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Robert S. Bennett

Robert Bennett’s client reviews

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  • Resident Doctor from NY

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Doc from NY

    I contacted Mr. Bennett recently regarding a very difficult non-legal problem concerning my professional license. Mr. Bennett has a national reputation for providing this time of information to the medical profession. I found Mr. Bennett to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced on medical issues and licensing .He was always available when I needed to speak to him and I found him to be very courteous and friendly. Finally, we were successful in what I needed done and at a very reasonable price.

  • A good lawyer and a great person.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lynn

    I met Bob Bennett in he was attending law school at the same time as my husband. We have been friends through the years and I have known Bob professionally as well as on a personal level. I know Bob's family, his parents and sibling. Bob Bennett is one of the most trustworthy and sincere people that I know. His morals and ethics are of the highest standards and he is someone I would trust in any situation. Bob has done much good in the Houston community and our world and his involvement would be an asset to any situation.

  • Stands up for what is right!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bo Chen

    I contacted attorney Bennett before his license suspension with regards to me being victimized by the grotesque prosecutorial misconduct enacted upon me at the hands of Dallas County Specialized Crimes Assistant District Attorney Prosecutor Rickey Rick Watson. Although I never paid this attorney, he had given me his contact info along with that of Anthony Graves and had tentatively offered to answer a few questions. I am shocked and appalled that he has been suspended by the State Bar and feel that the Bar is protecting prosecutors and against all those bold and brave enough to speak out the truth. When I filed my grievance against defense attorney Peveto the CDC took it as a formal complainant and processed it right away, I filed against the prosecutor with much more evidence and they didn't even bother to read all the materials before dismissing it as an inquiry. As we speak, I've filed the appeal to TXBODA but not very hopeful. It seems prosecutors have "special immunity" and get special treatment. I hope Mr. Bennett gets his license back and continue to fight for what is right.

    Robert S. Bennett’s response: “I dont really remember Bo Chen but it is very nice what he has to say about me and my situation. I also do not know anything about the facts of his case or what prosecutor Watson did or did not do. We are in agreement that many people are upset about my disbarment including myself. After forty years of practicing law in which I never received a private or public reprimand, to then get a public disbarment because of rule violations that every expert I have spoken to states that what I did in appealing an arbitration award was not a rule violation, AND to receive a disbarment when OCDC Assistant Tim Bersch does not call a single witness duriing the sanction phase, and does not even cross examine the 8 witnesses we put on, was unusual. As to the Appeal, even the Court of Appeals in its' opinion said the appeal was reasonable. So how do you get a disbarment when the rules in question are in dispute, the Bar does not call one expert or fact witness, AND refuses to cross examine the witnesses that are called, Including myself and the Court of Appeals says your appeal is reasonable? My experts were Anthony Griffin, legal ethics author Lillian Hardwick, Former United States Magistrate Dan Naranjo, and ethics defense attorney Don Karotkin and others. The Court refused to allow them to testify. An amicus brief is being circulated that states: "REQUEST OF AMICI CURIAE As Amici Curiae, we the undersigned Texas attorneys request that the Commission For Lawyer Discipline attempt to resolve this case by mediation. As has been widely reported in the press, the trial judge in this matter imposed the ultimate sanction of disbarment—even though the Commission did not seek disbarment and in fact ought a lesser remedy, and even though Mr. Bennett is a 38-year licensed Texas lawyer, a former Assistant United States Attorney, and has never before been disciplined during his entire legal career. We also note that the trial judge also refused to consider or admit into evidence substantial expert testimony that no rule violation had occurred—including that of former Commission For Lawyer Discipline member and former United States Magistrate Judge Dan Naranjo, Lillian Hardwick (author of Handbook of Texas Lawyer and Judicial Ethics), and former Houston district grievance committee panel chair Don Karotkin. We submit that the extreme result in this case is unfair and does not foster the respect and confidence in our disciplinary system that are essential within the Texas bar for the continued effective functioning of that system. We therefore request that the Commission attempt to resolve this matter by mediation in a manner that is fair and just for all concerned. " The CLD requested that we make a proposal to settle the matter on appeal, and then refused to negotiate any settlment or even go to mediation. Maybe this can be straighened out at the Hearing for New Trial. RSB”
  • I highly recommend Bob Bennett for anyone seeking a Defense Attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ron

    I am writing this review regarding my experience with Bob Bennett. I am a State Representative and Past President of the Houston Lawyer's Association and also a Former Associate Municipal Judge for the City of Houston. Mr. Bennett represented me on several legal matters.

