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Steven R Vartazarian

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  • The Art of Trial - Ken

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken Fry

    Steve was brought in to take make case to trial by the attorney that I already had who had been working on my case for years. Apparently, the word was that Steve is one heck of a trial attorney, and I trusted my current lawyer for his recommendation. I got to know Steve in the year before our trial, but I got to know him much better when we sat next to each other for 2 weeks as he tried my case to verdict in Downtown, Los Angeles. I am 63 years old and had a very bad neck and shoulder injury due to the negligence of the defendant in our case, which required 2 surgeries. After a 2 week trial the jury awarded me $2,200,000. I was more than vindicated by the verdict and shortly thereafter Steve asked me what I thought of his performance during the trial, and this is what I have to say about that:

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word CRAFTSMAN as "one who has skill in a particular art; a man who practices a craft with great skill."

    I can tell you first hand that the word craftsman surely describes the elegant and compassionate legal work and preparation of Steve and his team. Comparable to an Old World Master, painstakingly educated in the most intricate skills of his legal craft, Steve's extraordinary representation was nothing less than masterful.

    I can truly compare the manner in which Steve tried my case to the work of a Michelangelo sculpture or a Da' Vinci painting…is was a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Steve paid attention to the smallest detail, and didn't overlook anything. In fact, Steve was so well prepared for the trial that at some point it was evident that the defense attorney was learning things about the case for the first time.

    Also, the technology Steve used during the trial was mind blowing. The manner in which Steve presented the evidence through the use of technology, such as animations of my surgeries being narrated by my actual surgeons, and the reconstruction of the horrific collision that herniated 2 discs in my neck that was prepared by an accident reconstruction, was very impressive not only to me, and the jury, but also to opposing counsel, who several times during our trial leaned over to Steve and said "you gotta teach me how to use that stuff after this trial is over."

    Those who choose to do battle with Steve and underestimate his talents, do so at the considerable risk of suffering his wrath. It was more than a pleasure---it was a honor---to have Steve represent me in court, as he is justice personified. He not only put his legal mind into it, but it was evident that his heart was in all the way.

    After four very difficult years of pain, suffering and frustration and a 9 day excruciating trial, we both sat should-to-shoulder at plaintiff's table, anxiously awaiting the verdict. As the jury verdict was read and the realization of our victory became apparent, I dissolved somewhat embarrassingly into tears, only to immediately feel Steve's comforting hand on my shoulder. It was only then I realized that Steve, too, became very emotional himself. It was a long and hard fought battle and a tremendous victory.

    Steve Vartazarian is a very special man with unique skills, firmly rooted in family and tradition. For me, he goes by many names:

    He is my attorney, my champion, my brother, my friend…and always…my hero. Thank you.

    September, 2015

    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ALAN

    My wife and I were lucky enough to find Steve Vartazarian soon after he opened his own office, after a successful run with a Beverly Hills firm.
    There was little interest in the product liability of hip cases in early 2011 when we first approached him. The case was a long and exhausting one for all concerned as it involved 5 hip replacements, several dislocations, two serious hip infections, eventually ending up with a ‘temporary hip’. It took almost 5 years to get to trial as the defendants moved the case out of the California courts, but Steve kept moving It back and never lost his focus . He has surrounded himself with a small staff of knowledgeable and committed professionals, all of whom performed tirelessly on our behalf.

    Our case was a milestone, as Steve was the first attorney to bring a specific major manufacturing company to trial. He was totally prepared, with every imaginable detail at his fingertips, and some things no one had considered. We had been impressed with his medical knowledge during our many meetings, but how he used that knowledge in trial was awesome. His cross examinations were lessons in themselves. Seeing him in action was extraordinary. Steve has a confident approach to life, and there’s no challenge he won’t confront. He is fearless in his integrity and his approach to life is ‘do the right thing’.

    We’re happy to say that he won, against a major legal firm, who threw all of their considerable resources behind their attorneys at trial. We are now in the appeal process, and confident that Steve will prevail.

