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John W. Lawit

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    We have used the immigration legal services of John Lawit for 12 years and during that time Mr. Lawit and his team was always devoted to us and has delivered high quality services to our full satisfaction to end in 1994 for completed services.
    In 2015 and leaving abroad we had a new immigration issue and although 21 years have passed Mr. John Lawit and his actual team became altogether available for us in no time with goodness and understanding. We found a very collaborative team and received an excellent and prompt service from Mr. John Lawit to an end issue.
    We would like to take this opportunity to present our thanks to a team who cares about people as we were very well treated and felt protected during the entire different processes which conducted to a perfect result at all time. Because of their dedication we strongly recommend to address all of your needs to this law firm as we affirm that you will be treated with good care. Looking at the web site it shows the professionalism of the proposed services in which you can entrust your concerns and we strongly suggest to make contact and see for yourself.
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  • Immigration

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bruno

    He is the best Immigration Lawyer there is. Excellent knowledge, clear performance, excellent client communication and always there for you. If you like 100% POSITIVE results on your case, this is the Lawyer you can TRUST and NEED.
    Thank you so much Mr John Lawit

  • A memorable 12 year long association

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Philippe

    I have know John since 2002, when his office handled my first H1-B for the science lab which hired me as I was a young researcher just out of graduate school. We shortly after had our first conversations regarding a green card application about which, at the time, I was still unsure and entirely clueless. John gave me critical yet constructive advice as to the weak spots in my potential applications. I worked on them as he advised, targeting in particular the right set of journal publications and academic recommendations that would make my case viable. We finally filed the green card application in 2005 (under the Outstanding Researcher category following exactly the guidelines provided by John) and, other the fact that this happened at the time when the NIS to USCIS transition resulted in a complete bureaucratic meltdown at the newly created DHS, my application was readily approved. We then waited and waited, and waited... until DHS got their acts together and issued my GC in 2008. In the meantime, John's office had handled the renewal of my H1-B visa and processed ancillary items, such as advance parole documents for my dependents as well as for me.
    The last step of this saga is the naturalisation, which was handled remarkably well by John, taking into account the fact that as I had many trips between the US and overseas, it was not a "slam dunk" case. John even accompanied me at the local USCIS office for the final interview, which gave me the pleasure to finally meet him in person. I must say that I am very happy to have finally done so.

    To conclude, I will give my highest recommendation to John, for anyone having a complicated case (like mine) in particular... I can thus only assume that this will furthermore apply to easy cases!

    A last word: John recently moved to a new office where the team of paralegals is much better than the older one. Yet another reason to work with John.

  • Immigration Insight

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christiano

    Had my first consultation with John regarding information for green cards. I was very impressed with his ability to assess my case, provide options and explain the risks associated with those options. I was looking for a professional to help me make an informed decision and that's exactly what I got - thank you John.

  • The best Immigration lawyer you can get!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Immigration is a very overwhelming and stressful process, and if you have to go through it, you need somebody who is not only an expert in immigration field but also somebody who can be your friend and supporter. The answer is Mr. Lawit.

    When my wife and I got married, we had no clue where to begin with our immigration process and how to start our paperwork. Thankfully we found John Lawit and he was there for us since the very beginning. John explained the whole process to us so we understood how immigration works, which is very important. He prepared all the forms and spent numerous hours communicating with us, making sure everything is correct. He guided us through each and every step of the process. Mr. Lawit prepared us for anything we might face at the final interview with immigration officer Honestly, after working with John, that interview was a piece of cake.

    At the beginning of the process, we were very fearful that something will go wrong or that we missed some information, but thankfully John knew how to calm us down and assure us that he is here for us. And he was. He stood by our side not only as lawyer but also as somebody who we could entrust and talk to as friends.

    Immigration was not such a scary experience after all, and we owe it all to Mr. Lawit.
    If you want somebody you can trust, somebody who will pay attention to you and who loves to do his job, I absolutely recommend hiring John Lawit!

  • Immigration process was easy and expeditious with Mr. Lawit!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Hello, I am a US Citizen who married a foreign national. My husband is originally from Europe, and he came to the states to attend the university. My husband and I met in 2011, and shortly after, we fell in love. After we were married we knew that we had to begin the long immigration process because my husband was not a citizen. That is why we turned to John Lawit. We met John through a good friend of ours. Right away, my husband and I acknowledged that John was someone that we could trust. The three of us started the long journey towards that immigration meeting. My husband and I live in Maryland while John lived in New Mexico, but that did not stop John from going above and beyond. He made sure we met him through Skype, sent us emails making sure the paperwork was squared away and took his time explaining each and every complicated task we had to complete. Not once, did we feel alone during this process.

