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Philip Joseph Gibbons Jr.

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  • Wage Dispute Issue with Former Employer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I consulted Phil Gibbons regarding a wage dispute with my former employer. As a novice to this, I had a lot of questions. He was very patient and walked me through each step of the litigation. He has a vast knowledge of the employment marketplace in Indiana and worked quickly with my former employer to reach a fair solution. I would certainly recommend anyone having issues with unpaid wages to give him a call.

  • lawyer you wN

    5.0 stars

    Posted by brandon

    I am from Kentucky and I had a previous employer that owed back wages through the Labor Boardthe Labor Board wasn't doing much about it so I came across Gibbons legal grouptalked with him and he took on my case all done on contingencywell needless to say no sooner than he took the case my previous employer filed bankruptcy Mr Gibbons stuck with it motion after motion was filedhe dealt with the case for over a year keeping me informed throughout the whole timeI never met the man but I think he is an awesome lawyer he does a great job with my case we ended up winning got money back he took care of that right away and I really felt bad for him because he took the case without knowing about any bankruptcy and I know he had a lot more paperwork than what he plan on doingI even offered to split the amount within 50 50 and he told me know he would keep his word and do the original dealso I was very very satisfied with him in the results that he got so Mr Gibbons thanks again I appreciate all the time and effort you put in my case

  • Attorney Gibbons

    5.0 stars

    Posted by johnny

    Atty Phil Gibbons Jr. is in my opinion the best attorney for getting your legal matters resolved in a professional and timely fashion. It is pretty hard to find a good lawyer that will take you by the hand without getting into the legal terminology that only they understand. Phil has from the beginning explained the process in plain English and answered all of my questions before, during and after my case. Because of his expertise, I was able relax, sit back and WIN my case with no worries. It was truly nice to have met and worked with Mr. Gibbons! I would say to anyone that needs legal counsel, you will not find anyone more true and pationnate in the law profession. Thank you Phil for all of your hard work on my behalf...... J.C.-Indianapolis

  • Very pleased

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    I didn't need a pure attorney (though he would have served that role perfectly well). I needed a guy that understood the law but more importantly understood how to negotiate the best deal given a handful of exterior variables. Phil did just that. He didn't say "Let's get the most money, hell or high water." He said, "Let's get the best deal for you, all things considered." We were able to negotiate a settlement and minimize both of our investments in the case, but he would have had no problem walking into court had that been the best deal for his client. I was impressed. I'd go back to him in a minute.