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Alexander Jacob Durst

Alexander Durst’s reviews

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  • Excellent attorney for a car crash case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alicia Khatskin

    Alex was wonderful, caring, knowledgeable about the law and incredibly competent. I was injured by a drunk driver, when the driver rear ended my car. My rehabilitation required months of physical therapy and doctor visits. Alex filed a lawsuit immediately and proceeded aggressively against the driver. The driver's insurance company proposed a non-binding mediation and Alex suggested we give it a try. We had nothing to lose because we could always say no and walk away. Alex prepared for the mediation by blowing up the pictures of what was left of my car immediately after the accident. (the car was totaled). These pictures were a great visual for the mediator and the insurance adjuster. We settled at the mediation for a significantly larger amount than what we initially thought we could negotiate. This was due to the fact that Alex adjusted his negotiation strategy as the negotiation progressed. When he felt we can negotiate for higher, he did.

    Alex also helped us with a subrogation issue with our work-comp settlement. Because I was injured doing work related activities, I filed for worker's compensation. I received a settlement from work-comp before the mediation and the settlement with the drunk driver. The work-comp insurance tried to take their money back out of my personal injury settlement. And in a typical situation they would likely have been successful. But, because the settlements happened in different states and according to different laws, Alex was able to find a technicality that could prevent work comp insurance from obtaining any money. Rather then testing Alex's legal theory in Court, the work-comp insurance company decided to settle for literally 1/10 of the money they claimed they were owed.

    I will refer Alex to everyone I know. I was very lucky to have a lawyer with this much knowledge and caring.

  • Excellent contract law knowledge

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gary K.

    I hired Alex in Feb. 2014 to write and negotiate several contract pertaining to acquisition and law. Alex, not only followed up on all my requests in a timely manner, but also took it upon himself to amend the contract and include items that I have not even conceived of, which ended up saving me a lot of time and money.

    Alex's knowledge of the law and his ability to perceive before they arise definitely make him a top choice for future contract negotiations in my book !