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This lawyer has been disciplined by a state licensing authority. more


Reviews 8970c71353e8dceb679905693f6e063026a127f76c38656459b563fad1bee927

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“Amazing Attorney- My personal experience.”

The only forclousure Attorney I would recommend to anyone of my family members and friends. (I have) I have been with Mr Wasylik for years.. He has...

Posted by: shelly, 4 months ago.

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“Very satisfied client”

Mike is highly intelligent, very professional, and aggressive in court. I hired him several years ago and in that time I've sent him many clients...

Posted by: a Foreclosure client, over 1 year ago.


Ray Beckerman

Michael Wasylik gets my highest recommedation. Principled, resourceful, hard working, persevering. And he is a lawyer with a conscience.

Endorsement from lawyer: Ray Beckerman , Forest Hills (NY), Almost 3 years ago
Chad Thomas Van Horn

Mr. Wasylik is the foreword on foreclosure in Florida. He was a speaker at a conference I have attended and now I consider him a friend in the... more

Endorsement from lawyer: Chad Van Horn , Fort Lauderdale (FL), Over 3 years ago
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20 years since Michael Alex Wasylik was first licensed to practice law.


This lawyer has been disciplined by a state licensing authority.

State Citation type Year cited Last updated by Avvo
Florida Public Reprimand 2011 03/21/2015


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