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Linda M. Shick

Linda Shick’s reviews

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  • Assaulted with an Angry Attitude

    1.0 star

    Posted by Nancy

    Linda M. Shick was assigned to me as a probono attorney by Legal Aid to represent me in a Protection From Abuse hearing. She called me when she was assigned to do the job. To my shock, she was extremely angry, and sarcastic towards me. I asked her why she was angry at me, and what she wanted me to do. There was zero professional courtesy towards me at all. I am sure that she has never acted this way towards even one of her "paying" clients. Her attitude was so nasty and condescending towards me that I called Legal Aid and told them that I did not want her to represent me, and that I would go it alone in court. She has no respect towards poverty stricken, abused people and should be taken off the probono list. I literally felt assaulted with an angry attitude by her. I hope that no other poverty, abused person has to experience what I experienced from Linda M. Shick.

    Linda M. Shick’s response: “I do quite a bit of Pro Bono work for Legal Aid. I handle between 12 and 24 Legal Aid PFA cases a year. In 2010 I received acknowledgement from the PA Bar for my Pro Bono work. I am sorry if "Nancy" did not like my opinion of her case, but my job is to honestly evaluate a potential client's situation, give them the best advice I can, and zealously represent them at the PFA hearing. Sometimes people can't get what they want and then believe it is the lawyer's fault they didn't prevail. Whether "Nancy" was paying me or I was working for free, as in the case of PFA Pro Bono work, I would have presented her position to the court. I cannot guarantee that the court would agree with her. There are always two sides to every story. Again, I am sorry "Nancy" feels she was better off without me. I take my Legal Aid volunteer assignments very seriously. Hopefully, she has resolved her matter to her satisfaction.”
  • Hardworking and thoughtful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Car Accident client

    Normally I don't do reviews but when I saw what "Marion" wrote I had to respond. I found Linda and Carol to be compassionate and responsive to my situation. They helped get my bills paid and routinely called me to see how I was doing. My settlement was more than I anticipated and I thank goodness that I had an attorney that didn't give in to the insurance company and kept fighting to see I got the money I deserved. So if that makes her money hungry, I'm happy. My lawyer should want to get the most money possible and my case was settled without going to court.

    Linda M. Shick’s response: “Thank you for the vote of confidence. It is really nice to hear from a satisfied client. We do pride ourselves on being diligent in responding to our client's needs. We know people's lives are changed in a moment in time when they are hurt by someone else's negligence and it is our job to help them get through the process as quickly and as easily as possible. Again, thank you.”
  • cold, condescending

    1.0 star

    Posted by Marion

    Poor communication skills, condescending demeanor. This woman will only take cases if she thinks she will get enough money. It makes me wonder who else had the same things to say about her that she has to claim that she is "compassionate" on her website. Please consider another lawyer

    Linda M. Shick’s response: “This comment is from a troll or a ringer. I was not hired within the last year by anyone named Marion. If "Marion" is a real person and is not happy with my services, then she should call me and speak with me. I welcome her to call and discuss her problems.”
  • Glad I hired this lawfirm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    When I got hurt, I didn't know which way to turn for help. My car was wrecked and I couldn't get to my doctor's appointments or take care of my kids. I hired Linda Shick. Her assistants were always there to talk to me and help me. They made sure I got my wage check and made sure my doctor's got paid. My case got settled pretty fast.

  • Wow What a Team to have on your side

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    Linda and her team, when working on my case made me feel as though I was the only case they had to work on, with all my questions and concerns which were answered promptly and professionally I knew I was in the hands I needed to be in to settle what could have been a bigger diaster in my life then worring about what do I do next.
    They are the best at what they do......