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Lori Jill Crystal

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  • Best Douglas County lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I highly recommend Lori Crystal. I hired her when I got intoxicated and charged with Obstruction of Justice and resisting arrest. Having never hired a lawyer before and never been in trouble with the law my adult life and now 37, I was concerned about both. She and her staff were knowledgeable and caring. She is very upfront and honest. I believe her knowledge of the law and specifically the Douglas County system and judges helped out.

    I had interviewed other lawyers and found her pricing to be fair especially since she works in Douglas County. She ended up getting one of the charges dropped and probation on the other one with the case being dismissed after the probation period ends. We never went to trial and seemed to get the best possible result that I could hope for. She did an excellent job and if you need legal representation, especially in Douglas Country, don’t hesitate to use Lori Crystal!

  • Help me with DUI Case

    4.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Lori Crystal helped me with my DUI Case in Douglas County. I had two pending cases and they were some serious offenses above and beyond a DUI, the DUI itself had multiple charges and I also had a separate related case of a hit & run. I'm not a bad person, I was just extremely intoxicated and should not have been driving.

    Lori Crystal worked hard to get the cases reduced to one case and I feel she got me out of a lot of trouble that I didn't want to be in. She also seemed to actually care and she was familiar with the law and the judges in douglas county. She knew which judges I should hope for and who would be best for me to go in front of.
    We never went to trial and I'm glad we didn't have to. I was happy with her representation and would recommend her to a friend. There's not a lot to say other than she did a really good job and I didn't have to deal with many penalties beyond what I would have had for a regular DUI even though other people had told me I was "screwed". I have no regrets about choosing her for representation.