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John Henry Browne

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  • Great law Firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by steve

    JHB worked my case with Colleen Hartl. I agree with Thomas' review. This is the only firm you should think about representing you should you be charged with a crime. They embarrassed the King County Sherriff and the King County prosecutors office . They out investigated, had a better understanding of the facts and where light years ahead in their understanding of the law on top of all that they are really nice people. When I called the JHB office it was the most important call of my life and John and his firm never let me down once.
    Best lawyers on earth , hire them and let them do what they know how to do.


  • A Champion for YOU!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott Schramke

    I am forever grateful to John Henry Browne and his team for the care and guidance they shared with myself and my family. Other reviewers here have already said it better (especially Tomas), but I can't imagine a better advocate than John Henry Browne. I was facing severe penalties, based on baseless allegations. John patiently and knowledgeably guided me through the Byzantine process of Seattle's so-called 'Justice' system. As the reviewer from June 23, 2007, noted: John knows everyone in the courthouse, from the judges to the administrative staff. John's breadth of experience with the courts and his deep comprehension of law made my own ordeal manageable and intelligible. Ultimately, he was successful in seeing the charges against me dismissed and spared my family and friends from the dishonorable, muckraking tactics of the KCPAO. Make no mistake, if you are ever charged with a crime, you need John at your side.

  • only cares about the press coverage he can bring to a case

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    hired john henry brown years ago. he had little federal experience though told me that he would negotiate a good deal. both times in court he rail roaded me and called the press himself just for the coverage. poor excuse for a lawyer.

  • Wish I could take back time

    2.0 stars

    Posted by GodDiva

    I thought once I read a good review of him in the Seattle Times he would zealously represent my case. He dragged my case out for nearly going on four years being lead to believe going this far then we are going to have a jury trial; that wasn't the case at all it went in front of a judge trial (bench). John had his new associate who just became an attorney appear at all my court cases when he did not honor his word to me when he succinctly said he would be the one appearing at all the hearings ( I think she was like 3-4 years experience if I am not mistaken). The result was a complete disaster. Then during the bench trial John spills water all over the table like was he nervous. How can that be it was only a DUI case not like I committed such a heinous crime in society.

  • I have nixed feeling about John

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    John is a good guy and I like him as a person. However, I echo with some previous clients of his that he seems to be ill prepared for trial. I think he is too busy working with some of his more famous clients, in stead of normal people such as myself. As a result, I had to fired him days before a court appearance. In the hindsight I am not sure I made the right decision since I did not get a better substitute. In a way, the legal system if this country is to blame, not JHB or any other lawyers for this matter.

  • I faced life in prison

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Violent Crime client

    First, John is a super lawyer. He did things no one else could do. I was charged with Child Rape 2nd Degree (Class A violent felony). I fought the case for 9 1/2 months in county jail, only to have the prosecutor bring up not only someone saying I allegedly admitted to the crime, but that there was allegedly another girl teenage girl who said I molested her at a party in a different county. We were ready for trial, had the case beat. But with this turn of events a new deal had to be made. My first plea bargain was communicating with a minor with immoral purposes, a misdemeanor. That was swiped off the table. Now they negotiated a Child Molestation 2nd degree (Class B non-violent felony), BUT, John got the other county's prosecutor to agree not to ever file charges on that as part of my plea agreement. With those 2 sex offenses I faced life in prison. Many peope will tell you that sex offenses are harder to defend than murder. Much of the time, they are. I served out the minimum of 15 months in prison, 12 1/2 which were in county jail. My only complaint really is that my case should have recieved more attention. It was beatable and was beat except the prosecution was given too much time to dig into me. You people must realize that the American judicial system is not made to be beaten, it's almost impossible to prove a negative (heresay case), and defense attorneys don't have the power that judges and prosecutors do. Oh, and I was really close to getting my charge plead down to Assault 4, but I got stuck with the absolute worst prosecutor in the charging county. John had beaten her many times before, but I'm not sure if on sex crimes. Also, courts/prosecutors don't let up on these offenses like others. They want to see us punished to the fullest extent and dead by suicide. John also knocked out the most ridiculous probation conditions the department of corrections was trying to impose on me. One of them was stating that I couldn't be on the Internet. He beat about half that list/got the wording changed. I can't stress how important that was. The legislature CONSTANTLY passes new laws that make it harder for us to defend ourselves. This makes Defense work very hard. When you hire a defense attorney, expect to be found guilty and get a minimum-medium sentence. When you hire John, expect to get the charge dropped down to a MUCH lesser charge, unless you've got no skeletons in your closet so that you've got a slam dunk case. Believe me, it's very easy for the authorities to find out things about you to use against you in court, and all it takes is one little word or statement. I don't know how his law offices will be when he retires, but Emily is awesome. Truly committed to beating the hell out of the prosecutor. I've never met Emma, but I heard she's great. Colleen is frequently late to court and that all I have to say about her. If you can afford John, he's worth it. He saved me years-life in prison. And you dont wanna be a sex offender in prison, trust me. Its 1000x's worse than being a burglar, robber, etc. it is HELL. After he's done with your case, the best advice I can give is this: Move out of this tyrannical country any way you can!
    Thanks for saving my life, John and Emily. Colleen, stop being late...

