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Pashan Movasseghi

Pashan Movasseghi’s reviews

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  • Excellent Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sobia

    Handled child custody, visitation, and criminal case with proper legal care and knowledge . A very great lawyer who understands and explains his clients very cleary and nicely. Gives his clients enough time to be understood of any problem. Not a hasty lawyer at all. keeps Informed of all upcoming court dates incase cleint has forgotten. Answers all questions asked at any time. Is also available during emergency situations including night time. Answers all phone calls, text messages and e-mails as soon as possible. Overall, Pashan Movasseghi is a extremely hard working and a modest lawyer who takes all cases very serious and works his best towards the end to win the case.

  • Really helped me out.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laurence

    I poured many hours and eyestrain, I went without sleep and ate a poor diet, I did everything I could to create a business. After some hard times I am doing better than I every expected. With that money I took care of my family and raised three beautiful children and took care of my wife. Things changed and in a blink of an eye the change in my relationship put everything I worked for in jeopardy.

    Rather than hash the details let me just say that he was recommended to me along with another attorney who I went to first. I went against my gut going with someone else at first because of mutual friends. (I was also conerned that he worked with a lot of women and might not be sympathetic, which was way off base.

    After hearing from the other attorney that I should be ready to liquidate, lose the overwhelming majority of my money and my time with my youngest I went back to "Mr. Mo" I call him, (I'm calling him Pashan now).

    He didn't sugar coat it either but he was ready to fight and to reason and do whatever was necessary so that I didn't have to entirely start over at this point of my life. It was ugly at times and he stepped up, and definitely switched it around to being on the offensive and planned for contingencies. In the end he forced my ex and her lawyer to be reasonable. He also helped me with a good deal of business and trust work and the sale and move I made. I hope I am conveying what a good lawyer and friend he has been. He wasn't trying to hurt people or stick it to anyone or keep things going just to do it, he was just trying to defend my interest in and get everyone to see how they could reasonably make the best of an unfortunate period we had to get through to be happy and move forward.