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Jeffrey Robert Sissung

Jeffrey Sissung’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephan

    A holiday gift that will keep on giving.

    My daughter is roughly 18mo and I wanted to go back to court to request more time with her. Her mother responded with lies and heresay, and even tried to use my medical condition (Multiple Sclerosis) as a reason to ask to REDUCE my time with our daughter rather than doing what is best for her. I was not sure what was going to happen but Jeffrey was calm, cool and collected from the start. Her attorney tried to insinuate that I had missed visitations and even said things like "why are we even here?" Were here because a father wants more time with his daughter! Jeffrey is confident and knows his stuff like the back of his hand. I highly recommend Jeffrey.

    I also wanted to mention Kristen and Melody who were a part of the prepping portion, and they both were extremely knowledgeable and attentive.

    My entire experience was amazing!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Jeffrey Sissung is an Excellent Attorney

    I have been engaged with Jeff now for about two years in a very difficult and unnecessarily litigious case, made so by the opposing party. (So much so, Jeff will know who wrote this review immediately upon reading the first sentence!) Jeff always listens to what I have to say and incorporates my thought processes into the case, while appropriately pointing out alternate perspectives and strategy. I can always count on Jeff to be diligent and honest, working hard on behalf of my children. Jeff is good about pointing out instances where maybe money might not be well spent on a particular matter, but again is good about listening to my thoughts and wishes. Jeff is always upbeat and ready with some humor, when appropriate. While I'm sure everyone has a story to tell about why their case was difficult, complicated or troubling, I can say mine has been all of those things and more. In retrospect, I cannot imagine going through this with anyone besides Jeff and his team, they have all been great. I would highly, highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing a family law attorney. If asked, I would personally speak to anyone considering Jeff and recommend him, I feel that strongly.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Carlos

    The Best for Law Enforcement Officers.

    Jeffrey Sissung did an outstanding job representing me in a very difficult and challengIng divorce proceeding. After 7 years of attempting to negotiate with my ex spouse and acquiring the services of several law firms I contacted Mr. Sissung in order to bring this matter to a conclusion. He aggressively formulated a strategy and brought the matter to a quick conclusion though the case involved several out of state jurisdictions. He minimized the legal costs but more importantly protected my entire pension. Mr. Sissung's vast knowledge of pension details was crucial in bringing my divorce to a conclusion. His staff made an extraordinary effort to support Mr. Sissung's game plan and was also critical in bringing this matter to a quick and decisive conclusion. As a law enforcement officer I would highly recommend Mr. Sissung and his law firm.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Over promised - under delivered

    Hired Jeff to help with my case which went to trial. Jeff started out strong but seemed intimidated by opposing counsel. Not aggressive at all. Asked for numerous pieces of documentation from me, told me he was putting certain people on the stand, none of that happened. He just gave up. I feel that Jeff did not pay attention to my case and didn't listen when I talked. His courtroom demeanor was almost like he was nervous or intimidated. Said things were going to happen and never did. Overall very expensive and I lost a lot of custody because he didn't fight for me.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    not worth it

    Mr Sissung is not aggressive in my case. My ex put up completely false allegations and dumped a restraining order on me. on the very court hearing meant to decide on the validity of this RO, he allowed my ex " to postpone the decision" , so half of the hearing is wasted, while the fact was that my ex was completely confused and did not ask for the postponement.
    At first he advised me to do certain preparation work for the hearing, but then just before the hearing he said those work won't be used at all. This shows either his lack of attention to the case (he forgot), or lack of respect for the significance I put on my case, and my time and work. ----- if he believes this is not necessary, then he should have said that in the beginning. Yes, as a lawyer he deals with similar cases everyday, but for every client, the case is the biggest thing for him/her in many years, Mr Sissung seems to be rather nonchalant about the outcome of the case, and my desperation for the case can hardly be appreciated by him.

    When the restraining order came, he did not really treat it carefully, and did not notice some apparently illogical claims in the RO until I raised them. if I had not done this, it could have caused more serious damages to me.

    Overall, I feel that Mr Sissung did not provide too much help, beyond the clerical paperwork-filling, which was performed by the staff. Even for the paperwork, most of the content materials you have to create yourself anyway, the staff pretty much did only the re-typing and printing.