  • Nothing but Compliments

    5.0 stars

    Posted by LaTrece

    Steve represented me in a personal injury case and I could not have asked for a better attorney. His entire team was incredible. Steve was very passionate about my well-being as a person and about my case. He studied every minute detail of my case as if he was studying to take the Bar again. He is a very skilled attorney that not just knows the law but knows how to practice it. I was amazed when I walked in his office and saw the level of attention being given to my case. His confidence in the courtroom is superior and as a client that energy was passed on to me. Although this may sound cliche, I can truly say that Steve and his team really fought for me!!!!!

  • My experience with Steven Vartazarian’s has been exemplary!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Walter M.

    As a potential Plaintiff for a Medical Malpractice case, my personal experience with Steven Vartazarian’s has been exemplary. His honest appraisal of my life situation pre-empted pursuing a case. During our first meeting I felt my interests as a prospective client were paramount. We collaboratively explored all my options, medical, legal and future life situations. He provided a clear, down to earth, comprehensive assessment of all aspects I needed to consider in order to make an informed choice. Following our discussion, with his sound guidance and recommendations, and with considerable soul searching, I elected to forgo pursuing a questionable case. Steven’s forthright honest appraisal regarding my potential case enabled me move forward. For future legal advice, with honest recommendations, he’ll be the first person I call. Thank you very much.

  • Steve is our Champion!!! -

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David K.

    Steve is our Champion!!!

    In August 2013 I was in a horrible accident. I was pinned between two cars as a pedestrian and both my legs were crushed. I had several surgeries and it wasn't known if I was going to be able to walk again. After I left the hospital I needed many more surgeries but because I did not have insurance and it was not an emergency I could not find a doctor to treat me. I have a wife and two kids and I thought I was never going to be able to work again. I hired an attorney that was recommended by a friend and after the attorney wrote several letters to the insurance companies I was told that they were not going to pay me anything on my claim. The attorney I hired then got Steve involved. I first met Steve when he came to my house to see how I was doing. After talking to Steve for an hour for some reason I felt like everything was going to be okay. At the time Steve came to my house we didn't know how much insurance coverage the people who hit me had, it could have been only $15,000, but Steve didn't care about the money. He said that his priority was to get me up and walking and then we will figure out the details later. He promised my wife and I that he would make sure that I would get all the surgeries I needed in order to walk again and work again. In the next week, Steve sent me to his orthopedic surgeon to be evaluated. He even came with me to the doctor's appointment. We spent a couple hours together with the surgeon getting x-rays and talking to him about his surgical plan. He said the bones in my left leg had not come together and I needed two lengthy surgeries several months apart to be able to walk again. Steve put a deal together for the doctor to do the surgeries on a lien basis. In the meantime, Steve filed a lawsuit and after a lot of investigation he found that there was $1.9 million dollars in insurance coverage. At the end of 6 months, I had both of my surgeries and Steve settled my case for the entire 1.9 million because they did not want to end up in a jury trial with Steve. My family and I are so grateful to Steve and his wonderful staff for everything they did for me. He is a man of his word, an awesome lawyer, and now a good friend. I can walk again, I can work again, and now I have money to compensate me for the horrible injuries I had. I want to thank Steve so much for always being there, even on weekends, and always taking my call sometime just to talk as I was recovering from surgeries. I recommend Steve to anyone who's been injured especially if the injuries are really bad because sometimes you need more than just a lawyer. You need somebody who is committed, caring, accessible, knows the right doctors and the medicine involved and is also a great lawyer. Steve is truly all of that. My name is David K., and if you want more information please get my number from Steve's office I would be happy to explain the details of the case.

  • Wow. An Attorney who's experience in BOTH, The "Medical Injury" side, of your case & your legal "injury" rights!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jonathan_B

    Wow, Steve Vartazarian, has been the most experienced Lawyer I've ever worked with. An Attorney who's experience in BOTH, The Medical side of my injuries, how I was injured, what the impact is, and my damages, plus, the legal "injury" rights!