    Mr. Bennett is a very competent attorney that is very capable and qualified. Mr. Bennett and his firm sucessfully represented me and my firm regarding several legal matters. I know Mr. Bennett to be a man of good character and very involved in the legal profession and community.

    I highly recommend Mr. Bennett to anyone seeking an attorney for an administrative legal matter.


    Robert S. Bennett’s response: “this 164th review pertains to matters prior to my license suspension. At the present time, I can provide information but if you need legal advice, we will refer you to one of the attorneys who we consider competent. Please call if you have any questions about this.”
  • It's nice to work with a lawyer with empathy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Bob represented me on two cases in the 2005 and 2006. Both had favorable outcomes and I found him to be empathetic and supportive throughout the process. I would call him again and recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney.

    Robert S. Bennett’s response: “As is evident from the Dates shown in this filing, these cases predate my license issue with the State Bar of Texas. However, 160+ clients are positive in their reviews. We still handle license issues and have available attorneys for legal and court matters.”
  • Personal Injury

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    I worked with Bob on a number of three and four wheeler accidents throughout the early turn of the century. He was ALWAYS well prepared for the mediations etc., and respectful to our client.

    He fights like a bulldog for his clients and never gives up.

    Robert S. Bennett’s response: “These cases were when I was hanlding major ATV litigation. With the license suspension, can only advise about non-legal matters and maker referrals.”
  • Professional Responsibility/Ethics

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Ethics client

    I recently had the opportunity to have Mr. Bennett work on an issue I had. He was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He and his staff listened and were very helpful in their recommendations. My issue was resolved and I am thankful I used Mr. Bennett's firm to assist me.

    Robert S. Bennett’s response: “This work was done prior to March 21, 2014. This client however is aware of the litigation with the State Bar of Texas and continues to seek my counsel.”
  • Why settle for second tier when you can have the most experienced.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    I couldn't have asked for better representation. Mr. Bennett was prompt, easy to access on the phone, very easy to understand and made me feel like my time was valuable and not just his. He won my case and my matter was dismissed. I was more than relieved. He was worth every penny we spent. I highly recommend this attorney and I have already referred my family and friends regarding their own legal matters.

    Robert S. Bennett’s response: “This client is aware of my issue with the State Bar of Texas and all legal work was done by me prior to March 21, 2014. All legal advice is provided my licensed attorneys who I recommend.”
  • Robert S. Bennett Receommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laurie

    I have known Mr. Bennett for 30 years and he has helped and advised me on several occasions.

    Bob's knowledge of the law and his integrity are the hallmarks of his character which speak volumes about him as a person. His fairness and compliance are beyond reproach.

    I have recommended him numerous times, especially to young lawyers I have worked with, for licensing assistance or bar questions.

    I fully and completely trust all advice that Bob Bennett imparts and I will always herald his excellence.

    Robert S. Bennett’s response: “Over 161 clients prior to March 21, 2014 sought my legal advice and those who seek my counsel now on licensing matters receive excellent non-attorney prices for the information provided. See articles about the issues with the State Bar of Texas.”
  • A great lawyer, mentor and person!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hannes

    I met Mr Bennett one month ago, when I was a German foreign law intern at his law firm for three weeks in Houston, Texas. My university (University of Muenster/ Germany) offers a program in which German students study the common law legal system of other countries. One part of this program includes an internship at a law firm in a common law country, such as the United States. Mr. Bennett has to be a highly qualified and sought after lawyer to become a sponsor of our program.
    It was a pleasure for me being an intern at the Bennett Law Firm and I felt comfortable and very accepted on the first day at his office. I also attended many social functions and dinners with him. So I got to see him both in the office and out in the Houston community.
    Mr. Bennett is a really kind and highly ethical person and lawyer, who really cares about his employees as much as he cares about his clients. This is underlined by the fact, that he even works pro bono in some cases and is very popular and highly respected by his employees and clients. He involved me in his daily work and gave me the opportunity to learn more about the common law legal system by entrusting me with different projects and giving me the chance to go to different courts in order to get some practical experiences. We do not have juries in Germany, and I was given the opportunity of seeing a jury trial. Mr. Bennett was a good mentor, who was engaged in making me a valuable experience on a personal and an educational level, which I really had!

    To sum it up: I recommend Mr. Bennett as a lawyer as well as for an internship.

    Thank you Mr. Bennett for giving me the opportunity to do an internship at your law firm and everything else you have done for me. In addition, thanks to everyone else in the office for helping me and having a great time. I really appreciate it!

    Robert S. Bennett’s response: “This is a public service that we provide.”