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Arin M Dunn

Arin Dunn’s reviews

     4.5 stars 14 total

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  • He saved me!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I faced a very serious threat to my career. I work for a large employer. Arin dealt with corporate counsel, human resources, and a major employment law firm. I felt safe having him work on my case. He always responded promptly and made me feel important. I believe he saved my job and my career. He was kind and compassionate to me. He bent over backwards to meet with me and help me whenever I needed him.

    Hired attorney
  • Amazing Result! Very Happy Client!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ann

    I absolutely recommend Arin and have already referred clients to him.

    I am an executive level employee. Arin assisted me with a complex dispute involving a multinational corporation. Despite setbacks in the case, Arin persevered, never gave up, and never doubted me and my story. That was particularly important as I felt like giving up at times and felt emotional about such a personal process. Arin helped me through it.

    In the end, we were able to get a result that far exceeded my expectations. I have used a number of corporate attorneys. I feel Arin delivered excellent value and was committed to the work. I was really glad to have him on my team.

  • Nice Youngs Attorneys to Work With!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    My family business has used Dunn & Sheldrick, PS for the past 8 years. We had a complex commercial real estate dispute that ended up in litigation. Even though the opposing party was extremely difficult, D&S delivered payments to us on multiple times and helped us obtain a Court Judgment to pursue additional amounts owed. Everything was handled in an expeditious and timely manner. We feel like we were treated very well. Arin and Emily kept us informed and paid close attention to all details in the matter.

  • Complex Employment Dispute with Large Employer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michele

    I was under significant stress with a difficult employment situation. Arin stuck by me even when I wanted to give up. I appreciate his tenacious and balanced approach. One of my personal friends is a top defense employment attorney for one of the Pacific Northwest's largest companies. This personal friend reviewed Arin's strategies and work, said he was doing a great job, and did not have any additional suggestions on anything that Arin had not already done.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Zef

    I would like to endorse Arin Dunn. For over 14 years our company has relied upon his counsel to avoid costly litigation and disputes. Arin has proven to be effective at helping us avoid employment and contract problems; his integrity and business acumen are invaluable. As part of our support team, his broad experience in corporate matters allows us to pursue the goals of our manufacturing enterprise with confidence. We happily recommend his services.

  • I highly recommend Arin!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Patrick

    For the past ten years, Arin has been Outside General General counsel for seven companies where I had a partial or full ownership interest. The other owners of these companies are also happy with Arin's services.

    I have used Arin on projects involving a variety of complex legal issues involving computer-related services and products in the United States, Asia, and beyond. We have developed complex business software from start to finish. We have provided a variety of computer hardware and networking products to sophisticated customers with highly demanding needs. We have also provided Internet website development, database management, medical records management, and other off-site services to a variety of industries including hospitals, law firms, major arts organizations, and government entities.

    In ten years, we have NEVER has a major legal problem. I feel Arin has helped to reduce and manage our risks so we never had to spend significant legal costs on any single legal dispute. When a problem did arise, in any subject from employment, software licensing, corporate maintenance or formation, trademark issues, copyright, etc., Arin helped me to efficiently resolve those problems. I trust Arin and feel he has always treated me fairly.

  • Probably a knowledgable attorney, but very unprofessional

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Business client

    I am not sure how Arin got a "10" rating on this site, because our entire experience with him was horrible. We scheduled a paid-consultation with Arin to discuss several things with our business. He showed up late to our meeting at his office, looking like he just got done doing yard work, then offered us coffee and asked us to make it ourselves.

    About ten minutes into our meeting we were interrupted because the conference room we were in was booked by someone else, so we were relegated to the tiny break room. Arin clearly had not prepared for this meeting because he knew next to nothing about us and didn't recall any of the issues we said we'd like to receive counsel on over the phone.

    Further, he was condescending and argumentative about everything. When my business partner was clearly growing frustrated with his demeanor, we looked to me and gestured toward him sarcastically as if to say, "What's his problem?"

    At the end of our meeting, he wrote down that we spent 1.2 billable hours and then said he'd offer us a discount to round out the final figure. The invoice we received by mail a week later was for 1.3 hours – hardly a discount.

    He may be a good attorney in practice and I am sure he is an agressive litigator but we'll never find out. We found him to be unprofessional to say the least. If this is what you're hoping for with your business attorney, then hire him. Otherwise, steer clear of this guy.

  • Awesome Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angel

    When I found Arin I was in a tough situation concerning my future with my employer. I was just days away before I had to make a critical decision and my direction was unclear. I knew I had some leverage, but felt powerless to do anything about it. That’s when I decided to contact an attorney.

    I called around, nervous to navigate the world of lawyers and law. For this I used my superpower instincts of judging a person’s trustworthiness by their telephone voice, but I quickly grew frustrated as most lawyers I spoke with came across as disengaged blowhards and with no jurisdiction in Portland. This of course isn't the case with Arin.

    Although I was hesitant of his upfront consultation fee of $125, I took the plunge after he assured me that there are always options in a situation like mine, and after 15 minutes of talking to Arin I knew I made the right decision. In talking to Arin it is obvious that he is a very competent attorney, but he doesn't convey arrogance. His methods of taking care of the client can be aggressive, yet he remains diplomatic. In other words Arin is very good at what he does, and as a bonus he's also a very likable and engaging person.

    Throughout my case he maintained a good line of communication. He replied to my emails in a timely manner and always answered his phone. I've dealt with other attorneys in the past and I can say that this timely communication was comforting, especially for a neurotic client like myself.

    In the end Arin really took care of me and worked out a settlement that I couldn't be happier with. He always took the time to make sure the finalized deal was something I was happy with. With the financial security of my family at stake I was glad I turned to an attorney like Arin. I highly recommend him.

  • Arin Dunn and Emily Sheldrick are lawyers you can trust!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pamela

    Arin and Emily represented me in a case where I was terminated in a "whistleblower" scenario and negotiated a settlement. They both are very sharp and can quickly get a good understanding of your situation, which is very much appreciated when you are paying by the hour for their time. Their most important quality is they actually care about helping their clients emotionally as well as legally , which is a rare thing, so they act as both attorney as well as therapists.. They lay out your options and advise you based on what is best for you once they understand your needs. It is very stressful to have a labor dispute and some attorneys will take advantage of that emotional situation but Arin and Emily seek to understand what you need to end a business relationship in the most worthwhile way.
    I would strongly recommend them to anyone with an employment or business relationship issue.

  • Employment and Severance Dispute

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kimberly

    I felt I had good communication in a timely manner. Arin had my best interests in mind and I felt he was trustworthy from the first time I met him and throughout the case. I was so happy to have my matter promptly resolved!!!