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Elizabeth Fowler Lunn

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  • Little Patience for mentally disabled clients

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Social Security client

    I retained Elizabeth Lunn several months ago to handle my disability claim/appeal. It is very difficult to get responses from her via email which usually takes several days. When she does respond, it's in a condescending manner. One of several impairments to my disability, is mental health issues: Manic Depressive Bi Polar, BPD ( Borderline Personality Disorder), agoraphobia, anxiety, panic attacks ( and a slew of medical impairments ). Often times, I do admit, after not receiving a prompt email reply, in haste I do email my frustration with an apology for my anxiousness regarding my mental health condition. Yet still, her emails are often blunt with no caution to my mental health or consideration. Most recently, Mrs. Lunn informed me via email reply, that "it appeared my mental health has gotten worse and I should hire another attorney".. This is frustrating and appears that my declining mental health has caused Mrs. Lunn to no longer want to represent me!

    Further- Mrs. Lunn and I , as well as SSA rules seem to be in disagreement. I have been fighting for Disability since 2010 and my latest appeal before an ALJ , I informed mrs. Lunn I wish to file a dire critical need to expedite the hearing ( or hope to do so that is ). Ive read the rules regarding the criteria for such a dire need request and Mrs. Lunn seems to differ.. I have a history of suicidal , injuring myself. I have a last eviction notice from my landlord, I cannot afford, with no income, to have a place to live. Recent medication for my liver disease is $1,024.00 month which I desperately need for my liver and chronic/active Hep B, I cannot afford that and have searched for assistance and cannot get any. Ive been denied medicaid. SSA allows such a dire need request if an eviction is imenent, claimant cannot afford medication or medical treatment, and suicidal thoughts.

    Mrs. Lunn says you have to be evicted ( I have not found that rule yet ), regarding my declining mental health and suicidal thoughts, Mrs. Lunn tells me "go to the ER", being I cannot afford the new medication for my liver and hep b, Mrs. Lunn states that is not a qualification for a dire need. In her words, "I would have to wait just like everyone else for a hearing"!!!.

    After speaking to other attorneys Ive called, all allegations I submitted for a dire need letter/request are legitimate and a few have pointed out case law to me. Additionally, in 2010 when I filed and was denied and appealed for an ALJ Hearing, my attorney at that point filed a dire critical need letter for me being I had an eviction notice then. Even though I lost at that time, I was still granted an expedited hearing on the eviction notice alone!

    Ive been told a dire critical need/request letter cannot hurt! yet, the fact Mrs. Lunn doesnt even want to do this for me, is disheartening to say the least. and leads me to wonder or speculate why she would rather wait the approx 14-15 month estimate for our area!

    I am very disappointed in the lack of compassion, care, kindness from Mrs. Lunn.

    Elizabeth Fowler Lunn’s response: “I am sorry that we were unable to work out our differences. I hope the referrals I gave you to other attorneys will allow you to find someone who will be better able to assist you with your case. If you provide the documentation requested to your new attorney they may be able to file a dire need request at that time.”
  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Keisha

    Ms. Lunn was great! Her assistant was very nice and they both answered all of my questions. I could call as many times as I wanted and they always talked to me and let me know what was happening with my case.