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Erin Kays Barnett

Erin Barnett’s reviews

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  • Snarky Lazy Lying Con-Artist

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Not sure how she does criminally but as for family law she has next to no legal knowledge or compassion for tough custody situations. Totally sold herself and reeled me in with the extra care and time in beginning and then totally wrote me off and ignored my communications and over charged me for everything and accomplished nothing for me. Only time I was hearing from her was when she was asking for more money more money I need more money from you to be able to keep working for you. What a joke. This is people's lives.

    Hired attorney
    Erin Kays Barnett’s response: “Custody battles are very difficult emotionally and very expensive. Without any real specifics here, I can't adequately respond to your complaints, especially since none of my clients have expressed these concerns with me directly. If you are truly a client of mine, please contact me immediately so that I may address your concerns. Impugning my reputation anonymously doesn't make me believe that you are a real client of mine. Also Telling is that none of my clients have asked me to withdraw. If have "no legal knowledge or compassion for tough custody situations," why not tell me and part ways. When reading a review like this, I can't help to think that the reviewer is an opposing party that doesn't like the positive result I achieved for my client. The allegation that the only time you hear from me is when I am requesting more money is absurd. You would only be billed AFTER the retainer is depleted which means that substantial work was completed. While most of our clients are phenomenal, occasionally one will have unreasonable expectations about how long a case will take or how much it costs to resolve. When a needy client runs through their retainer quickly, they are sometimes shocked that they owe more money. It is always at this point that said needy client expects me to keep tirelessly working for free, Unfortunately doing that means that my employees don't get paid and I can't do that. I take each of my cases very seriously and work very hard to fight for my clients. I can't think of a single instance where I could have done more, except being limited by my client's financial resources. I respond to client inquiries timely and mostly same day. I have expansive legal knowlege in all areas of family law and enjoy an excellent reputation in the legal community having been AV rated by Martindale Hubbell, their highest rating. Again should you be an actual client of mine, please contact me immediately so that I may resolve your concerns.”
  • Amazing Hard Working Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sarah Jones

    I have used Erin Barnett on several cases from criminal to family .... each time I was beyond impressed. She is very attentive and responsive...honest about the possible outcome and will do her best to get the best most desired outcome possible.... I would highly recommend her and her firm for any case.

  • Have referred others in the past and still do...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linawa

    I was referred to Erin by another lawyer, a mutual friend. Although I felt I was already in good hands because of this, she didn't let me down. Not only is she extremely professional, but her personality shines through her work. For example, she is very thorough and this was evident every time we had to meet up in or out of court. She is a hard worker and was always on top of my case (which took a year to close) and always kept me updated. I have already recommended a few people to her and one of those is currently using Erin's services. I have no reason to seek another a lawyer other than Erin in the future if needed. On a interpersonal level, she was great because she assured me of a positive outcome, while urging me to be realistic with my own requests while enduring this family case. I really appreciated that.

  • Use a public defender

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    The only benefit in using Ms. Barnett, is you don't have to wait all day to see the judge. No fight, nothing, whatever the state wanted, Ms. Barnett let it ride. She had a host of excuses as to why she couldn't do better, bottom line, she should stay on the other side of the courtroom, with all the other prosecutors. Save your money, hire a public defender. I'm certain I would've had a better outcome had I saved mine, or even represented myself. All she did for me, was stand next to me, and attempt to explain why she couldn't do better. When it came to light that her excuses were no longer relevant, she reluctantly, did what I asked, but the final results were still poor, she showed absolutely no fight. I never felt like she had my best interest at heart, I always felt like she was working against me. Save your money.