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Fredrick Michael Ray

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Incredible Lawyer!!!

    Mr. Ray is the most patient, conscientious, and thorough lawyer I have ever worked with. He helped me navigate a re-application for medical licensure in California. His expertly crafted responses led to the board granting me an unrestricted license! I could not have done it without him. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone who is dealing with the California Medical Board.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ron

    Very competent, efficient, caring and fair. By far, the best!

    I had to deal with what I considered to be abuse of authority by a governing agency. Of course, I now understand things better. I made some mistakes. One of the mistakes was that I hired another attorney first, because he claimed to have run the agency's prosecution department. The other guy (Frank B.) did a horrible job and left me at the last minute trying to figure out what to do. The other guy did not prepare and was just trying to do a settlement with the agency. When the agency refused and this guy had to defend me, he dropped me a few days before the hearing. My ability to earn a living was compromised and I had no time to react. I was attorney-less.

    I got blessed and was given Fred Ray's number. My hearing was Tuesday... I called Ray the prior Friday night, in shock about my other attorney's fiasco.

    Fred answered the call and we had a conference call on Saturday morning. I met him on Sunday with all the paperwork I had. On Monday, he made an emergency motion to postpone the hearing... the regulating agency opposed it on the grounds that they had witnesses scheduled. So Fred and I met Monday afternoon and we prepared for the trial (hearing). We worked late into the night.

    Fred is highly organized and efficient. He had forms, and process lined up. He even found time to interview my witnesses and prepared us to testify (IT WAS AMAZING). We literally had about 4 boxes of documents... which he went through and then we went to the two-day hearing.

    I saw instinct, pure magic... kind of like watching Kobe Bryant clutch three-pointers at the NBA Finals. Fred was on point. He zeroed in on the misstatements and cross-examined witnesses. He presented my case very eloquently, and to my only credit, I followed his instructions and trusted him 1000%.

    The results, were the best that we could expect. I was able to stay licensed keep the ability to earn a living and provide great service to my clients.

    I highly recommend Fred Ray. Not only is he knowledgeable, and smart, he is also organized and a great communicator, but more importantly he cares and takes it seriously (unlike most attorneys that do not). You will likely get the best possible outcome in your case if you hire him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Administrative Law client

    Fred Ray is the Best Administrative Law Attorney!

    If you hold a license governed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, you need to know Fred Ray and here’s why:

    Fred Ray helped me defend my public license against a claim and eventually had the accusation completely withdrawn by the attorney general. It is clear Fred’s skills as an attorney are to the moon, but that’s not the only part you need to examine when you select a licensing/administrative law attorney.

    One of Fred’s best skills is providing you a road map and a pathway to resolution for your case. What follows is my experience with Fred, which I hope will give you hope in your case and will provide you deep insight into knowing why you can rely on Fred’s abilities.

    If you are like me, you would have never dreamed in a million years that your license would be questioned because you take great pride in your work, you do everything by the book, and you earned your license according to all the rules your licensing agency set for you. You are a professional and your license is a pedigree to demonstrate your mastery of your field. Then, without any explanation, you receive a vague inquiry from your licensing board. As you are dutiful, you oblige with transparency. Later, what seem like innocuous inquiries become accusations filed with the Deputy Attorney General. At this point, you feel blind-sided and wonder how this happened and you seek the advice of a lawyer.

    You scour the Internet and find the most qualified, decorated, and recommended attorney for your license. From there you retain him and proceed on a process that usurps about a year or more of your life. Your only saving grace is that you know you did no wrong and you hope the justice system works the way it should despite the legal barbs being launched towards you. Your attorney takes you through the entire process, and in my case, he helped me systematically gather the evidence to support my case, and through his roadmap, he proved my case so that the accusation was withdrawn.

    Now, presumably, any qualified licensing attorney could navigate you through the above steps, but with Fred his roadmap was so clear and his bedside manner was so honed that as stressful as this situation may seem, his factual words were calming. His ability to write precisely and argue succinctly will help you and your eagerness to resolve the situation. Having gone through this, here are my tips to you:

    Engage Fred as soon as you hear from your licensing agency regarding anything outside a standard renewal.
    Do as Fred says.
    Ask questions, but try to remain organized with your thoughts. I should have used a spreadsheet for my questions.
    Provide him as much detail as you can.
    Keep all files and emails with your clients in perpetuity; you may need them.
    Trust in Fred’s abilities.
    Let Fred be the attorney.

    You will want an attorney who is experienced, which of course Fred is, however, what will get you through the year of waiting to defend yourself and your license, is an attorney who will keep your head on your shoulders, and for me that will forever be Frederick Ray.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Licensing client

    Excellent professional license attorney

    Mr. Ray was incredibly supportive and responsive to my messy out of state disciplinary action. Mr. Ray wrote the most wonderful letter and exceeded my expectations with his knowledge and kindness too. I fondly remember the positive interactions with him during that terrible time. Oh yeah the licensing board in California was satisfied and everything went better than expected.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sean P.

    Real Estate License

    I had several convictions in my early adult life that I am not proud of, but they were mistakes that I have fulfilled. Aside from the convictions, I had maintained a clean record for several years, and decided to follow my passion in Real Estate. I was honest in disclosing all my convictions on my real estate application; passed the Salesperson's exam; however, my license was denied because of my past. I spent 2 years with the DRE in providing all the necessary documents and explanation of my past but ultimately, it was not good enough. I was heartbroken. I found Fredrick M. Ray by doing a thorough research over the Internet for an Attorney that only specializes in licensing. After several phone interviews with leading attorneys, I chose Fredrick M. Ray.

