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People v. Jomphe

Case Conclusion Date: 04.02.2009

Practice Area: DUI & DWI

Outcome: DUI .18 BAC single car accident, no dui conviction

Description: My client ran off the road after exiting the fwy. witneses claimed that he was the driver and his wife the passenger. He was charged with a Dui and the .15 BAC enhancment. His wife was charged with a PC 148 (she became combative) Cops took finger print lift from steering wheel and drivers door as my client claimed he was not driving wife was. Cops ended up destroying the print cards. Mad a motiont to dismiss based upon destuction of evidence. Prosecutor offered wet reckless (lesser charge no DMV suspension) prior to judge ruling. Since we won the DMV client accepted. Lower fine, less probation, no license suspension, lower insurance, no dui conviction.

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