    Last October, we had our immigration meeting. We found out that day that my husband had qualified to become a permanent resident. We were overcome with joy, and we owe it all to John Lawit. Without John’s compassion, loyalty, and patience, we would not have come this far with the immigration process. We owe many thanks to John and we are so blessed to have him as a part of the family. Thanks John!

  • John Lawit Is an extraordinary lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mehrnoosh

    I tell you this with confidence that John Lawit is the best immigration attorney in US. His knowledge, expertise and his strategy are incomparable. My immigration case was so complicated no attorney even wanted to look at my files. He handled it brilliantly. John is a miracle. He is outstanding, honest and fights for you until wins your case. Do not waste your time and money on other attorneys, go to him. He worths every penny you pay him. John is not only a remarkable attorney also is a great person. We need more of him in this world.

  • AWFUL service

    1.0 star

    Posted by Emanuela

    This guy is ONLY after the money, and I should have known from the start. He pocketed more than $8000 and DID not do his job; passed on my files to paralegals and only met with me to sign contract and receive my check. All is well if the forms to be submitted are no brainer and I ALWAYS prepared everything myself, but he won't follow up and put his own nose in the matter.
    I was with this office for a few years and almost always only met with assistants and had to repeatedly call the office or email to be able to talk to him personally; when my immigration petition was denied at the beginning of this year, due to this office NOT providing the documentation that I had submitted and re-submitted on several occasions, he told me (AFTER THE FACT and AFTER pocketing all my money, which took me a couple of years to pay) that the case "was slated for failure from the beginning"!
    Although I have the qualifications required, I then turned down an appeal as the whole petition had been VERY poorly documented and submitted, which was very obvious once I finally had copies of my files in my hands: a high school kid would have done a much better job, both in presentation AND in properly documenting the petition. He did not lift a finger in my case and I would have liked to sue him had I had a few hundred thousand dollar at my disposal just for this. After several other consultations with immigration attorneys, both in the state of New Mexico and out of state, I received several opinions confirming my findings and the advice has been that the qualifications and requirements were valid and fully satisfactory for my petition, but failed due to misrepresentation and plain disregard of my case.
    I really do not understand how this firm can have 'excellent' rating.... and the more I do research on this guy, the more I find people who had either met with him in the past or asked for consultations and were very poorly impressed.
    I recently switched to a 'less experienced' and 'smaller' firm and successfully resolved my case with one 10th of the cost.

  • Best Immigration Attorney in town

    5.0 stars

    Posted by CeCe

    Thank God for leading me to Attorney Lawit in the most desperate moment of my life during the adjustment of status process. This whole process was really stressful for me and my husband (USC) because our former lawyer made a complete mess with our paperwork submitted to USCIS (i-485, i-130, i-864...) with wrong information and so on. I also had an arrest of a misdemeanor (but never convicted) and was really scared that it would somehow affected my adjustment of status.

    John understood what we were going through and helped us situated everything. He was very responsive even during weekends when I needed him urgently. I am "greened" now, all thanks to attorney Lawit and his 30-year experience in this practice. If you need a responsible and qualified immigration attorney, John Lawit is the one. His rate is very reasonable among the lawyers in town (I called everywhere and did my research) I cannot thank him enough.

  • The best and experienced lawyer in immigration matters ,I have ever hired.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by KayKay

    We have been in USA for 12 years without legal status .I had talked to a lot of lawyers and did a lot of research on the internet if there was a way to get legal status and finally one LUCKY day a family friend introduced me to this gentleman Mr. John Lawit at a lunch meeting. There was no hope of getting legal status before I met him, but all of a sudden I saw a ray of hope. Thanks to Mr.Lawit and his staff. Eventually all my children got green cards in less than a year.
    Mr. Lawit interviewed us and determined that my children would be eligible to immigrate as Special Immigrant Juveniles (SIJ). He drafted all of the documents to go to court and get a proper guardianship order for my children. Then with that order he was able to apply for permanent residence for my children. Immigration had many questions and Mr. Lawit had to submit a multi-page response to USCIS request for evidence. Once USCIS received Mr. Lawit’s response they approved all three applications for my children.
    John Lawit is a wonderful lawyer! He has helped my family get green cards when every other attorney said it was impossible. Even though our case is now closed, he still continues to inform us about updates and changes in the law. He was always on time and to the point when he did his work. He really takes each of these cases on a very passionate level. Over all, he is just amazing at what he does and I could not have asked for a better lawyer to handle my case!
    I would recommend him to everyone who needs to deal with immigration