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James Andrew King

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  • Bob

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob

    James was more than an attorney; he was my friend through what was easily the most difficult chapter in my life to date. James listened to all my questions and worries, and gave me tough advice when it was needed. We took on a party armed with vastly superior fincancial resources, and we handed them their ass, so to speak. James is intelligent, skilled, well rounded, and also a good man. I consider him a friend, and I'll always be grateful for his help. If you need a family law attorney you should hire this man.

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  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachel

    James King was my divorce attorney and he expertly guided me through every stage of the process with compassion and expertise. Whenever I had a question or concern he would promptly get back to me and talk through everything with solid expert advice. I would highly recommend him. :)

  • A real Lawyer that cares.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ron

    James was a very caring person. He worked with myself and my wife through her lawyer to obtain a very fair settlement. He worked with the intention of achieving an out of court settlement that brought both parties together so that they understood and desired to settle differences with little or no animosity. He focused on the needs of the family and not just the clients. He is a true family lawyer. I would recommend the Harris law firm and James King for your settlement needs. He always answered my phone calls and I felt I had a personal lawyer available all the time. The staff that backed my needs in the office were the best and very professional. I appreciate the opportunity to express my thanks to James.

  • Just go to James

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    James was the only reason my wife and I made it through this last year.
    We came to him with a very complicated dispute with my wife's ex, who's scary...he has violent felonies..we spent the last year being put through a lot by the man because of some very bad things that were happening to my wife and step son and threats that he made to me , it even got to the point where we felt we needed to file a stalking order.
    We were barring our doors at night, my pregnant wife sleeping at night and me sleeping during the day so we knew we were all safe at all times...the problem we had is that you have to prove to the court you're threatened...saying you're terrified isn't enough...even if it's real and justified.
    James ALWAYS made time for us. His work ethic is something not of this universe, in one case we called and left a voicemail for him after hours with a situation we were panicking about, he then called from home almost right away to calm my wife and I down even though he could have easily waited until the next day and it wouldn't have hurt the case at all. Above and beyond.

    Every time we filed papers to go to court he was able to get the other party to settle, which I can't thank him enough for. Who wants their wife to have to go head to head in court with an abusive ex? I know I didn't.

    The reason it's me, the step father, writing a review is because even though my step sons family absolutely hated me and wished I'd disappear...James was able to negotiate us from a point where I was threatened with both violence and trespassing charges were I ever to step on their property to today, where I get to drop my step son off and pick him up in place of my wife for the visitation schedule.

    In short my wife no longer needs to be face to face with someone who hurt her and scares her to this day, it's been more peaceful than ever in my sons life between his parents since we started this schedule, and I finally feel like I'm able to protect my family.

    James fixed our lives and has our business indefinitely.

    Even if your needs are nothing like ours I still suggest you call James, he's the best I've ever seen at what he does, he is very well connected...and most importantly he was always better than their lawyer.

  • If you look for an Attny , HIRE Mr. James King , and you'll be happy with the positive results in your case .

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Camy G

    I will always recommend Mr : James King to everyone looking for an Attny . He'll be always there to answer your legal questions, very experienced effective , and very well prepared/organised . The best family Attny you could find , he'll will put your best interest on the first place ( and NOT his, like unfortunatly , very many Attny's do) .Mr King James will solve your legal issues keeping the things simple, he will never give you wrong advices by the intention to complicate your matter just for "the love" of making more money out of you. For all of you out there reading this review or looking to hire an Attny , I would like to add one more thing/advice. Be VERY carefull !!! when chosing to hire an Attny for your case. Me, personal before hireing Mr , King , I have hired an Attorney ,(that I don''t want to name hire ) that beside the fact that he has over OVERcharged( $50.000) me for this unprofessional services he has left many aspects of my case unsolved . . Mr King has solved my case in a very professional manier , because looks like Mr King James King cares about his clients and of course he cares about his reputation as Attorney at Law . Thank you Mr King for all you did for me , for solving my case ,and thank you for being that honest Attorney that is so hard to find . Wish you all of my best . Regards Camy G ( your client)