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Horace Van Smith

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kimberly

    Compassionate and Caring, a real family at Smith Strong!

    Recently, I was served with Divorce papers. I knew I needed an expert in family law. I asked friends, family members, co-workers and had no luck. I finally began searching online. I called and visited several law offices, but didn't feel they were the right fit for me. I then called Smith Strong and initially spoke with Katie. She was kind and her soft spoken sincere concern for my particular situation, led me to hire the family of Smith Strong.

    Several weeks later, I called and spoke to Kaitlin about my financial circumstances. She reassured me that they would work with me and Kaitlin has been true to her word. Debbie and I have had a ton of e-mail exchanges and she's been quick to respond. She is especially quick to respond to my sometimes panicked e-mails, even on weekends. Van updates me regularly and has never missed a call. He has shown true compassion toward the needs of me and my family. My divorce process has been an emotional life altering event, but with the encouragement and reinforced support from the family of Smith Strong, I will be able to endure what lies ahead and for me that makes all the difference.

    Thank you, to everyone at the family of Smith Strong

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “Kimberly, Very kind of you to share this with us. And not to worry about the "panicked emails"--we get this is a major life transition--anxiety at times is only natural. Hang in there, we've got your back. And I'll pass along your compliments to the team. --Van”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    Choose H. Van Smith

    Van was masterful in the courtroom. It was evident that he prepared thoroughly for my case. We spoke on the Sunday afternoon prior to my Tuesday court date to go over any last minute issues. Throughout the process his staff did an excellent job keeping me informed. Not a week went by that I didn't receive mail from Smith-Strong on copies of documents submitted to the defendant or court.

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “Larry, It wasn't always "masterful" in the courtroom--I recall the my first court experience right out of law school, I rehearsed over and over, heart pounding as I approached the podium. It's hard to imagine now. Thank you for passing along the compliment, truly. In your case, I felt, particularly in the closing argument that I had this awesome responsibility to ensure the court understood the stakes of your case, and reason through the analysis, enter the conversation likely playing out in the court's mind in a methodical way. Happily, I believe we were a good team in there! Best, Van”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Lack of communication

    Communication was horrible. I had to call numerous times and leave messages and would not receive a call back but when I needed to add money to my account they called multiple times a day. During our conversations Mr. Smith acted like my divorce wasn't important. I was just another case or pay check for him. I understand that he does this every day but I don't. Absolutely no compassion. By the end I paid more than triple of his initial estimate and could not afford to pay anymore. Because of this he did not show up on my court day and I am paying for it every day. No legal representation just me standing there not knowing what to do. He did file some paperwork with the courts that was it.

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “As this is an anonymous review, there is no way to verify the credibility of this post. This does not match the experience of any of my recent clients that I can recall, certainly with none that have spoken with me. That said, we communicate with our clients, actively building long-term relationships with them. If a problem arises, all of my clients know they can speak to me same-day, for free, as I care about them, their matter, and have every desire to ensure they remain happy with our firm as we achieve the goals set out in the first meeting. We also make things right if error occurs--Smith Strong was built on raving client-fans of their experience, as evidenced by the dozens of 5-star reviews, here and elsewhere online. If any part of this review is real, I welcome your personal call; and I will personally ensure we address your issues, but again, this review seems counter to our firm's values and our approach so fundamentally that it's difficult to imagine.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Van is Knowledgeable and knows what he's doing!

    Although I already have an attorney, I needed a second opinion and needed to seek the facts of my complicated divorce case. I wanted to get some answers and get some advice from a strong lawyer since I felt as though my lawyer couldn't provide those answers for me. I came across Van through google search, reviews, and his website. I had wanted to get in touch with Van for a couple of weeks but was hesitant to contact him, as my case was unraveling so fast. I had a teleconference consultation with Van today. Van showed me that he was knowledgable and also stated the facts of my case. He told me where I stand and how it would be in court. He was also up front and honest about everything. Not all lawyers are like that because most lawyers are just after the money even though they think that they can handle your case. He also told me about a strategy that he had in mind! I replied to Van after hours and he promptly replied back in email. We need more lawyers like this. I wish I had of found Van way back in January but I'm still glad I had an opportunity to speak with him today! He will tell you like it is, instead of keeping you wondering! He seems like a strong lawyer and knows what he is doing!! Overall I would definitely recommend Van!! :)

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “Sometimes the best answer is "keep the attorney you have, but I suggest this strategy . . . ." Happy to help. I'm not sure why so many wonderful people in this life have to go through such tough transitions, but I do believe our response in those moments is so important. Actively embracing the new, traveling light, will lead many folks out of that darkness, and into a much better place. I'm excited for your future. All the best, Van”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Crystal

    Van is THE MAN!

