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Mary S Pence

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  • Excellent lawyer, wonderful person

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mary's expert handling of an incredibly frustrating situation was the saving grace that kept negotiations on track and prevented them from becoming a long-term nightmare.

    Her thorough understanding of the law is equaled only by her wonderful ability to understand people and how to keep them communicating with the goal of achieving timely, positive, fair results.

  • Far More Than The Best Attorney Out There!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    Good friends recommended Mary to me in April 2012 when I found out my then wife wanted a quick divorce. I didn't know it at the time, but their recommendation took me to someone who is far more than the best attorney out there.

    I knew right away that Mary was the right attorney for me when, after hearing about my situation, she asked me to think about my where I wanted to be in five, or ten years, and how I wanted to get there with integrity, in a way that would allow me to get on with my life. Up until that point, like most people in my situation, I had been focused on the transactional side of divorce, dividing up assets and responsibilities. Mary made me see the process not as a series of transactions, but as a starting point for where I wanted to go next in my life. Suddenly, the financial issues that seemed so important became less so, because she helped me decide for myself where I wanted to go next - and so at that point, I could figure out what really mattered and make a stand for what mattered, and let go of what didn't. But don't be fooled, that didn't mean we wrote off my financial needs - no, rather, we prioritized them and decided what mattered for the long haul, and focused on that with purpose.

    Since my ex-wife continued to take a transactional approach, Mary continued to keep me grounded and focused on my own personal goals. We had my list of what mattered to me, and we made sure that everything we did moved us in that direction, and ignored what didn't matter. It may not have changed how my ex-wife approached the divorce, but it did help me maintain my integrity and composure through what could have been a very ugly divorce.

    In the end, the entire process took less than a year and was far less expensive (and was financially successful for me) than I ever thought it would be - Mary was careful to provide the advice I needed, but also very careful to not presume to act - I know of others who have gotten divorced who were stunned at the amount of time and money they put into the process - with Mary, I felt we were focused and in sync throughout the process, and that meant I came away not just feeling Mary was a skillful attorney, but also that she was an attorney who put her client's interests first at all times. She was always available, but she carefully measured her time to make sure I wasn't paying for services I didn't need.

    I can't recommend Mary enough - her wholistic, goal-oriented, constructive approach to dealing with divorce made what could have been a painful, drawn-out, difficult and expensive process into an ultimately positive, relatively quick and successful endeavor. If you have Mary on your side, you can't help but end up in a good place.

  • Mary Pence - Amazing advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Aileen

    Twice I have been in lousy situations where I needed someone to represent my best interests in uncomfortable divorce/domestic situations. The first time, 2004 was not as drawn out or messy as this most recent incident but I have to say that in both instances Mary was the absolute right person to handle my case. Most recently (2012-13) the negotiations were fraught with emotional issues that made the process draw on much longer than originally anticipated yet Mary (and her team) paid close attention all the way and made sure I was protected and "covered." They listened carefully to what I had to say, answered my questions, and kept me informed. I doubt anyone else could have done more or been a better advocate for me and my interests.

  • Forever Grateful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    The situation: After finding out my wife moved out with my children while I was at work, I was referred to Mary through a close friend. I walked into Mary's office for the first time hoping for a Pitbull. My main concern was my young children. I walked out of Mary's office knowing I found the lawyer for me. An understanding and compassionate lawyer (actually a real, caring person) who turned out to be someone I will praise for my lifetime. To this day, 9 years later (2012), I am grateful to Mary for her help. She encouraged me to focus on always doing what is best for my children's well-being and putting my emotions aside. It was not easy and I was not perfect, but I am eternally grateful for the outcome. My children are happy, well adjusted young children that have not experienced witnessing conflict. They are emotionally healthy and both me and my ex get along well. We have even vacationed together with the children. Once again, it is still not easy on a daily basis but always keeping Mary's words in mind of focusing on the children has certainly made it easier and definitely more rewarding in term of my children's happiness.

    As for Mary's abilities as a lawyer I can say this. Mary knows the law. Mary understands people very well (both her client and the opposition) and certainly uses that to her client's advantage. Mary is very tough with a firm and serious way about her. Mary does not get intimidated but I believe intimidates the opposition. Mary does not miss a beat and when appropriate and necessary can certainly wake up a room to make a point.

    In the end, I can say that knowing Mary has certainly had a major, positive impact on my life. I believed in her throughout the process and followed her advice. There were certainly times that we challenged each other on strategies but we always agreed on the course of action we would take. And again, to this day, I praise Mary for her help, guidance and success with the outcome of our case. I will always be grateful for her.