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Draper Tobias Rodriguez

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  • 5 star TOP NOTCH workers comp attorney !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by kilgore

    After early denial and very poor action from first attorney chris lee from leticia gonsalez firm (didnt even show for brc and failed to inform me he cancelled yet charged me office visits i never made and cancelled my brc without my consent or notifying me i found out 4 months later) i can only tell you my case was more than severely damaged,so i tried ombudsman which only made matters worse,much worse . I was so far behind the 8 ball with a 19 day deadline till contested case hearing when i desperately searched for an excellent attorney with skills in contested case hearings ..mind you many advertise they can help you buy once you mention these type severities or problems at this point,they want off the phone so quick they almost hang up chokin on their inaddequicies,and you will be quick to hear most say they dont handle contested case hearings . They just arent the real deal trial hardened type such as " Toby" Draper Rodriguez ! He worked so hard to obtain all my records and files from all the numerous places and Dr. In less than 10 days and was up to par and so far ahead of the game on our hearing day I was convinced of the very confident feeling i had on day one of hiring him and following my first consultation. I left his office with the first glimpse of hope i had to this point since the injury and all the anguish and pain and unknowing uncertainty started.Toby breathed life back into me ..that moment alone was priceless in comparison to how it feels to be losing your career and livelyhood and material things etc. Then the day came and Draper slayed them ..i mean he was a calculated assassin of delivering his knowledge which i might add he is a walking text book of knowledge concerning all matters of the workers comp laws and procedures . Incredible vast knowledge! He also has ability to read people and get on your level so you dont feel at all like the little man or confused . I highly recomend "Toby" Draper Rodriguez for any of your litigation matters . We whooped them that day! Thank you so much Toby! Words will never express how greatfull I am to have you on my side working that hard for my rights and what I am entitled to as humane !
    Client as of may 19th 2014 and for life !!

  • Couldn't Be Happier!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was struck at a stop light by a driver who was high, had no license and was in an automobile that wasn't registered in his name. He totaled my car, and struck several more along the way. I clearly took the brunt of the impact. Despite having run into a lack of coverage initially and a denial by the insurance carrier, Toby kept on the insurance carrier until they accepted liability for the claim. He was able to settle the matter for much more than I had anticipated. He took care of my PIP claim and negotiated reductions of my medical payments such that I was able to put a substantial amount of money in my pocket. He did this professionally, always let me know what the status of the matter was, did so in a quick manner after I had finished treating, and was reasonable with the amount he charged. It was a pleasant experience to have an attorney who treated me like a friend and not just another client. I would highly recommend this attorney for any personal injury work in the future.