for always being an email away!!


    5. Mr. Kingcade, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your graciousness, your kind and respectful attentions towards my elderly Father, and helping put the smile back on my Husband's face! You simply are THE BEST!!

    In conclusion, it is with great pleasure that our family HIGHLY recommends the Law Firm of Kingcade & Garcia to anyone needing financial relief!

    -Joanna W.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by LebbieL.

    Professional, Proficient and Knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Law Firm of Kingcade & Garcia!

    From the onset of my case, November, 2014 until I received the final paperwork today, I received absolutely GREAT SERVICE! Attorney Kingcade and his Office staff are very professional, proficient and knowledgeable. They kept me abreast of all aspects of my case. I highly recommend the Law firm of Kingcade & Garcia.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry

    the only lawyer that ever helped me...

    I imagine that any situation that causes a need to declare bankruptcy is probably not fun. .. after drowning in debt what I needed was a big breath of fresh air, and a solution to my debt problem. I went to see Timothy Kingcade and the relief was instantaneous. I finally had a professional with the experience, talent and the inclination to help me. I had seen the television ads for years, and i knew that Mr Kingcade had ample experience in bankruptcy law. There was never any doubt in my mind that I chose the right attorney. Is really as simple as answering some general questions, providing the info / documents that was asked of me, and let Mr Kingcade and his staff do the work. Mr Kingcade was never farther than an email away for any questions I had. I plan to never need to file bankruptcy again, but I can feel confident in recommending Mr Kingcade to anyone who may need a bankruptcy attorney. Aside from what I mentioned I got a very good feeling that Mr Kingcade is a heck of a good guy. J Stone ,Miami Florida

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Great firm to handle a difficult situation

    It was an unfortunate situation and very nerve racking order. I was referred to this firm not knowing what to expect. They took their time answered all of our questions and laid out a plan of action that was conducive to our situation. We left feeling very comfortable that our situation was in great hands. They gave very detailed and specific instructions. They were always just an email away. They held our hand through the entire process. I didn't search based on price, however based on the level of service and knowledge.I have no idea if they were under, average or over priced. I will say that whatever it was, Im glad they were the ones handling it. I live in North Broward County and they are not just around the corner from me. However, it was worth the drive. I only had to visit them a few times including the initial consultation. I would highly recommend this firm, not that I wish this kind of situation on anyone. The BK is complete and I am glad its over. They are handling a foreclosure as well and I am glad it with them.