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Allison L. Herr

Allison Herr’s reviews

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  • Highly Recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Oliver

    I recommend Allison for anyone going through a divorce. Allison's advice was spot on. She was agressive when she needed to be, but also made sure that things did not get out of hand. Going through a divorce is never a good experience but having an attorney you can trust really helps.

  • Experienced Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    Allison Herr handled a child custody and support case for me. From the begining to the end she was professional and attentive. It is an emotional and stressful time anytime you are involved with family court. When it is your kids future and happiness at stake you want the best. Someone who will stand beside you and help you make those hard choices, someone that will fight for you. Allison has a vast knowledge of family law, which she applies in writing impressive motions, letters, etc...This is important, because if you end up in court, you want the Judge to have a clear understanding of your case. The judges know her well and she appears to have good working relationships with her peers. This helps in getting things done on your case. Allison is not always able to return phone calls immediately, because of other clients needs, and at first this frustrated me. I quickly found out that when you really need her she is there! I needed help on a Friday afternoon, when she is closed. I left her a message and Allison called me back within 15 minutes. She handled the situation and I was relieved as it had to do with my ex-wife pulling a fast one with the kids. Allison has a wonderful assistant and that helps a lot when you have a quick question. I highly recommend Allison Herr.

  • over extended

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I hired Allison to handle a contested divorce and from the start there were issues with calls being returned, emails being responded to, etc.., her secretary was always gracious and responsive, but in the end, the money that I am paying is not for advice from the secretary. Though she was very knowledgable and had a stellar background, I never felt that my issues were appropriately addressed by Ms. Herr and I was incredibly frustrated by the same 'boutique' law firm rhetoric that I kept getting. If I am paying you and entrusting you with my most precious assests (my children) I expect a return phone call within two weeks. If you are such a small firm that it takes two weeks to respond to a phone call or an email, then perhaps you are biting off more than you can chew. In the end I hired another attorney and had to start from square 1. On a positive note, when I was able to speak to her, she was knowledgable and receptive...just no follow through. Also to her credit, the two other attorneys that I consulted with (when changing) were surprised that I was having the issues with her that I had, each stating she was a strong attorney... I guess I drew the short straw. I hope you have better luck than I did.

  • Told me like it was, and the judge came back with what she said would happen

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    I went in to see her for second opion, she told me that I had some expectation that were to high even tho a different attorney told me that he could almost promise me the outcome of my child custody case. I appreciated her candor and I didn't think she was feeding me a line like the other attorney. Eventually we had our day in court, the judge came back with joint custody just like Allison said was the preference, she said we could make some arguement that had a slim chance of getting me more time with my kids, but she was honest with what the chances were. She set my expectations and didnt BS me. I had some Doctor Phil moments with her, before court. I cant say how happy I am with her honesty and integrity with me in my case.

  • Very Satisfied

    5.0 stars

    Posted by karyn

    Allison is a very knowledgable attorney. From the time I called the office for a consultation to my actual meeting to the end of my case, I was very satisfied on how it was all handled. She thoroughly explained the divorce process and eased my fears of the unknown. I was kept informed of all documents and hearings. A rought time in my life was made easier thanks to Allison.