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Bull v. Zeidman, 2007 N.J.Super. Unpub.Lexis 2206

Case Conclusion Date: 01.07.2007

Practice Area: Medical Malpractice

Outcome: Case dismissed against my client at trial court level after appeal

Description: I was defending a board certified emergency room physician as one of 4 physicians being sued for medical malpractice. At trial, the patient/plaintiff attempted to use a board certified neurologist to criticize the care provided by the emergency room physician. During voir dire of the expert, the defense was able to convince the trial judge that the neurologist did not have the proper qualifications to comment and criticize the care of an emergency room physician and therefore dismissed the case. Upon appeal, the decision was reversed, showing the lengths that our Appellate Court will go to try and give all plaintiffs their day in court. Ultimately the case against my client was dismissed once it returned to the trial court level.

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