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David Bradley Dohner

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  • Addition/Update to previous review

    1.0 star

    Posted by Beverly

    April 28, 2015, received call from FL. Bar Assoc., in reference to my formal complaint against Mr. Dohner. Was informed, Mr. Dohner is currently suspended from practicing law, pending out come from hearing scheduled for Aug. 10th & 11th with the FL. Supreme Court, in regards to taking payment for services but never following thru with anything. They will be hearing testimony from myself and 5 other cases he did the same thing to. Just posting this as an update and to caution others.

  • Be Aware.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Medical Malpractice client

    I hired Mr. Dohner to handle a case for me. After I had paid him the fee we agreed on , he did not show up for court dates, did not file proper paper work with the court, does not answer phone calls or respond to messages, does not accept certified letters. It is as though the man vanished when it comes to communication. I filed complaint with Florida Bar Association, and surprise, he did not respond to them either. I know they had a hearing on not only my complaint, but 2 other complaints as well and he was found in contempt with the Bar Association. Do not trust this man in any way, he is a smooth talker and will make you think he is really working on your case----UNTILL--he gets his money and then you can kiss your money and Mr. Dohner goodbye.

  • Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    This guy will take your case wait for you to pay him and leave you standing before a Judge with no one standing with you. Had all kinds of reasons why, kid in hospital, he's in hospital blah blah..... Then your forced to hire a new attorney and Dave will tell you he's a stand up guy and has never had his integrity questioned in his 19 yrs. Hell promise to refund your money and then all communication stops!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    I happened to meet Dave Dohner at just the right time through mutual friends. I needed an immediate restraining order preventing an individual who very likely could have been dangerous from having contact with me. He accomplished everything that I wanted quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price. Since then I have used him many times for quite a number of things or just for consultation. I would very much recommend him to anyone.

  • Excellent, Experienced, Confident (but Down To Earth) Trial Lawyer Who Handles Everything for Me...Criminal Defense; P.I.; more

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sammy

    Sammy Damato, North Miami Beach, Florida

    I have known David for over 10 years now. We actually met playing poker in a charity tournament and his strategies were very advanced. In talking to him on a break, we started talking, became friends, and got to know one another better and better. I knew that I was going to need a lawyer to handle a few matters that were very likely going to become issues in the relatively near future and I just wanted to retain someone who was sharp, could handle anything, and who I trusted completely, because I really did not want to deal with them at all. I just wanted them to go away.

    The first thing that David did, more as my friend than as my attorney, was convince me that, while he understood that any litigation or potential litigation is naturally going to be stressful, I needed to be involved, even if my involvement was kept to a lighter degree than would have been the case if I was a younger man, but no matter minimally or informally he wanted to keep me involved, even though I was happy to sign power of attorney over to him and just let him handle everything. Even though we argued about it, he was right, because, as he put it, "everything in which we are involved today, in any way, is like ripples on a pond, and sooner or later those light ripples reach shore and then drift back toward us again". In other words, even deisions that don't seem very significant today, and are the kind of thing you would like to delegate out to someone else just for the sake of clearing your head, not only can but very likely will affect us in the future, somehow.

    I really do not want to reveal just how right he was, right here on the internet because it is very personal, but his advice really saved me an incredible amount of money, as well as allowing me to avoid many other very serious problems.

    So, anyway, as of now, David handles all of my legal issues. He is like the old-time attorneys that you don't see anymore who can handle anything. He say he likes to limit his practice to those areas where he feels he has "a true understanding of every aspect of that area of law". I haven't seen anything that he can't handle. I know he likes trial work and he has handled a personal injury case for me which we never even had to take to court just because he put a huge presentation on for the other side at a mediation he got them to agree to before we filed suit, because he told them that they would have to spend as much or even more probably than we would if we took it to trial. I got three times what every other person I know who had this kind of "slip and fall" case with the same kind of injuries got, plus I didn't have to pay for all of these rididulous costs that other lawyers charge.

    David handles my contracts when they come up; my will; my traffic cases; and prepared me for a more serious issue in advance but met with the attorneys who would have filed it against me and presented a case that I guess convinced them no to go ahead with it, so I owe really owe him for that one.

    What more can I say?

    If you need a great attorney who will never overbill you, or gouge you, and you can trust with anything, I recommend David Dohner. He has been great to me and I'm glad that he's my attorney and my friend.

    Samuel Damato
    North Miami Beach, Florida