    I found Van after dealing with another lawyer who sat on my case for over 6 months without doing anything and refused to return my calls. I fired that lawyer and contacted Van based on his positive reviews on this website. From the start Van and his team handled my case with thorough efficiency and communicated with me every step of the way. His legal guidance was "spot on" and it was clear that he truly had my best interests at heart. I can't say enough nice things about him and his team. Thanks for everything!

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “We're glad you found us too, because we truly enjoyed your spirit and are grateful you entrusted us with your legal matter. The team is key, and when it works best we're efficiently guiding you and communicating every step of the way. Very happy to receive this kind note. Quite welcome, and keep in touch from time to time and let us know how you're doing. ~Van”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    An Attorney who is professional, knowledgable and cares.

    In my situation I needed an Attorney that would give me the facts and not overstate results. From day one, Van told me what to expect and what to prepare for. His expertise proved to be dead on accurate. I believe all lawyers try to do what is right for their clients but Van actually does it. His staff proved to be great communicators and I was always informed about where we were in the process and what the next steps were. This is rare customer service these days. If you need an Family law attorney and you want the best (not the most expensive) then contact Van's office. You won't be disappointed.

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “There is a moment in each consult, after listening, and asking a few questions, where the plan of action becomes clear. And then we huddle the team, weekly, to get that plan to the goal line. I want to thank you from day one with trusting me and my team that we were looking out for you and guiding you like a member of our family. All the best, truly, ~Van”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    True to his profile

    I chose Mr Smith based on his online website and profile. I needed a lawyer that was experienced in child support/custody law without interference from other legal cases that affect focus on specific types of law and that's what his profile indicated and with rave reviews. I had a very pleasant and successful outcome to my case based of Mr. Smith's experience and talent, it is obvious why he is so highly thought of. I will continue my relationship with Mr Smith if needed to protect my rights and the rights of my child.

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “I understand for many clients, particularly family law clients, it's tough to know who to trust when those you formerly trusted the most and gave the most to are now seemingly "against" you. Thank you for putting your trust in our team here at Smith Strong, PLC. I'm thankful for your note and welcome the continued relationship in the years to come.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Knowledgeable and Dependable

    Van Smith and his associates assisted me through a difficult process. Their patience and guidance as well as their understanding of the situation I was in throughout the case allowed me peace of mind. I appreciate their efforts and how they handled my case and highly recommend them to anybody looking for a reputable family law firm. Thank-you to Van and his associates!

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “Truly appreciate your kind words. And I know how important that "peace of mind" can be for our clients. We know how difficult family law matters can be--it was our honor to guide you through the transition.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Excellent service and great results

    Van helped us in our matter and was reliable, gave good advice, kept us informed and got us a great result. We would definitely recommend him to anyone. Both Van and his staff were professional and pleasant to work with. Thanks!

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “As my team hears me say each week--cases are won and lost oftentimes before even stepping foot in court because of detailed, thorough preparation. We're as tickled as you are about the positive outcome. Best of luck--”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    No need to search high and Van

    After searching online and discovering Van's website, I knew he was the man for the job. Once you meet Van you will realize he is very personable and loves his profession. Van has a great heart and is knowledgeable in what he loves.
    I was nervous and he walked me through the process and at the same time made the experience a pleasant one. I highly recommend Van for any big decisions you need dealing with a lawyer. On his side he has experience, commitment, and effective communication. He was always positive with his reassurance.
    Van's staff was very friendly and very accommodating. They all are really good people who make up a great team to have on your side.

    "Good has two meanings- it means that which is good absolutely and that which is good for somebody."

    Van is both :)

    Horace Van Smith’s response: “This comment is really powerful, and I'm truly humbled to read it (and I'll admit, I re-read it too!). First, thank you. Second, our firm is truly blessed to have clients that come to us for honest, done-right-the-first-time solutions. Working on your matter was very enjoyable, including securing the 'little tweaks' needed to get the agreement signed. All the best, Van”