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Alexander Jensen’s reviews

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  • Excellent communication and even better results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cory S

    Alex was fantastic.

    Great communication - and even better results.

    Will be the first person I contact if I get another infraction.

    Thanks again Alex!

  • True professional that cares about his clients!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Branden

    Mr. Jensen is a amazing lawyer who seemes to truly care about me and my family. He was very responsive, professional, and understood what he was trying to accomplish when helping me with my legal issues. Mr. Jensen also does a great job explaining all legal avenues; and what one is the best option for myself and my future. I will continue to contact Alexander P. Jensen for any legal advice or representation I may need and will continue to refer him and his services to anyone in need.

  • Above Expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Misty

    I got a DUI 6 years ago, and was at the ending of my probation by a matter of a few months, and got pulled over with no insurance, I got the ticket in Arlington, WA along with a speeding ticket. But because of the no insurance ticket, pierce county was wanting to revoke my Pre trial diversion agreement , (pierce county being were I got my DUI) and put me in to sanction. Lets just say I was freaking out! I called Alex, he personally answered his phone (even being sick) and immediately took action for me! lets just say its always nice to have some one so responsive at a time of mental break down and be able to speak to right away. On top of that he was very knowledgeable on everything that needed to be done, he even personally spoke with my attorney on my DUI case, he kept me informed via text message, and phone call, during court . He got my no insurance ticket thrown out.....I have never been so relief and personally appreciative! Its one thing when u hire someone for a job, but its rewarding when they do the job and go above and beyond expectations. I would diffidently recommend him.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jesslyn

    I got pulled over for DUI in Dec 2012, took the breath test resulted in 0.12. The even more serious problem was that I got a warrant issued for this case because I didn't get the letter from the court. The warrant almost caused me my job. My friend gave me Alex number. I called him, told him the story, and he started to help me right away. He told me at that first phone call of every available ways I can use to get my warrant crushed. He contacted the court, arranged my arraignment, and handled the case right away. I went through all the court process, and Alex was able to get my DUI charges reduced to reckless driving, and the court fee turned out to be only 1/4 of what I should've actually paid. Alex is AWESOME!
    Moreover, another detail to the story is when I got pulled over, my license was also suspended because of a ticket that I haven't paid from August 2011. So, even though I'm done with all the DUI case, my license was still suspended. However, Alex helped me to send a letter to the court about my ticket and the magical and amazing part about Alex is that the ticket got DISMISSED!!!!! I was very surprised about this and very thankful to Alex.
    This was my first time to had to hire a lawyer and Alex was AMAZING. He really helped me through all the court process which I didn't understand at all. I would definitely recommend Alex. He is a very helpful lawyer, very easy to be contacted, actually care about each of his clients. Overall, He is the BEST.

  • Fights the mightest Goliath unrightful and unlawful traffic tickets and Like David slays them all down!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by raw937

    Alex Jensen esq,
    Is without a doubt the best lawyer I have ever had.
    IT IS VERY CLEAR THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IS OUT OF MONEY. So, they have developed speed traps on the I-5 Hwy - that drop from 70mph to 60mph for only a quarter of a mile to recover lost revenue. This is a way to bleed a common man like myself out of my hurt earned money (its double taxation!!!). I (a California licensed driver) got stuck in one of these. I was going only 72 mph (but it was a hidden 60mph zone) plus the cop said I was in the car pool lane (which I wasn't) plus even though I showed him a valid insurance and registration he refused it.
    WHO DID I CALL? And, who trusted my word and fought against these Goliaths and WON!
    Don't let government bleed you out of your hard earned money by such "legal entrapment," fight for your rights!
    AND, when you want the real deal representation, someone you can count on when all things are lost (like I was - down on out)...

    I am a real person (not a paid to do this) please call ALEX JENSEN and he will forward my contact information - I WILL TELL YOU HOW IT IS....If your in a JAM - CALL HIM!

  • Amazing!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    I hired Alex after contacting many lawyers, all of whom had many years experience and none of whom had any idea how to do what I wanted. Long story short a speeding ticket from two years ago was stopping me from getting a job and Alex not only knew exactly how to get it off my record, but he did it very quickly! I am extremely impressed and will not hesitate to recommend him in the future.

  • Top Notch

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    I retained Mr. Jensen after receiving a ticket for driving with a suspended license in the city of Kirkland. He was the most informative lawyer I have ever worked with keeping me in the loop with what he was talking to the prosecuting attorney about throughout the process.

    Along with that he gave me excellent advice during over the course of the ordeal and I would definitely recommend anyone use him in the future.

    Thanks Alex!

  • Speeding Ticket Dismissed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Abe

    Alex did a wonderful job handling my traffic ticket. First of all, he kept me informed every step of the way. He also objectively informed me of the possible outcomes of my case. Lastly, he got the infraction dismissed based on his extensive experience with infractions and the court where the hearing was held.

  • Alex is the most knowledgeable traffic lawyer period.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Josh

    In 2011 I was pulled over for a DUI. My blood/alcohol breath test measured a .11 and I was charged for DUI. Not knowing what to do, I contacted a law firm for traffic violations. I met with Alex Jensen, gave him the story and the all the details, and he took the case from there. In court, the judge dropped it to a Negligent Driving infraction instead of giving me the DUI or Wreckless Driving verdict. To top it off, I only paid the court $105 in fees and was given only 1 day of community service! If you know anything about the cost of a DUI these days, what I walked away with was a miracle. No fluff. He turned a dire situation into a positive outcome considering what I was facing. Thanks Alex, again, if you ever read this! You saved my financial life, my dignity and a lot of time of community service. I gave Mr. Jensen all Excellent's because he exceeded my expectations and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a traffic lawyer. Thanks.

  • Alex Jenson=Great communication, Professionalism, and Ability.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rob Knoles

    Alex has represented me in a few cases over the past two years. Both cases were handled with the utmost professionalism, and I am very happy to say both cases were dismissed. I have since recommended Alex's service to many of my friends, family, and colleagues and no one has ever been disappointed with his service or ability.