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James Patrick Reape

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Vanessa

    This man is amazing

    Jim and his firm are an amazing group of people. They are professional yet friendly and do not treat you with anything but kindness, compassion and understanding! I was at my wits end trying to find representation and just when I had given up Jim and his partner stepped in and did what no others would do, they looked at me and my case and took my circumstances into it and went to bat for me and my son. I never had a problem getting into contact with him and he kept me updated on my case. The most important thing for me I think was that he took the time and had the patience to explain everything to me and he never once made feel ignorant whereas many others Ive dealt with had.
    Jim is an amazing attorney and I would recommend him and his firm to any and everyone!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by K. Parde

    A true advocate

    I have been employed in the court system for more than 13 years. I have witnessed innumerable zombies practicing family law during that time. When it became necessary to retain counsel for my own family law issue, I chose Mr. Reape because of his excellent reputation. Mr. Reape surpassed my expectations. I was always kept current on my case and always had my questions answered quickly, which made me very pleased. What stood out was that when it became necessary to appear in court, Mr. Reape had an unbelieveable grasp and knowledge of my case. He articulated my position to the judge better than I could have on my own. I was so relieved that Mr. Reape actually cared about my situation. He is head and shoulders above the rest.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Tracy

    Be Careful This Attorney is a Shark

    Mr Reape represented me in my divorce in 2003. The process took more than 2 years and over $40,000 (more than my yearly salary at the time) due to Mr. Reape and my Ex-Husband's attorney constantly continuing every hearing and settlement scheduled. During my initial consultation, Mr. Reape did not give me an estimate of what my total bill should be (as he claims in his ads), but he did advise me that my Ex-husband would be responsible for at least half of my legal fees, since he made three times the money I did at the time. What a Joke! He was ordered to pay $5000 out of my over $40,000 bill. Did Mr. Reape try to argue this? No, he did not say a word on my behalf.. He did not fight for me, his client, and I have heard the same sentiments from many other past clients. Jim is way too passive. Long story long... I have finished paying off the balance of my bill, but am now still paying off the $10,000 in interest Mr. Reape tacked on. I have pleaded with him to negotiate this interest with me, but there is no negotiating with this man when it comes to HIS money. $830 a month comes out of my paycheck.... and for what?
    I have done ALL of my own paperwork and court filings since I excused his office back in 2005. All of the forms are available on-line and you can file the paperwork yourself. Trust Me, Go this route, Do not hire this Shark. He gives attorneys a bad name!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike


    I had a complex matter that was not handled well until I was referred to Jim. He and a team of lawyers and experts turned things promptly resulting in a great settlement. It was amazing seeing him in the courtroom.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim Herbert

    Outstanding Attorney - Highly recommended

    Jim Reape is quite frankly the BEST Divorce (Family Law) attorney out there. His knowledge and performance while in and out of court was spectacular.. Any father who wants more time or even custody of their minor children need to call Mr. Reape. He totally SPANKED all "four" of my ex-wife's attorneys. I love Reape & Rickett Attorneys at Law!! Thank you for all of your help. You and your staff are the BEST.!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob

    Jim Reape - Undoubtedly one of California's best divorce attorneys

    I found Jim Reape by scouring the internet, and while I was reluctant to go this route, it quickly became apparent after an initial meeting that I had stumbled on one of the most knowledgable and effective divorce attorneys in the state, let alone the city of Santa Clarita.

    I was impressed by the fact that Jim published numerous articles on a wide range of subjects related to divorce. He listened intently and always gave me as much time as I needed to explain or advise, and was always very accessible. He also had a great support staff. The judge and even the opposing attorney also clearly respected Jim and his knowledge of the law, and the way he approached the case. I was very, very happy to have found Jim Reape and his team, expecially including Paullete Galustain.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Hong

    My top family law source

    Jim is an exceptional attorney with expert legal knowledge, creative mind, and great moral integrity. The family law forum he set up is a great legal source for people who care about issues ranging from pre-marital agreement, to divorce, property division, and child custody, and Jim promptly answer questions on the forum or through emails which one has to pay for consultation with other attorneys.

    I first benefited from Jim through his forum, as I had lots of questions while helping a friend with his divorce. I got most questions answered through the forum as well as direct email communications with Jim. Most other lawyers would have charged $ for resolving those questions.

    Then I hired Jim in 2003 to draft a pre-marital agreement for me, it was also satisfying work.

    Since then I still from time to time consult Jim with family law related questions and he always gave prompt and quality responses.

    The influence I got from Jim was not only deeper knowledge on family law, also part of the force for me to look into transitioning into law field myself.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

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