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Mr. Nyenhuis, I must apologize, the statement I wrote earlier, was due to a mother that was hurting. Mr.... more
Detroit  Patrick Erwin Nyenhuis

Patrick Nyenhuis

Detroit, MI Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 7.5
Overall, a phenomenal guy. Always upfront. Always prompt. He did everything and more for me with the issues I... more
Detroit  Peter N. Zingas

Peter Zingas

Detroit, MI Elder Law
Avvo rating 6.6
Mr.Sabree has remained faithful and dependable involving my terrible set of circumstances. He has kept me... more
Detroit  Adam Ibn-Ramadan Sabree

Adam Sabree

Detroit, MI Business
Avvo rating 5.4
Mr. Mackley has represented me on three separate occasions on three separate legal matters. He prevailed on... more
Detroit  Mark S. Mackley

Mark Mackley

Detroit, MI Insurance
Avvo rating 6.5
Walter handled my chapter 7 bankruptcy two years ago and the whole process was stress free. Walter was always... more
Detroit  Walter A. Metzen

Walter Metzen

Detroit, MI Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Avvo rating 10.0
Great lawyer with excellent interpersonal skills! He efficiently helped me with my problem. There are very... more
Detroit  Mohammed Azeem Nasser

Mohammed Nasser

Detroit, MI Lawyer
Avvo rating 5.7
Walter and staff were always available and responded promptly to any questions that we had. Although this was... more
Detroit  Walter A. Metzen

Walter Metzen

Detroit, MI Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Avvo rating 10.0
I was injured in a car accident while I was on the job. I tried to handle my work comp by myself but it got... more
Detroit  Jeffrey Edward Kaufman

Jeffrey Kaufman

Detroit, MI Workers Compensation
Avvo rating 9.0


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Hosting such manufacturers as Ford, Dodge, Packard, and Chrysler, Detroit became the automotive capital of the world by the early 20th century.

During World War II, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt referred to Detroit as “The Arsenal of Democracy” for its unprecedented contribution to the war effort in the form of weapons and vehicles of war.