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  • Donna is very professional, empathetic, and caring. I WOULD RECOMMEND HER TO ANYONE! She will do whats in your best interest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jed

    Over Memorial Day weekend I had an incident with a Federal Forest Service Officer and he seized my shotgun and rifle, and I received a citation for possession of a firearm in violation of state law. He stated that all I had to do was pay the $275 fine and I would get my weapons back. I was afraid to just pay the fine because I didn't want something on my record that stated I was illegally in possession of a weapon. I was afraid that it would affect my ability you have my concealed pistol license renewed in the future or if it would cause any problems if I go to purchase any other firearms. I called around and no attorney would give me a straight answer, that was until I spoke with Donna. When we spoke on the phone she had me explain the circumstances to her and had me give her some information from the citation. She said she would look into it and get back to me. She called me back asked me to email her the citation. She also let me know that she was going to be going to the US court in Tacoma and will talk to the US attorney to see if it would affect any of my gun rights if I just pay the ticket. She let me know that the US attorney told her that it would be best if I just paid the citation in lieu of appearing in court.

    The reason I explained all this to you is because she did all this without charging me a penny. A lot of attorneys/lawyers would have charged me to do what Donna did and then they would have told me to just pay the ticket or they would have charged me thousands of dollars to contest the ticket when I really didn't need to. I truly believe Donna does what's in the best interest of her clients, even if it means she doesn't end up representing them and making money.

    If I ever need an attorney, and Donna is able to represent me, I will hire her without any doubt in my mind that she is going to do what's in my best interest!

    Hired attorney
  • I'm really glad Donna was on my side!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Ms. Person a few months ago to represent me on a DUI charge. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way Donna fought for me, and in the end, got me a great deal to end the case without the huge expense of going to Trial. Before this DUI, I was lucky enough to never have needed a lawyer. But I have friends and acquaintances that have got into trouble before and had to have legal counsel. I’ve heard horror stories about huge legal bills, phone calls not being returned, lack of communication, no aggressiveness in court, etc. Donna never disappointed me in any of these areas.

    From the start Donna was friendly and personable, and made me feel that she was really on my side. She didn’t put on any airs and was easy to talk to. She returned my calls promptly and kept me up to date on my case. Most important, Donna listened to me before telling me the up sides and down sides of my case. She explained the risks if I wanted to fight the charges, and also explained the options if I wanted to negotiate a plea bargain.

    At the first court date, I got a chance to see how sharp and aggressive Donna was in court. I left feeling ready to fight the case all the way. But eventually, I realized it was a better overall decision to take a plea bargain. My choice to settle was partly based on the risks I faced if I lost at trial, but even more because of the great deal Donna was able to negotiate on my behalf.

    Getting a Dui was no fun, and I don’t plan on ever getting one again. But if I do, I will not hesitate to call Donna. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that gets into legal trouble and needs a tough, aggressive, but fair attorney at a reasonable price.