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  • Hiring Attorney Misko was the best decision we've ever made.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    A family member was facing a possible life sentence. After dealing with a public defender for well over a year, we began to feel helpless. We made the decision to work as a family to find a good attorney to defend our loved one’s rights. There were mitigating circumstances and the case was being shuffled through the courts by a DA and Public Defender’s office that seemed too close for comfort.

    I researched how to find a good attorney and made a list of all of my questions. I then researched as many as twenty lawyers. I interviewed about six of them, and interviewed ½ of them a second time before making a decision. The key point is “I interviewed them”. After the interviews and follow up questions, I thought long and hard about the answers, the attitude and disposition of the attorneys. Only one stood out to my family and me, Attorney Steve Misko. I had asked all the right questions but I also had a gut feeling. The gut feeling was not just about his aptitude but also his character. It became clear to me that he took his duty as an officer of the court and his duty to his clients very seriously.

    My initial consultation with Attorney Misko was about 90 minutes; there was a lot to cover. It helped that I had done research ahead of time. During the initial consultation, I was able to ask all the questions and even discuss fees since it was a very serious case I needed to have a ballpark. It wasn’t all about the fees but it was something I wanted to understand. We discussed what experts may be needed and the process and timing in general. He also had an excellent private investigator that was also knowledgeable and trustworthy. Within a few days, we decided to retain Attorney Misko.
    After making the decision and handing over all of the information to Steve, it felt as though the world had been lifted off our shoulders. He followed through on the things he promised and we knew he was in our corner, that he understood the case and believed in what was right.

    All along, we planned to go to trial and Steve was prepared to tenaciously argue the case. However, as the trial grew closer our family discussed at length the benefit of not going to trial. The stakes were too high for us and we decided we wanted to work toward a plea due to our family circumstances. Attorney Mikso was able to negotiate the charges down several steps (to charges that were more in-line with what actually happened). When your family member is looking at a significant amount of time or worse, a negotiated deal that is palatable may be the best option. We would not have been able to accomplish this without Attorney Misko. Hiring him was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

    It’s worth repeating, hiring Attorney Misko was one of the best decisions my family and I have ever made. We breathe easier every day thanks to his work on our case. His dedication, knowledge and respect of the law and of his client’s rights make him the cream of the crop.

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