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Steven Ames Simons

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  • recenty, I got cheated by car dealer. After then, Steven solved all that problems without any arguing.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by hyunjoon

    Recently, I got cheated by car dealer.
    Eventhough, I had a no idea how to solve this kind of thing, I met car dealer serveral times in order to solve this problem. They said "No, We don't have any right for it" after then, I decided to ask someone who can handle it. After then, someone introduced me Steven and He sent some letters to them. They turned into mild sheep.This lawyer was awesome. I swear to god that You woudn't believe, If you seeing what
    he did . He solved this poblem without any arguing. nobody can do that except steven !!!
    Thanks again Steven!! Its my lucky day!!

  • Awesome Lawyer!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy

    Steven is amazing!!! The most helpful and knowledgeable attorney I've ever dealt with. He was also extremely kind. How often do you find that in a lawyer? Never you say. Well, you've found it with Steven! If he's not in the office getting on the phone with you immediately then he's returning you phone call very promptly. He helped me out with a horrid RV dealership and deal gone bad. Thank you, Steven!

  • Steve against the Car Dealer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rebecca

    My father was an attorney and since he is no longer with us I have had trouble replacing him with someone as honest, knowledgeable and caring. Steve helped me over a 2 year period resolve a car case which was challenging to say the least. I was always full informed and protected by both the law and his tenacity. I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Very knowledgeable, patient and helpful attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Very satisfied client

    This attorney is an outstanding attorney and knows a great deal in many areas of law. He answered all my questions and was always ready and willing to help me when I needed counsel. So many attorneys don't take the time or have the patience to explain anything to us but this attorney went well beyond helping me. I felt I could always call him when I was concerned and unsure about the case . Again, if he wasn't in court with another case, he always recieved my calls with interest. He guided me step by step through the case and explained to me what to expect and how to proceed. He always made me feel assured that I was doing the right thing and corrected me if I wasn't doing the right thing, relating to the case. As a result, our case turned out in our favor, exactly as he felt It would and we were very pleased at the outcome. I would recommend this attorney to anyone who wants a very knowledgeable, thoughtful, experienced attorney at their side. I'm also sure he wins most of his cases because several people I have talked to know his name and location and give him a thumbs up as a very good attorney. He is also reasonable as far as his fees go. So if you need an attorney with all of these attributes, I would call Steven A. Simons to help you with your legal needs. I did and I am very happy I did.

  • Amazing Consumer Advocate and Helpful Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cassandra

    I can't stop talking about how great it is to have Steven A. Simons on my side for automotive matters.

    A dealership damaged my new car, and then further damaged it in trying to repair it. It was a nightmare - but, thanks to Steven Simons, ten days of battling with the dealership were resolved in one afternoon.

    I can't imagine how this would have turned out without Steven's help. He was honest, straightforward, easy to deal with, and not intimidating (until he stands up - but by that point, he's intimidating the other side). He accompanied me to the car dealership to help resolve the issue, and provided invaluable service throughout the entire process.

    I have his number and contact information with me at all times now, and I've told all of my coworkers and friends. He's truly the go-to guy for consumer advocacy, especially with any issues relating to automobiles.

  • Lawyers

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Julie

    He is/was a great attorney, I am glad I found him. Everytime I had a question either he or his assistant helped me out right away. I would recommend him to anyone who needed an attorney.

  • Steven A. Simons is a fordimable consumer advocate attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Virginia

    Mr Simons represented me in an extortion case by an unscrupulous
    electrical contractor. He is honest, forthright, diligent, and caring.
    And we won case without having to go to court.

    He is the first attorney I have ever dealt with who has integrity,
    and honor. He is also family man who can relate to his clients needs.

  • Medical Malpractice Victory

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr Simons was everything you could want in a attorney, He was aggressive & efficient. He was as attentive and sympathetic to our problem. God forbid I ever need an attorney for anything again, but if I did I wouldn't hesitate a second to call him to my aid.