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Todd Richard DeVallance

Todd DeVallance’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Leonie

    Excellence in Divorce Law

    Mr. Todd DeVallance/the Tsai Law Company: My previous team and I were perilously close to trial date, with no valuation of my husband’s business in sight. At the first meeting, Mr. DeVallance talked to me about process, theory, law, went online to see which judge would be presiding. He took me on, won a continuation, so instead of racing to trial, we moved along methodically and efficiently. We created a witness list, he created a detailed spreadsheet of assets. His paralegal assistant Leah Dawson filled me in on procedure and the purpose of every action—and remained a source of personal support. I was nervous at mediation, but Mr. DeVallance stayed focused and alert and aggressive, and we won a very favorable settlement. Mr. DeVallance operates with his client in mind, he’s clear-sighted, smart and energetic, professional, works within a framework of good practice and good values. My outcome might have been different if I hadn’t found the Tsai Law Company and this team—I rate paralegal Leah Dawson and Todd DeVallance very highly.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Todd is the best

    Todd and Marcus his paralegal are awesome. I can't even describe how good he is. He is also a great guy and a very kind, caring person. He helped me through the most difficult process of my life. They know their stuff. He was so on top of things, organized and a great support. Todd is not about the money. He could have charged me way more. He tried to contain costs and did everything he could to help me. My settlement went great and we didn't have to go to court. Seriously the best attorney. Do not use anyone but him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lara

    A zealous knowledgeable advocate.

    Divorce is a very difficult and emotional thing, Todd DeVallance not only walked me through my legal rights and fought hard for me but he also helped me set myself up for a bright future and come to terms with what I could legally do, what I needed to do and what options there were for me. I am grateful for the expertise, the support and the referrals that Mr. DeVallance and TSAI Law firm gave me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristi

    Todd gave me everything I needed; Tremendous Support, Strength and Courage!

    After looking at reviews, calling and talking to a handful of different attorneys, I eventually called Todd's office and was connected to him right away. He agreed to meet with me the very next morning to discuss my case. I wanted someone good and I wasn't disappointed. I let my instincts guide me and they were right on. From the start, Todd made me feel important to him. He spent time discussing my case and answered all of my questions, telling me what I could expect with my situation and outlined a detailed plan including possible experts he recommended in my case.
    Actually, at the first meeting, after Todd reviewed the tax returns that I had brought with me, he mentioned some deductions that had been missed, resulting in me filing amended returns and getting thousands back. Thank you Todd!!

    As I look back, what Todd had predicted on that initial visit all came true, plus much more. Todd always returned my phone calls and emails. Todd made the impossible, working with my husband, possible, so I could make it to the other side in one piece. I relied on Todd to guide me through the turmoil, to be in the best position for me emotionally as well as financially. With Todd there by my side, he gave me confidence to make it through. Todd was phenomenal in encouraging me, as I relied on him heavily for legal advice and putting my mind at ease with my concerns. There were some curveballs thrown and Todd sidestepped them like a pro calling the opposing parties bluff. Todd was always concerned about my comfort level, telling me it was my call as to what I could handle. Just knowing he was there if I ever needed him gave me the strength that I needed. He was who I needed him to be for me, always having the right advice for me at the right time. He has a magical way of connecting with people, making them feel important. Todd's caring concern and heart of gold kept me focused and able to persevere.

    Todd is smart, energetic, caring, professional, competent and hardworking with an extremely charismatic personality. When you put all these wonderful traits together you have an exceptional divorce attorney. Todd may care too much. He works hard and is on your side. Todd is someone you can trust because he will do his very best for you. You can't go wrong with Todd! He is the very best and he never let me down.

    Todd is a busy attorney and I can see why. Many people that I spoke to who know Todd told me just how good of an attorney he is; including former staff, experts in his field and fellow attorneys. When I mentioned these praises to Todd he was always gracious and acted like he was hearing them for the first time.

    I will always be thankful to Todd and Tsai Law for standing strong with me, with my best interest in mind. The settlement I received was better than I had imagined. With all of Todd's preparation in my case, the end result was fabulous. Todd prepared my case from the start like it was going to trial, even though 70% of cases settle at mediation. A great attorney is always prepared and that is Todd. It is so important to hire the right attorney and I'm so glad that I did. I will never forget this experience. I really like Todd and I truly appreciate everything he did for me and I'm extremely grateful!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Highly recommend Todd DeVallance

    Todd is an extremely intelligent, competent and ethical attorney. He kept us focused and optimistic despite a very anguishing, long and difficult child custody case. His skill and diligence resulted in a successful outcome and his advice and expertise were instrumental. Todd is a highly principled person in addition to being an excellent attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tina

    Todd is the best!

    I have been divorced for almost seven year and have joint custody of my 3 teenage sons. Todd helped me with a complex, very contentious, child custody case with my ex husband.

    A year ago, my ex husband decided to use my short term personal struggles as an opportunity to try to get custody of the boys and child support. He was unwilling to work together and support me in the short term despite our history of working together supporting each other for the good of our children. It has taken close to a year to resolve this due to my ex husbands unwillingness to be reasonable. This involved multiple court hearings for motions filed by my ex. Todd prevailed in every hearing. His expertise is evident and his advice was always right on.

