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Richard D Huffman II

Richard Huffman’s reviews

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  • Beware of a crook

    1.0 star

    Posted by William

    Richard is a fraud and crook. I have contacted Richard D. Huffman when my friend gave me his phone number and set up a meeting. It was in the Starbucks in Mission Valley which I did not questioned due to my friends references. It was a big mistake. I have hired Richard for a lawsuit against my landlord and his new management company that were trying to evict me from apartment where I have voiced my opinions and complained about miserable services. He took all my personal info, my credit card info - and then just 'disappeared'. He charged my credit card $ 1250.00 which was not allowed and he is keeping all my document even though I have requested several times by several ways their immediate return. He did absolutely nothing and let us (with my wife) hanging in time of big distress and need. He went into hiding - his business office address on his website is a fake for already many months, his other address on business card is a P.O. box in small dinky place on Del Mar Heights Rd., he does not have any team or colleagues, he is just lone predator trying to rip of anybody who come near since his courier is in the shambles. My case is not the first one, so beware!

    Hired attorney
  • Great, out of 10 attorneys he was the one we like, very understand

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lupe

    He response in a timely matter, explains the Law language in simple words. Will try to help out people like us that are in hardship financial in a way that would be best for both.

  • HIgh Regard

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pauline

    I have known Mr. Huffman for approximately ten years. As a sworn investigator, I collaborated with him on numerous cases and observed his diligence, professionalism and successes often. When I incurred physical injury, due to no fault of my own, Mr. Huffman was the obvious choice to represent me in my personal injury suit. I'm confident in the fact that I'm in very capable hands. I am happy with the development of the suit and the great effort put forth by Mr. Huffman.

  • Mr. Huffman has been a huge help for our company!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    For over a year Richard Huffman has been assisting our company with all of our legal issues. He has handled everything from athlete endorsements to our collections issues. He has even helped us draft letters of intent with European companies. We can call him at any time to take care of any problem, and we really appreciate the help.

  • Saved our business!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Frederick

    We were in dire straits: we were running our business from a location that was not properly zoned for what we were otherwise licensed to do. It was an administrative problem, and Mr Huffman resolved it for us, quickly, quietly, and without disrupting out business. We are VERY happy with the result/

  • Judge Richard Huffman is a legal legend. Sadly, hiring his son was the WORST decision I've ever made......

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Appeals client

    On December 18th, 2011 I was convicted of brandishing a firearm. I consulted with numerous attorneys about possible ways to handle this conviction. I was referred to Mr. Huffman by an attorney I had a previous good experience with.
    Frank Crudo told me that Mr. Huffman had recently left the employ of the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, that he was an attorney with solid credentials and that I would be well advised to consult with him.
    Mr. Huffman told me that he had handled a number of misdemeanor appeals in the California Appellate Court and that my case was a compelling one and that I would be well advised to file an appeal. He told me that if I hired him, I would no longer have to feel as though I had to constantly look over the shoulder of my attorney. He told me that he had been practicing criminal law for almost twenty years and that he felt confident we would prevail on the appeal and then would be even better positioned to file a subsequent civil action against my accuser.
    I was impressed by Mr. Huffman’s intelligence and interest in my case. I promptly gave him a $750 retainer, followed by another $250 a few weeks thereafter with the understanding that a total of $3500 would be paid prior to the date of the appeal being heard before the fall of 2012.
    I repeatedly asked Mr. Huffman if he needed anything from me, he said he did not. I asked him if he had the court transcript and repeatedly asked for a copy of same. He said he “didn’t have all of it” but that he would work on it and not to worry, it’s all going to be ok.
    I was assured numerous times by Mr. Huffman that the requisite paperwork had been submitted to the court (i.e. a notice of appeal).  Numerous attempts to get copies of that paperwork have since been ignored (by design).
    Just one night before my sentencing, Huffman called me in a panic, apologizing for the fact that “someone at the courthouse” had made a mistake.  “Don’t worry though” he said “I don’t expect any surprises tomorrow.”
    At this point, he still had not substituted in as the attorney of record on my case as he had committed to.  I was alarmed that the sentencing was still going to be held in Judge Richard Mills courtroom—as I expected Judge Mills would have already been apprised  I filed an appeal and expected (per Mr. Huffman) that I would most likely remain out on bond while the appeal was pending. Huffman told me I should expect this case to take well into the summer or later to be heard by the Appellate Court.
    You can only imagine the horror I felt the day I was sentenced when Huffman meets me in the corridor and laments that “there really isn’t anything clearly we can appeal on. I think you should take work furlough and get this over with.”

    Here he had had two months to order the transcript (which he never did) to evaluate the compelling basis on which to file an appeal, he didn’t do it and now he suggests he is “sorry” but he hasn’t found “anything” to justify filing an appeal. All the while, he told me not to worry.
    I was sentenced to work furlough on 2/29/12 and began serving a 120 day sentence on 3/12/12.
    Upon reflection, I realized that Mr. Huffman’s story of sending the appeal paperwork to the court only to have it rejected may have been a complete fabrication. I contacted the clerk’s office of the Appellate Court and was told that no paperwork requesting an appeal in my case had ever been received. Further, I was told that even had there been paperwork that was returned, out of respect for the protection of due process that such a rejection would have been noted in the file.
    I came to this realization AFTER the 30 day time limit on filing an appeal had passed.