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Norman Michael Murburg Jr

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  • disability claim

    5.0 stars

    Posted by RENEE

    The staff was very helpful and compassionate and caring. It was a long process, but they kept fighting for me and won a favorable decision. I am so grateful and would highly recommend this attorney.

    Hired attorney
  • Bad experience with this guy

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Had an interview with this guy scheduled. I went there 15 minutes early i saw a guy in some shorts and a very sweaty undershirt walking around in the back. Lady called me and said the lawyer was ready for me and i went back and it was him i was like wtf?? Then to make this situation worse the guy didnt even shake my hand, just sat down and started talking about why taking my case would be difficult, gave me some paperwork for my DR to fill out and sent me on my way! And as i was leaving i still didnt get a hand shake. I took my business elsewhere. Never felt so disrespected. I found another lawyer the same day. Thanks

    Consulted attorney
    Norman Michael Murburg Jr’s response: “After 29 years and 5000 SSDI/SSI cases, $50,000,000.00 in benefits and evaluating over 20,000 claims, lecturing & teaching lawyers nationally how to prosecute SSDI Claims, it's best to be frank. I am not everybody's cup of tea. This young man had some urgency so my staff scheduled him in on my day off. I had just returned from work on my ranch and rather than rudely make him wait as I showered & changed, I met him in our conference room. Though Florida Bar Rules, the Federal Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court, before whom I am licensed forbid me from say much, for those under 55 youth makes cases difficult to prove. Entitlement to SSDI/SSI is not simply proof of a disabling condition supported by medical evidence. It requires more. Besides the application of Vocational Grids to a claim, at ages 40, 45, 50, 55, there is a presumption among judges that there are many unskilled jobs exist in the economy one can do seated w/an option to sit & stand and require little training to do, even with disabilities: jobs like surveillance system monitor, ticket seller, a gate guard, parts assembler, produce sorter, just to mention a few. This man was a "Younger Individual" and w/o objective limitations, proof of the case was "difficult", if not impossible w/o Questionnaires completed by his physician. The SSA sends files to their own MDs to evaluate & give opinions that a claimant can work & the claim is denied and stays denied w/o other evidence to the contrary by way of completed RFC Questionnaires that counter the SSA's decision. So we have clients under 55 have these completed before we take a case. With the SSA's Disability Trust fund in danger of bankruptcy in 2016 Congress has pressured judges to reduce rates of favorable decisions. It has had an effect. Judges who pay 50% of the claims that come before them have become a scarce commodity. Because federal law limits the amount of attorney's fees that can be awarded and the high cost of prosecuting SSDI/SSI cases, attorneys' time and resources have to wisely be spent. Cases must be properly initiated to obtain a favorable outcome for a client. Too often I see clients w/ cases taken by lawyers hoping to get lucky only to "dump" both the client and the case before hearing. We do our best to avoid this before opening a file by having clients and their physicians complete these forms. After 29 years, my clients don't need me to be lucky. They need me to be the best attorney for building and trying their case: better than any other attorney that they can hire. Yes, I do have a very laid back dress code sometimes, especially on one of my few my days off. I no longer wear a suit and tie to work unless I am going to be in court and prefer to allow my staff to dress comfortably as well since comfort makes work easier. Yes, clients will see me in ways that they might otherwise expect a "stuffed shirt" attorney to be. I am sorry that this fellow found his early accommodation & my appearance so offensive and found it disrespectful that I did not shake his hand. I meant nothing by it. I am also sorry about the way he feels. I have no control over his feelings. I will say that I do have control over the cases I take and who I am and how to best win my client's cases. If nothing, I am a straight shooter: better a bitter truth than a sweet lie. Life is too short to do otherwise. The reality is that some folks want a guy in a suit who shakes hands. I may not always dress up to TV lawyer standards but we take only the cases we believe we can prove and win. I am not in the business of building false trust or giving fiat hopes to my clients. Additionally, as a health matter, during flu season we don't go out of our way to shake hands with others out of respect for our many clients who have autoimmune diseases and can die from the flu. I am grateful that this person took the time to meet with me and on behalf of my partner and staff, we wish him & his representative only the best of luck.”
  • I recommend Mr.Murburg

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Karen

    Applying for disability is a stressful experience. Mr. Murburg and his staff were approachable, kind and professional. Instructions and expectations were clearly defined, and I was kept abreast of the process. The staff were responsive to all my questions, and Mr. Murburg clearly knowledgeable in this field. My case prevailed, and I whole heartedly endorse Mr. Murburg and his practice.

  • Superb Social Security Disability Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sara

    Mr. Murburg was recommended to me by a friend when she learned I had been turned down for Social Security Disability. I had applied on my own and although I had heard that most people are turned down with their first application, I was sorely disappointed and definitely was unable to continue working. Mr. Murburg met with me personally, discussed my illness with knowledge and intelligence, had all applicable forms at hand, etc.,...suffice it to say, I left his office that day with confidence. Although it is a lengthy process, I was approved for permanent Social Security Disability within six months of my initial meeting. I was kept informed throughout as well, which made the wait less interminable. Should you find your self in a similar situation, call him. You'll be very happy that you did.

  • Former Work Comp/Social Security Disability Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy

    I initially hired Mr. Murburg for a work related injury. After my WC case was resolved I was no longer able to work due to my injuries so I had him file for Social Security disability for me. His handled all aspects of my cases in a very professional manner while exhibiting a caring and compassionate demeanor. The office staff was always very helpful when I would call with questions and he wasn't available, and he always returned my calls quickly.......
    Because of the total experience with the way he handles both of my cases I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Muburg to my friends and family, or to anyone needing a good solid lawyer for a case....... I am also going to submit this under the Social Security heading as he also handled my Social Security case as well.....