    Not only is Todd have the highest standards of professionalism, he is compassionate and caring. He always responded to my questions, even on evenings and weekends. Todd was realistic yet always kept things in a positive light. He kept the focus on the long term goal which was to maintain the existing parenting plan and 50/50 residential schedule.

    With Todd’s help that was accomplished through a settlement offer a few weeks ago. There is nothing more important to me than my three sons. With Todd’s help, the goal was achieved and the parenting plan and residential schedule were retained. I also felt that Todd was excellent at keeping legal fees as reasonable as possible. He works very efficiently.

    This was a very hard time in my life, but it was certainly made better by working with Todd. My ex husband was and still is very bitter and vindictive. He had an aggressive, bull dog attorney. She didn’t seem to have an ounce of compassion and had no qualms about making false accusations and using underhanded tactics against me. Without Todd’s representation I am don’t believe I would have fared nearly as well under those conditions.

    Today I am able to move past this and look to the future and the years to come with my boys. I would recommend Todd to anyone, he really is the best!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Denise


    Todd took over my case after choosing a money hungry shark to help me out with my very complicated case, my previous attorney was very unprofessional and really put me in the worst situation, things couldn't of been any worst, I had lost my daughter, after being the primary parent for her since she was born, to lies by my now ex husband that i proved were incorrect yet my previous attorney had not a clue what she was doing so I got screwed over and my daughter taken away and my ex was granted temporary custody and to make things worst he was military and was going to be living in Hawaii, my previous attorney did nothing , she didn't stand up for me she just agreed with everything and always made me feel like I was a horrible person, I had to do a lot to prove myself that I wasn't this crazy person that I was made out to be, and losing my daughter completely destroyed me, I didn't know what to do, I felt hopeless, lost and honestly I just hated my life, things kept on getting worst the harder I tried, And i was 100% in compliance with everything but still it wasn't good enough and nothing got any better..
    But then I meet Todd he was very different from all the others, he was confident, straight forward and honest with me about everything, and he made me feel comfortable and seemed to understand me, and actually cared about my case and knew what he was talking about, very professional and knew the laws very well, he saw where my attorney had messed up and everything. To be honest yes Todd seemed great but I was already so broken and felt hopeless I didn't know what to expect from a different attorney since I had such a bad experience with my first attorney, right away he took charge he gave me a list of things to do, told me what we were going to do, what we were going to go forward with the courts, and when, he gave me hope to see things differently in a positive light, he wasn't just an attorney but he felt like he became a good friend, someone I could truly trust, and with him knowing everything about me, I never felt so comfortable talking to anyone like I did with him, he never judged me and he really believed in me and encouraged me and really made me feel better about my situation and my self physically, mentally and emotionally.
    My case was a very bumpy roller coaster, and I felt so discouraged at times but Todd kept on fighting for me even when I wanted so much to give up, he'd tell me "things are going to change, things WILL get better " he'd talk to me even after hours at night when I was just crying and asking myself why everything was happening this way, when my ex would say things like
    "no attorney is going to give you what you want......"you would need a miracle to have things change"....."he only wants you for your money" and a lot of those things got to me, I was already at the losing side of the stick it felt, but my gut told me to trust Todd, he was so kind to me like no one had ever been and he cared about my case and me as a person, not just as a client.
    Our first court appearance was with a commissioner Todd told me flat out what was likely to happen, and it did, and then I was very discouraged and had lost some hope, but the tricky part was that that was his plan to go through the commissioner to get down to then go in front of a judge,
    The way Todd spoke of me was very genuine, he made me feel like I was a good person and more confident about myself, he stood up for me and fought for me his hardest he put so much time and effort into my case it was unbelievable how hard someone would fight for me, Todd literally saved my life he took a broken down woman with a broken down case, and turned it all completely around, he gave me back what I had lost for a whole year he gave me back my confidence, my life, my dignity and most important my daughter, he was my "MiRACLE" .

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Tsai law firm recommendation

    If anyone is looking to hire a lawyer for divorce and/or for a parenting plan, Todd DeVallance from Tsai Law firm is great! He is intelligent, flexible, honest, and reasonable. Working with him made the stress of dealing with my case so much easier to handle, as I knew there was someone to fight for what I wanted.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Monique

    My vote of confidence

    I adore and admire this attorney. Like another reviewers, I have worked with "Super Lawyers" who didn't care about me, but no one was like Mr. DeVallance. He was kind. He looked out for my best interest. AND HE IS COMPETENT!

    I'm afraid Todd is too popular now and would not have time for me base on the number of positive reviews here. But he should know many people sing praises about him because of his work ethics! What a rare find in family law profession!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristin

    Knowledgeable and professional...

    Todd agreed to represent me during a very complicated divorce. It involved such issues as a military spouse on deployment, living in a different state, questionable previous legal representation, and issues that were ongoing without resolve. He addressed each issue in its entirety and was compassionate during this very extended process. He and Kim, his legal assistant, went above and beyond what I could have ever expected. I would recommend Mr. DeVallance and am very pleased with the outcome of my case!