  • The best in the West

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    If ever the need arises, the first person to contact is Mr. John Henry Browne. I know nothing about how our justice system works as I have never been in trouble before. John Henry handled my case with expertise and eloquence. He removed all my worry and concern. I can now live my life without fear and have hope for the future. There are no words to express my gratitude.

  • John Henry Browne saved our Lives. Every Holiday I think of him and say Thank You !!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tomas

    We needed someone to save us from having our lives destroyed by the Legal System. John Henry Browne saved us. Everyone in the Court House knows him and respects him. He knows The System ! You need someone who can talk with the folks in the Court House to get the things you need... a time that works for you... maybe getting the Right Judge... I THINK this was one of the KEY decisions that JHB help orchistrate on our behalf...

    JHB knew when it was necessary to say something.. he knew when to Go With The Flow... . He is NOT afraid of any other Lawyer... he is NOT afraid of The Cops... he is NOT afraid of The System... At times JHB came across to us as Cocky and Controlling... and after he won the Case for us... he was SINCERELY and TRULY humble and modest ... Life is confusing ;-) !!! ... JHB knows The System, he is NOT afraid of anyone, he HATES to lose.... and I think JHB would agree with me that he is not a Perfect Person ( and neither am I ) ... but you are NOT looking for a Perfect Person... you want someone who is Confident, Cocky, Knows what to do, Hates to Lose and is on YOUR Side.

    If I were facing the Legal System again then I would go to John Henry Browne for help. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I say a silent Prayer and Thanks to John Henry Browne... our family would NOT be the same if it were not for his efforts on our behalf. Thank you Mr. John Henry Browne !!

  • John Henry Browne is the most trustworthy and honorable lawyer in the state!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    Best lawyer in the state for criminal defense! I turned to JHB in desperation when I was falsely accused assault and JHB handled my case like like a true professional. He walked my through the entire ordeal, playing the role of counselor, legal advisor and friend. On top of that, when he learned the details behind my situation, he handled my case nearly free of charge! He went above and beyond what I would expect for any attorney to do for their client and was always available to answer any questions that I had.
    All the same can be said of Emma C. Scanlan, his brilliant associate, who also helped in my case.

  • If you require a great lawyer when it really matters, do yourself a favor and hire John Henry Browne and his team.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Terry

    John Henry Browne is a man of his word. He is incredible.

    There is not a better attorney and firm in Seattle. He and his staff are the very best. His associate Emma C. Scanlan is young, but has a whole lot of experience. They make a great team !

    John and Emma helped my son and I with our wrongly charged animal cruelty criminal case. Through their work and efforts the trial ended in a mistrial and an acquittal. We are just now being able to get our lives back.

    We thank John and Emma and owe them our gratitude.

    If you require a great lawyer when it really matters, do yourself a favor and hire John Henry Browne and his team.