    When I first met Fred, he was polite and meticulous with my case. He was well-versed in many licensing cases, especially the workings of the California Department of Real Estate. Once hired, Fred acted quick on my case! The next day, he had several updates for me through his correspondences with the DRE. The updates kept coming frequently throughout the duration of my case. Fred was a true professional -- and honest -- and cared for my case as though it were his own. In the end, Fredrick M. Ray was successful in working with the DRE to grant me a restricted Salesperson's license. What Fred achieved for me in a matter of a month was something that I could not achieve in 2 years. I owe it to Fred for helping me to have the opportunity to pursue my passion.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Fred Jefferson

    Fredrick Ray Highly Recommended

    Fredrick Ray did an excellent job in representing me with the Department of Real Estate. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney. He was extremely knowledgeable and very diligent and yes he won my case hands down.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Babak.

    Absolutely amazing

    I highly recommend Mr. Ray to all clients. He is the best I have ever seen and walked me through the path step by step.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Hired Fred Ray for our defense

    Fred is incredibly knowledgeable in contract and licensing issues. My company was facing a potential fine of 5 million dollars and ended in a 2,500. decision by the judge. His fees were very reasonable and he was very generous with his time. I'm very grateful for the referral and would gladly recommend Fred to anyone needing his service.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jonathon

    great lawyer

    I had a problem with the board of nursing as I was trying to get licensed. I had called/emailed a couple other licensing lawyers before calling Mr. Ray. One of them was such a big shot he couldn't even answer any of my questions, he just wanted his fancy website, reputation and HIGH fee to speak for itself (in other words, just TRUST him and stop asking questions). Another wanted to play like my psychotherapist (I think he truly wanted his career to be in psychoanalysis, NOT law). It was WEIRD and NOT what I was looking for. Then I called Frederick Ray. Ah. Just right. Professional. Not rushed. Willing to answer my questions. Not trying to be my psychotherapist. Just straight forward. He made no promises about the outcome of my case. He was realistic. He prepared me for the worst outcome but said he would try hard to achieve the best outcome. He held my hand throughout by answering my many questions. In the end what happened? The best outcome possible, and in a much shorter time than expected. He COMPLETELY resolved the matter with the board for me, allowing me to be done with those 6 months of nightmare in my life and move on with my career. I am extremely grateful for this attorney and would definitely recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Licensing client

    Above and beyond Excellent!

    Fred Ray and his team helped me to win what seemed to be an insurmountable case. I was up against the Board of Nursing, and, over the course of two excruciating years, was forced to endure months-long response periods without consideration for my individual case. I was asked to submit personal information and subject my family members, co-workers, employers, and friends to writing letters and giving testimony. My record had been expunged, and the one crime I had committed was not one of moral terpitude. I had paid my debt to society and been punished by the Court. It was not the Board of Nursing's job to put me back on trial for a case wholly unrelated to my impeccable work history and stellar performance in nursing school. The initial "settlement" that I was finally offered was an insult. Basically, I never would have been able to find a job in the field, and my education and time and money spent pursuing a career in nursing would have been for nothing.

    Fred Ray and John Bishop were ready to fight for me from the moment it became apparent that the Board had no intention of settling the case fairly. My case was heard before an honorable judge from the Office of Administrative Hearings. Since I was facing financial ruin as a result of being prohibited from practicing in my chosen field, I was unable to take off time from work to meet with them before my hearing. They accommodated me by coming in on their time off to discuss with me what would happen during trial. I have had a personal tragedy that they knew would be addressed. Had they not taken the time to prepare me to speak about this topic, I would not have been able to keep my composure on the stand.

    When my Court date arrived, they were extremely professional. Because of his calm demeanor in Court and plainly spoken language, the Court transcribers actually fought over the duty of transcribing for his particular case. He was also given accolades by the judge for being well prepared. It is clear that his work ethic and dedication to his clients is recognized by his peers within the legal community. During my trial, he showed concern for my state, and was very reassuring. Unlike the Board of Nursing, His Honor from the Office of Administrative Hearings looked over my documentation, listened to my case and the opposing counsel, and had questions of his own. He was in no way the kind of judge to sit on the sidelines and let the lawyers fight it out. To each of his questions, Fred was prepared with case law and answers and documentation that furthered my case. It was clear there was no case against me, and he made it obvious during trial. It also became clear on that day why Fred and John had required so much documentation from me, such as prior work evaluations, other state certifications in good standing, and copious letters and testimony from people ranging from friends to my psychologist. They had done all they could to prepare me and give His Honor an idea of who I am as a person, irrespective of a mistake I made, and regret, years ago.

    His Honor ruled in my favor. However, the Board of Nursing can choose to fight a judge's decision. While they did not technically "adopt" the decision in my case, they did not fight it within the allotted 100 days. As a result, by course of law, the ruling became effective. I have already been working in the medical field, and have proven myself to be hard-working and dependable. I can now expand my duties to encompass those within the scope of practice of a Registered Nurse. Many opportunities have opened up to me, and I have Fred Ray and his wonderful staff (Shiela is the BEST office manager, by the way! And John's a very talented and motivated young lawyer!) to thank. I would highly recommend Fred Ray's law group to anyone fighting a licensing agency. These agencies don't see applicants as individuals. It takes a good law team to differentiate one's case and prevail. Good luck to you all!