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Archibald Johns Thomas III

Archibald Thomas’s reviews

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  • Has a Great Reputation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gail

    Attorney Thomas has a great reputation for being a strong arm protector of employee civil rights. Especially with all the obstacles he faces with Florida laws in favor of the employer. He has his work cut out for him because of the horrific laws. However, he is a great attorney and will work very hard to protect his clients no matter what obstacles in his way. Thank you Attorney Archibald (and his Paralrgal Daniella) for taking on my case and protecting my civil rights!

    Hired attorney
  • Long process without much direction or information on what to expect.

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Thomas is knowledgeable but I never felt he ever had a positive attitude about my discrimination case. I didn't receive much legal advice, positive reinforcement, or hope through the process. I did not receive updates and had to call for updates after months would pass without information.

  • Would not see

    1.0 star

    Posted by Martha

    First of all I never seen him, I seen Mr, Samual. The first time I seen him we were late and can we reschedule? He said you got time, we were there for about 25 mins, and he was rushing us out because he had someone waiting, it was on a sat, Jan 25 and all he said was bring me a report from eeoc, So April 4 th, we went to tampa. It toke 6 mos to get it. So I made another appt, went in Jan 14 and was there for hour trying to explain everything the hole time we are there he keeps looking at his watch, He said this is not enough he wants the hole report! so he said he would have letter done up asking for for the report and he would have his secretary do it, she put the wrong name on it, so I had to do it again it toke about 2 mos if not longer, I told him that the eeoc in the last meeting I had with him they messed up on it. But anyway we went back to drop it off I ask the secretary will I be able to come back and talk to him about the report so I can tell him my side of what was on the report, she told me she didn't thank so to just give him my notes that can't be hardly read she said that is fine, I waited a week did not here anything I called she said he was in tampa giving a deposition or some where and was gone for a week. So I waited another week, so I called she said I thank he is going to take your case because it was still on his desk, week later I got a letter saying no sorry, there was not going to be enough money in it for him or me makes no since! I called to see if I could make appt to come back and give my side she said he don't want to take your money I told her I am not worry about the money and she still would not make appt for me!! what the hell is wrong here? The fee they post is wrong I payed the first time 25 mins 85.00, 185.00 for a hour and on there post says 125.00 hour. All I can say don't try and sue the government because they will not help! One more thing I had plenty of evidence.

  • Fair billing and straight -forward attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jo

    Mr. Thomas is professional and clear -cut in his He was did not waste my time (or money) when assisting me with my business dispute. He explained the intricate legal issues patiently and thoroughly. But, most importantly, he was honest about a legal area he would not be able to assist me with, but gave me effective suggestions/alternatives. He was fair and prompt about returning fees and included an itemized statement of what he billed me. Personally, I was surprised about how conservative he was in his billing. I highly recommend him for anyone with delicate employment/business issues.

  • Thanks for all your help

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dennis

    After spending several hundred dollars interviewing attorneys for my
    labor case against Jacksonville University, Archibald Thomas was the
    only one I felt that did not meet the “stereotype” attorney mold. I
    felt I could confide in him and he would be easy to work with. I also
    felt he would be honest, diligent and fair. These “feelings” turned
    out to be true, for me, and resulted in the jury awarding me $500,000.

  • HANDS DOWN the best- Utmost Integrity and Efficiency to Save Expenses for the Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leila

    If anyone in the state of Florida needs and an employment attorney, no matter how far away one lives from Jacksonville, Archibald Thomas III is whom I recommend without question. Archibald Thomas has been helping me since 2006 in my complaint against a major international manufacturer, and he continues to help me to this day in 2012. I researched every, and interviewed many, employment law attorneys throughout the state of Florida, and six years ago, I concluded that Mr. Thomas is the best representation that I could engage for many reasons:

    • He has always responded in a surprisingly timely manner.
    • He has been assertively clear about which points that I feel are compelling, and which points are: 1) valid versus invalid, 2) respectfully valid; however, not protected items for recourse, and 3) easy to prove versus challenging to prove. He made me face facts rather than emotively driving on feelings.
    • His credentials and activities put him in the forefront of employment attorneys nationwide (which is one of the main reasons I chose Mr. Thomas after researching every attorney in the state of Florida who claimed employment law as an item in his / her list of specialties).
    • He has honorably advised me throughout all of these years on ways to cut down on my attorney’s fees rather than 'lining his pockets'.
    • Archibald Thomas III’s professionalism and ethical standard are unsurpassed
    • I know from the bottom of my being that he looks after all of his clients' best interests;
    • he is not greedy;
    • furthermore, he goes above and beyond, and he truly extends himself to LOOK AFTER ANY VICTIM OF DISCRIMINATION'S BEST INTERESTS ---- hands down.

    Although I live over 850 miles away from Mr. Thomas’s office (about a 15 hour drive), his counsel and integrity are worth hanging on to (and I am not rich by any means, he is just worth it).

  • not helpful at all

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Mr Thomas in hopes of not losing my job in March of last year. After the initial consultation, the only correspondence I received from him was a copy of a letter he sent to my now former employer asking them not to terminate me. I never did receive any other form of correspondence concerning my case, nor did he contact me to ask if I kept my job or not.

  • Unemployment Compensation Appeal representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cloud

    Mr Thomas and staff were very courteous and attentive each time I made contact with his office. Mr Thomas and staff followed through with attention to detail on every item and would always return a call without fail if he was unavailable at the time I called. Mr Thomas was very straight forwarded in regards to what was or was not relevant to my case and what to expect in the appeal. My appeal against my former employer was won with the assistance of Mr Thomas!