Novick v. Panelized Structures, Inc.

John B. Shook

Case Conclusion Date:May 12, 2011

Practice Area:Litigation


Description:Tom Novick was pinned beneath one of the forklift's tires as the driver, Floyd Nielsen, was parking the machine, which slowly rolled backward across Mr. Novick's entire body. Mr. Novick suffered multiple catastrophic injuries, severe pain, total disability, loss of his spleen, two amputations of his right leg, permanent brain damage. The jury awarded past medical expenses of approximately $1.5M, future medical expenses of approximately $7M, past lost earning capacity of approximatley $171K, future lost earning capacity of approximately $514K, past pain and suffering of approximately $2.6M, and future pain and suffering of approximately $7.9M. The total damage award was $19,854,217. The jury assigned 20% of the fault to Mr. Novick, and 80% of the fault to the forklift driver and his employer, Panelized Structures.

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