    Steve, was introduced to me by a family member, he came to my house, went over my whole file, I felt right about working with him. After I was able to walk, and I took him to meet my Orthopedic surgeon, at first I didn't know how to introduce them together...and make them friends. Steve, introduced himself, and they started talking in "Medical language" about my foot this, broken bones that, back this...(I'm leaving out the medical terms they used, since I don't even know them) I felt so comfortable, I left the room, and allowed them to "communicate" I was sold on Steve, I had never met a lawyer, who has so much Medical knowledge about how tendons, bones, ligaments, and other parts may get injured. After I was well enough to walk around with out any aids. I went over Steve's office, and saw all the Horrific Injuries, photo's and other people whom he had helped. People who had it worst than me, who got hit by semi-trucks....I was a pedestrian hit by a car.

    I'm grateful, I highly recommend, Steve and his fantastic team. I not only got to work with him, but I had a dedicated team of people helping me, with every step of our process. My Orthopedic Surgeon if you need one that is also 1 in a million -Great doctors that are hard to find. His name is Dr. Farshid Hekmat - He saved my leg!! I'm forever grateful to both, Steve and My Surgeon Dr. Farshid Hekmat. He surgically placed and screwed in all the bones as it never happened. Steve has his contact info, you may Google both, for a Dynamic Team. Dr. Farshid Hekmat is also happy with Steve's work as an attorney. If you have any questions feel free to ask Steve Vartazarian, or Dr. Hekmat for my contact info. I've given them permission to give out my cell phone. -Jonathan.

  • Our Warrior...for the biggest fight of our lives.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sara

    I can’t say enough how impressed, proud, and extremely thankful I am to have Steve on my team fighting for me and my family. Steve came into my life about 4 years ago to fight a tremendous battle against a major hospital and doctor for the wrongful death of my husband. Through his extremely thorough investigations, comprehensive knowledge of both the law and medicine, he headed a team in bringing down a hospital and surgeon by exposing their fraudulent acts against my family. His passion for justice is impeccable, refreshing and extraordinary. Throughout the last 4+ years of pretrial, trial, and still as we face appeals he has strategically and with conviction planned every move, covered every base, looked at all possibilities, all with a compassionate heart for my family’s best interest. He expects nothing but the best from all his experts, and he expects nothing but the best from himself. He is truly a man of integrity, strength, knowledge and perseverance … a true warrior.

  • Knowledge combined with Kindness

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy

    After being turned down by several other lawyers, I was pretty much expecting the same with Steve Vartazarian. But to my surprise he listened carefully by phone and then asked to meet me for a consultation. I immediately felt comfortable talking with Steve. I could see that he cared. My whole case took just under a year from start to finish. I was kept updated throughout this process and any questions that I had were answered immediately.
    If I was to need a lawyer again, I would definetly call Steve. My family and friends have already been given contact information for Steve in case they have a need for a good, thorough and considerate lawyer. Don't hesitate to give this lawyer a call to see if he can help you too!

  • Steve is Awesome! Great Settlement on a "Very Difficult" slip and fall case.

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    For some reason, I had what appeared to be a "very difficult" slip and fall case. I walked into a store and fell on a wet floor that had been newly mopped within any warning signs present. I had a bad fall and broke my leg in two places requiring extensive surgeries and metal plating, etc. The attorneys I was calling were turning down my case because they said it was my fault that I fell! I couldn't believe it! Finally, one of them referred me to Steve who apparently had several jury verdicts in cases like mine. Without 3 hours of our meeting, Steve retained an expert witness, sent a field investigator to take pictures of the scene where I fell, and made an appointment for me to see his orthopedic surgeon because the hardware in my leg was bothering me. Long story short, a lawsuit was filed within a week, and within 8 months Steve settled my case for mid 6 digits. It was awesome to watch him interact with the defense attorneys and their insurance adjuster. I really thank Steve and his team for the outstanding job they did for me. I will never forget it!

  • Steve helped us win our case!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Steve took on my Mom's case when other lawyers said that it would be difficult to near impossible. After review, he said that he would take it on and do more research to see how he could help. He was willing to put in the time and effort to thoroughly analyze our case. To be quite honest, I was discouraged after talking with so many other lawyers that turned the case down. Steve and his team were amazing. Professional, prompt, respectful, sensitive, and timely. I was well informed throughout the entire process and they made me feel very comfortable. I can't say enough great things about Steve and his team. They helped us win our case in the end. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.