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  • horrible person(attorney)

    1.0 star

    Posted by sandy

    rude,he is very intimidating,negligent,breach of contract,doesn't do what he is suppose to do,,my sister is mentally ill&he hangs up on her when she calls for money because i was informed by att. in his office to go to him but was reluctant because i have heard storie's,but because i hired signed paper not my sister, and was told there would be no problem getting money when she wanted i did it.please never tust this att. he refuses to talk to me,so i can't explain thing's to him and ssis is ill so she doesn't explain it clearly to sister has cataracts&glaucoma she went blind in one eye& going blind in other,she asked me to take her to disney world while she can still see,it was approved but att fell through never acted on it! this is terrible! i feel so bad for her,god why did i ever get involved with this attorney :( he treats her horribly& she inherited a ton of money&only get's $100 a month from him out of thousand's&thousand's of $$$$$$ make's me sick!!!also received letter in mail stating she only has 17,000 left out of 49,000 from inheritance and 33,300 from car accident,only a little over 7,000 was the most used for prepaid funeral expenses,also got ahold of paper that said she receive 123,000 so got to focus on that now,i have the paper from att ramage he is the one i put my trust in, my sister's life in,,we were really taken!and he know's the magistrate at probate court& they allowed him to take her ira from inheritance from her fiancee who passed away on her birthday march 8,2013 why did this magistrate allow this? i have paper's here stating after her rehabilitation at nursing home from getting hit by car she would be able to get back out to society,she should be able to buy a house trailer& live life while she still can,but this att is fighting it all the way! why? i never get anything in mail re her money,which i am suppose to,i have that letter also that a copy was suppose to be sent to me dated back from dec. he had 20 some day's to do which he never did. my sis loves me to take her shopping but he also put a stop to that&has social worker go and doesn't bring sis with her!pretty cruel huh? i having very little money on fixed income have to buy her pop cigs,goodie's out of my little bit of money cuz she can't get her own money.before her accident she took bus came to visit went shopping went out to eat with her friends,the magistrate told me i am not allowed to take her out of nursing home or discharge this worthless att or i would be put in jail! really? well guess what i'm fighting this i am still her legal guardian of medical,he has no right threatening me,i get terrible anxiety going to probate court becuz their all tied in together,however last time in court a new magistrate we saw was very fair,i liked him but still i want my sis out i want this att discharged asap and i want an acct of me&sis choice to handle her money,i will keep fighting for her rights even if i have to take it to media& other's becuz mahoning county probate court & shultz r tied in together just a waste of time & terrible anxiety&stress for me going here!!!!!