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John Henry Perrott

John Perrott’s client reviews

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  • Perrott has Some Merit

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    John Perrott comes across as sincere, a decent handshake sort. He took my life savings, which wouldn't be so bad, but he made me do most of the work. That struck me as odd. He promised me a Motion to Limit Scope for $150 and somehow that turned into a $5,000 project. This also might be O.K. but the Judge admonished him for it. My case ended up as a debacle, which I wouldn't mind so much, but now John is threatening me with the Police for asking questions about his conduct. After the loss of everything that I had, I'd have to say that any recommendations I have are lukewarm at best.

  • Intelligent & Sincere

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I had a free consultation with John and only wish I have the money to retain him. I checked out a lot and he was far the best. He was extremely intelligent. It took him just seconds to figure out my spouse. He tries to understand my case, and gives me advise and support instead of being a sale pitch. Others are just trying to look into my assets. If my case deems crucial and that it's impossible to work out with my spouse, I don't have to look any further.

  • Winning with the BEST divorce lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I never thought I'd be doing a review of a lawyer, but i realized the other day that John was the reason I'm back out and living my life again. John helped me through a messy matter I'd care not to discuss here, but I can say he was my strength through the whole ordeal. I figure the least i can do is let others know how great he is.

    I did my attorney shopping and knew I found the right one with John. There wasn't a sales pitch, only concern for me and my future. I look back and think how different things would have been if i didn't, it's a scary thought. John has the experience and knowledge that made me feel very confident that in the end I would prevail.

    I'll leave out the gory details, but my case did go to court. It was a much different experience than i was expecting. I felt like a VIP at the court room. Everyone from the clerks to security greeted him as we walked in. I was so proud to have John defending me- he was in his element and he knew it. The other side would attack, John would counter, then they just stumble and fall apart. Wash, rinse and repeat a couple of times, and it was all over. The other side had no choice but to settled quickly, even more favorable to me than the one we originally went to court over. I would hire him again and again!!! FIVE STARS!!!

  • Effective, Honest and Compassionate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I just wrapped up my divorce case with Thomas Chase Stutzman APC and the entire experience was phenomenal!!! I had such an overall positive experience, I felt the need to share it with everyone.

    I had a 2 half day trial coming up in 10 days. I called their office and spoke to Mr. Stutzman himself. He had John Perrott, his associate taking on my case. from that day on and the next 10 days leading up to my trial, John worked tirelessly and aggressively for me. i had a really bad experience with my former lawyer and thought all lawyers are all lying snakes. But I guess I just picked the wrong one. Working with John made me realize the monumental benefits of having a great lawyer can have on the outcome of your case.

    John was quick to draft writings to effectively argue my case. He was very detail orientated and thorough. I was very unsure about going to trial before I went to see Thomas Chase Stutzman APC, but after I met with Tom and John for the initial consultation, I felt very confident about the direction of my case. I came back the next day and signed with them. Everything was executed swiftly and accurately. Liz, their paralegal had my old files from my former lawyer all organized and ready to go in an orderly fashion right away, it was just AMAZING!

    Watching John argue and negotiate with the opposing counsel was so exciting! He took the time to know me and my case and understood what I wanted. I felt that he genuinely cared and wanted to help me, not just so they can make money. I was also impressed with the way John dealt with the attitude from the opposing counsel. He never lost his cool while the other guy was lying and being so rude, he spoke directly with confidence and knowledgeable of the law. In the end, truth prevailed.

    There are a lot of lawyers out there, but finding a honest and great one is really a dime in a dozen. I'm so happy and fortunate to have found and worked with Thomas Chase Stutzman APC and John. I just recently talked to one of my friends who is going through a divorce and from what she was telling me, it sounded a lot like my former lawyer and many other lawyers. Those lying snakes would promise you everything, then get you nothing. You will not only waste your money, your time, your patience, but your believe and trust in people if you had a bad lawyer. Going through a legal battle is hard enough, getting someone to work on your side and whom you can trust is paramount. So I just referred my friend to speak to John Perrott. I have total confidence that what John delivered for me, he will for everyone else.

  • Intelligent, caring, honest, BEST divorce lawyer!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    John is very professional and an excellent attorney because he goes an extra step above what is expected and counsels his clients on the entire case rather than just focusing on each narrow legal issue. John's style is to get right to the point and solve the problem efficiently without wasting time, he focuses on the important factors that could impact the outcome.

    John is very kind, intelligent, and informative. He has a great sense of justice and ethics that unfortunately runs very slim with many other lawyer. I knew I could trust him after our initial consultation. My case wrapped up over a year ago and I am still very grateful that John helped me with my win. I got very excited to see John on Avvo, I have to let everyone know how great he is. Best money spend on a lawyer!