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Julia E. Blend

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  • Knows the law, Understands Business Relationships and Affordable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Worth

    Julie quickly understood the problem and suggested a plan to solve it. We followed her sound advice and won the case before the Court... we were even awarded legal fees. She understands that time is money and does not spend more time that what is called for nor did she waste any of mine ... that is what I called affordable. Not only do I recommend Julie Blend I will use her in the future.

  • Vitorious from day one!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Julie Blend advocated on my behalf in a complex, multi-layered, breach-of-contract case involving the acquisition of a business in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. She filed the suit after the seller refused to turnover the business to me pursuant to the properly executed agreement between the parties. I was somewhat concerned as we went to trial because this was Julie's “first” (stand-alone) case of her legal career. However, my trepidation was short-lived... Julie immediately took command of the courtroom with a cogent, highly impactful, opening argument. Throughout the next 5-days of trial, her courtroom prowess was evidenced by Julie’s astute, professional, and flawless execution. During her examination of the elderly defendants’, she consistently overcame their obfuscation and deceitful testimony as they tried to make themselves out to be sympathetic victims. She did so with the highest degree of professionalism, ease, cross-examination skills, impressive stature, courtesy, believability, and comprehensive trial preparation. While Julie’s counterpart for the defense was a prominent, highly-seasoned attorney from a prestigious Fort Worth law firm, Julie was, clearly, not intimidated by his aggressive tactics. It became apparent to me early on in the trial that Julie won the respect of the Judge and Jury in the case. During a riveting cross-examination of the defendant, Julie expertly caught the defendant in an outright lie as she proved the defendant’s prior day’s testimony to be false. You could have heard a pin drop in the courtroom as the obviously rattled defendant returned to her seat. With Julie’s closing argument, I had progressed from doubtful confidence in Julie’s abilities, to great admiration for her extraordinarily outstanding performance during the trial. Within 1-hour of Jury deliberation, we were notified that they had come to a verdict, which was announced in our favor. Julie was congratulated by the very impressed Judge, the opposing counsel, as well as members of the Jury. While these participants may well remember Julie’s legal prowess during the trial, my family and I most appreciated her dependable support, compassion, dedication to excellence, and her unwavering pursuit of the Truth that, when all was said and done, led to our resounding success in this case. If you are seeking the very best in legal advocacy, I wholeheartedly recommend Julie Blend!!!