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Catherine Lukehart’s reviews

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  • Disabled Man

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    As a disabled man I use a wheelchair and I have a handicap van that was totaled by a big Company , After speaking to many attorneys none would take my case because it was personal property case and there would be no money in it for the attorneys, after speaking to Lukeheart's office she told me that she would help me out By making phone calls to the insurance company and negotiating for lost of my handicap vehicleI. I asked Miss Lukeheart why she would do this for me at no cost, she said she don't like to see BIG INSURANCE COMPANY'S Taking advantage of people , Mrs Lukeheart was able to negotiate much more than I anticipated , I highly recommend her for your legal matters.. Definitely the best attorney in orange county.

    Hired attorney
  • Exceeded my expectations and is truly genuine with her clients!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Attorney Lukehart has seen me through some tough legal battles and given me legal advise on many business related matters. Her expertise has proven to be right on point with the variety of cases she's assisted me.

    Lukehart first helped me when I needed legal advice on a Federal court case for my LLC Trademark infringement matter. My former LLC partner basically stole the intellectual property which I created and shut me out of the LLC without giving me any financial information whatsoever. After I hired a business litigation attorney to represent me, I paid Catherine to review the LLC Agreement and amendments. She gave a very detailed opinion on what she would do and how she would proceed during discovery. I sent this information to my attorney and he took her advice.

    She also helped me with setting aside a judgment against me when I was sued by a credit card company.

    I admire Catherine because she gives her honest opinion on the matter at hand, does not sugar coat it, and provides a realistic evaluation. If you're looking for an honest, knowledgeable, professional, and exceptional attorney with reasonable rates, I highly recommend Catherine Lukehart. I trust and respect her advice and her extensive knowledge in litigation.

    Hired attorney
  • The ideal attourney for my personal injury case!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mitch

    Kathy handled my case as close to perfectly as I could possibly ask.

    I was T-bones by a drunk driver and and suffered from multiple broken bones and a few days in the trauma center.

    I was referred a friend to Ms. Lukehart, And thank God I was! She handled things swiftly tactfully and professionally while being unbelievably pleasant to speak to and easy to make a personal connection with. What I found most appealing about having her as my representation was her clear sense of decency and morality while making sure that justice was served and I have the opportunity to recover physically and financially for not just losses but pain and family suffering. When I showed no interest in going after the drunk then hit me for his personal holdings she was understanding and fell deeply compassionate towards both parties and their issues.

    Despite having a lawyer with a conscience and compassion, we still managed to cover the maximum on all policies!

    I cannot express how good it feels to be given the opportunity to be made whole again to be appropriately compensated, for justice to be served, and for all these things to take place while being able to feel good about myself and the person who represented me.

    Carhy was a blessing and it was my absolute pleasure to see her get her fees she's so richly earned.

    I can recommend this attorney for any decent, hard-working, caring person who needs representation.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by hmw

    Attorney Lukehart has successfully resolved a number of complicated tax matters on my behalf. This is an ongoing and complicated situation which she continues to resolve 100% of the time. This has been a highly stressful time which has been greatly reduced due to her responsiveness, clarity and effectiveness. Her capabilities are superior in the legal profession.

  • Counselor Lukehart provided me with exceptional service and results in the Superior and Appellate courts.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J

    Counselor Lukehart provided me with exceptional service relative to various areas of the law. Ms. Lukehart has been 100% successful in defending me against an abusive and vexatious litigant who sued me ten times for various (bogus) claims.

    Ms. Lukehart won ALL of the cases in which she represented me, namely, fraud and defamation. The claims were false, but I nevertheless had to appear in court several times to defend myself against the falsities.
    The best thing I ever did was to retain legal counsel for these matters.

    The court system is intimidating, cumbersome, and confusing to the non-lawyer victim of frivolous litigation. I encourage everyone to hire a lawyer to represent them.

    Thanks to Ms.Lukehart, I prevailed in all of these cases and was able to prevent a sinister plaintiff from trying to repeatedly take me to the cleaners by what appeared to be a typical "shakedown" ruse.

  • Best Lawyer In Orange County

    5.0 stars

    Posted by StevE

    Attorney Lukehart represented my business interests and myself in court several times and won each time. Her fees were reasonable and her response in court was clear and on issue. I have recommended her to my business associates. She and her team has never let me down.

  • I highly recommend this attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristen

    She went the extra mile and I was thrilled with the result. The insurance company gave me the run around until I hired her. Ms. Lukehart is a true professional and great to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.