    Additionally they are definitely expensive, they do only one thing really attentively: keeping tab on their work clock and subtracting your money. Unless you are a millionaire, you will be "Burn"ed.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Janine

    Highly recommended

    It is a great honor for me to recommend my attorney, Mr. Jeff Sissung. Jeff is part of the team of Holstrom, Sissung, Marks and Anderson. From the first time I stepped into the office at this firm, I knew that I was with an outstanding law firm. From the beginning, the entire team was involved, not only in my divorce case but also in me as a person.
    I am very fortunate to have Mr. Sissung represent me in court proceedings. Mr. Sissung is an experienced and sucessful attorney who commands respect from his professional peers. Going through a difficult divorce where your very livlihood and future is at stake is a very stressful thing but having Mr. Sissung as an advocate has made the process so much easier. His infectous smile and calming dimeanor along with his expertise in the courtroom is all that I could have asked for. I am so very grateful for the wonderful team at Holstrom, Sissung, Marks and Anderson...especially my attorney, Mr. Jeffrey Sissung. You simply cannot find a better advocate!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Served With A Temp Restraining Order And Divorce

    It wasn’t long after arriving at Dayn A. Holstrom’s and Jeffrey R. Sissung firm that I knew I was in the right place. Both of these lawyers are brilliant, experienced, and professional in their demeanors. Dayn initially met with me. He explained to me his thoughts on my case and gave me the best case and worst case scenario’s. It was immediately clear that Dayn had an unparalleled amount of experience and knowledge about the complexities of my situation. Jeffrey took over my case after the initial case review and he handled the situation expertly. My family and friends were all impressed with Jeff’s ability in the courtroom as well as his nature and skill to explain and walk through different situations offered by the petitioner in my case. My court case was an extremely difficult experience that Holstrom, Sissung, Marks, & Anderson APLC gave me an incredible amount of confidence that I was being represented by the best. Mr. Sissung ultimately beat a very aggressive and notorious opposing lawyer in my case. The judge threw the entire case out based of Jeff's defense of me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by C.Taylor

    Successful in State To State Transferring-Family Law

    My Family Law Case in Riverside, California is 13 years old and I have been in court for most of those years responding to frivolous motions. I had moved out of the state approximately 3 years ago after I was granted permission to do so with my minor child. In late November 2011, I received in the mail an order to appear in court in less then a week in December 2011 regarding visitation. With me living out of state now, I knew I needed a professional, experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable attorney to represent my minor son and I as soon as possible because my case was thick and difficult. My husband, found the law firm, Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson from the internet. Attorney Kristen Holstrom-Fiebiger was the first person of contact and became of aware of my situation I was facing and assured him that they could help. Kristen, later had Attorney Jeff Sissung call me back later that evening to discuss my case even more. We thought that I had to address the court for a response to child visitation that was filed and my request to transfer my case. In that short time, Kristen was able to make an appearance on my behalf for me in December 2011, because I do not live in the state and this impressed me, because it was impossible for me to be there. The hearing date was moved to late January 2012, combined with the hearing of transferring my case to the state with where the child resides. To make a long story short, Kristen was very helpful and knowledgeable in preparing my case which kept me focus and less worried. My concerns were not ignored. Jeff represented me in court January 2012 and he was well prepared with the motions. Jeff was precise and thorough when he presenting the facts of the case on why the case should be transferred to Texas and the order for visitation should be heard in Texas and not Riverside, California. The judge granted the order to transfer and I was overjoyed with the outcome! Also there is Paralegal, Corrina Fuller, returning phone calls, behind the scenes making sure everything with my case was connected and filed in a timely manner to help the process run smooth and get done with the assistance of transferring the case since were not in the same state. A Big Thanks to all who worked on my case, it was very much appreciated! Indeed this, Law Firm is professional, experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jaxon

    Personal Testamony

    Please be advised that before writing this testimonial letter, I would like to inform the reader(s) that having retired from the U. S. Marine Corps after serving 20 years of honorable service, followed by 15 years of employment at Toyota Racing Development, Inc. as the Senior IT Administrator; warrants me to say that I have worked with some of the most respectful, intelligent, and professional individuals known to man, and that can only be described as “second to none.”

    Following a divorce settlement on April 2003, which required alimony payments of $24K a year for 9+years, I was informed June 2011 by my employer that a company-wide employee restructuring meant that my position would be terminated July 2011. Having been informed this, I knew that this necessitated an immediate modification to the original settlement.

    It was then that I contacted the law firm Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson, a Professional Law Corporation, and was put in contact with Jeff Sissung. During our initial phone conversation I realized that Jeff’s knowledge of family law, coupled with his communication skills with regards to the legal procedures required to succeed, made the decision to request his representation easy.

    I was extremely comfortable knowing that Jeff would take personal ownership of my case. This coupled with his unwavering professionalism and knowledge of family law; I knew that he would use whatever legal processes available to ensure that a successful outcome would be achieved. All this I’m certain, while simultaneously accepting the demanding challenges presented to him by additional clients.

    Jeff’s admiration for his profession is demonstrated by his providing that personal aspect to his clients. His precise, flawless, attention to detail brought about a highly successful settlement that could not have been accomplished otherwise.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jaxon M. Tate

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by Eileen

    Awesome Attorney !

    Mr. Sissoung is an outstanding attorney ! He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. He represented me at my hearing and was agressive and even tried to negotiate outside of the courtroom. I couldn't have done it with out Jeff by my side. Everyone at the firm is very helpfull and professional. They always keep you informed on what is going on in your case and very easy to get a hold of. This is the place to go if you want strong representation!!